All parties gathered strength, and time passed, and it took 30 days.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what was the result of the compilation in January?" Tianyin General Pavilion, Ziyue, who came back from Wanhuang Kewu World, held a meeting of 36 Pavilion Owners and Ten Elders.
"Thanks to the kindness of the small cabinet master, I have been appointed as the owner of each cabinet. A man stood up, "but because the owner of the small cabinet had something to say before, everything was voluntary, so this month, the result of the collection was quite unsatisfactory. The list was good."
"Don’t worry, Blue Sky Pavilion Master, you just need to strengthen publicity. They have made a lifelong decision. Urgent.
Purple Moon is laughing, but the indoor air temperature is dropping sharply. |
"Well, the other pavilions are not bad," said the purple unintentional elder. "There are many people who come to register, and they almost trampled on the threshold of the registration hall.
It’s like this.
"Small pavilion,no.. , and some are plotting to rebel. More than 20 forces have quietly formed an alliance in an attempt to confront the general cabinet and the first cabinet. Please be alert to this matter.
"Want to rebel," purple month sneers, "purple elders, step up intelligence work. Force, send a warning to fly to Cambodia, and cut off all supplies according to the cabinet rules.
"This is a must," interposed Lan Yin, the owner of the Finance Pavilion. "Cutting off the supply will shock and awe for a while, but it will also cause greater turmoil and civil strife. | is not strong.
"No, they love disorderly," purple month firmly tunnel, "WanDian peak has changed dramatically, this pavilion don’t have time to Huairou, also don’t want to Huairou. | We left Tianyin 36 Pavilion.+Means .| After that, "Purple Moon’s little face showed Shaqi," Those who have not come to these two roads will be resolutely removed. |
"Follow the orders of the main cabinet," said the blue sky interface of the main cabinet of Wuge.
"By the way, Elder Purple, how many elders are there in Elder Valley?
"Small cabinet master, according to the statistics of an old woman, there are thousands of old people, cabinet masters and cabinet masters who have not joined other forces and meditated. I told them all about the situation. Break their flower beds.
"Shh …" The cabinet master was silent, and laughter rang out from the meeting room.
After the laughter stopped, Tao, besides being responsible for the equipment of Tianyin 36 Pavilion, our Bingge also has an important duty, which is to monitor the operation of Tianyin Pavilion array. | An exception occurred, but nothing was found.
"Oh," Purple Moon looked serious and pondered for a while. "Master Aiwa Pavilion, please tell me, under what circumstances will the Tianyin large array be abnormal?"
"The great cabinet master, auditions large array abnormal situation has two. Into, and reached the end of the pole level above; The second is the entry of people who are impure in nature and mind. The entrant has learned a lot, and his achievements in Tian Yin Xin Fa are limited, far less than those he has learned.
"You mean, the situation discovered by the monitoring team belongs to the second kind?"
"Is that the first case anyway from the monitoring group, only in the second case, will escape from the monitoring group’s good.
"Master Lan Li, what have you found?" Purple month is wrinkly to knit the brows, turned to the side to cat cabinet cabinet master.
"Report back to the little cabinet master, and the subordinates were about to leave. | Ge didn’t dare to slacken off. He scouted everywhere. One thing that his subordinates were suspecting. The discovery was not limited to this. He also reported another thing. He found a stranger on the site of the Hai Gang.
"Hum, dare to collude with outsiders …" Purple month smell speech in the eye light flashing, great anger way. These guys turned a deaf ear to our words. They rebelled against the work. The second abnormal situation occurred, and immediately reported it to our cabinet.
"Yes, little cabinet master.
"Purple elder, you can count, since the founding of his father, how many total cabinet owners, sub-cabinet owners and elders have automatically left Audition 36 Pavilion, who are their surnames, to what extent Audition Method is practiced, and what skills they will have.
"Small cabinet master, don’t have to count. All logs, as well as the records of the cat cabinet, since the self-built cabinet of Audition 36, only three important people have left the cabinet, one is the founder; Second, the second generation of general cabinet owners; The third is the second generation of the first cabinet owners. The ancestors of Beidou Heaven and Man have already soared. |, into the second generation of the total cabinet and the second generation of the first cabinet, is their descendants.
"that other important people?
There are not so many people in Elder Valley and Yelaopo. "Purple month a surprised.
"Small cabinet owners," said Zi unintentionally, "a small disaster in one thousand years, a big disaster in ten thousand years, and all the cabinet owners and elders who stayed in the Elder Valley of the General Cabinet and the Wild Old Slope of the First Pavilion, except for the existing ones, all the others were wiped out in the Armageddon, especially the Great Armageddon in ten thousand years, and entered the reincarnation.
"That … then don’t say them. If you don’t understand, just mourn for them for three minutes. May they rest in peace.
After three minutes, Purple Moon’s face is full of pitfalls. "Blue Charm Pavilion Master, send the best detective to ride, and I will keep an eye on the guy who sneaked into the auditions altar. From this guy, I will stare out the whereabouts of the second-generation total pavilion master and the second-generation first pavilion master. Sneaking into the auditions altar, it should not be dead yet. |
"This ….. small cabinet master," blue charm stare, difficult tunnel, "cat cabinet most senior detective ride for hundreds of years, however, I’m afraid it’s a little difficult to stare at these old guys in ten thousand.
"Difficult?" Purple month beautiful eyes a stare, "not to let them fight. | Know people clearly, just keep an eye on them from afar, and see what peak the target has entered and which peak. Just report the map.
"So … to ensure the completion of the task," blue spirit’s breath a sigh of relief, after silence, "this little cabinet main courage is not generally big. | and, she also want to gather together.
Qianlei Pavilion. A person has to laugh, and laughter is like rushing water.
"Lord, you said that lad issued a kill order to the old man.
"Yes, master. ] What wolves, worms, tigers and leopards are out! Many big factions and small factions have changed their heads, which makes disciples feel like things have changed. | Respect for seclusion and participation in the world.
"Come on, you.: | Let’s talk about it after thousands of years.
"Know me, master.
"Hey hey, don’t kiss up. |
"Master, the disciples dare to kill you at the beginning of that little girl’s palm auditions. That little girl is no ordinary rebel and terminating. Girl’s conflict, master, can you pass on your disciples’ more profound skills, so as not to let them die quietly at the muzzle of my girl and give you old shame?
"This ….. theory of sword conference later you," the heart heard that cold mountain flashed in his eyes, "I have warned your boy, don’t play the idea of auditions for purple moon, don’t give auditions for purple moon’s dissidents a hard time, now, well, this advocate is not easy to say, and it also brings a more powerful day holder. I’m busy, no, foggy dawn.
"Master, you finally promised to preach my true spirit magic power. +Heart, the listener also has a heart and is more happy.
"Lord, if it weren’t for the dramatic changes in the Wandianfeng, with external conditions, hum, you want to learn the true spirit magic power of the Great Sage, and there is no way. ; See if the old friend is safe? On the other hand, go and find the trouble of Yu Pei.
"The master to attend the sword conference. | appearance. ",once caught in it, let her come and go. | will do.
"Big plough array? Three, "fog dawn smell speech shook his head," although it is ancient law, but my girl has auditions purple month pei insulation, your large array can’t hurt her, trapped her is just a moment. In those days, the array method was a unique skill. In array method, the secret of Xu Tianyin has been exhausted. If the secret star is driven by my little girl, I will be in great trouble.
"Master, you have too little confidence in the plough array. Master, all rivers run into the sea. When you meet a god, you kill him, and when you meet a demon, you kill him! "
"Lord, your large array is only a ground array," Fog Morning said with a smile. "Although it has been added to the list of masters who can stand in the air for a long time, it tastes like a half-day array, but it is still the category of ground array. It can pound stars in space and make meteorites. What can you do with this large array? Device, you can pull it up, a little true spirit force can break it.
"No, master.
"Lord, if the old man is away, the sword conference, you can play it by ear. Go to find the old friend, try to get back before the sword meeting and cheer for you, son. ;
"Hum, old guy, if it weren’t for watching you blow the Great Sage’s true spirit so unfathomably, I would have ruined you.

Chapter two hundred and one On the sword, pitfalls (on)
In the late spring of the 30th year of the Fairy Calendar, just as the Purple Moon was preparing for the battle, Wan Huang gathered in the Moon to observe the sudden warning signs of the changing heavenly heart and mind of God and Baby.
"How did this happen?"
Tianxin secretly thought that so far, there are only a handful of places and people related to himself. Under the care of the gods, the battle between Tao and Magic has not ended, but there is no outside intervention. hide the sword Wonderland has become the leader of Wandian, and Wandian is becoming more and more harmonious under the guidance of this leader. New cultivators are recognizing the Three Systems and bringing the concept of the Three Systems to the whole Wandian.
Congtian Shengjie, although backward, therefore, the three systems existing in the form of a state have well controlled everything. This is the purest place, and its development momentum is very rapid and pleasant in just a few years. It can be said that no force can enter this place except hard grab.
In the world of martial arts, the twelve-character rule is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people under the overwhelming media offensive. With the strengthening of the security and military strength of the Oriental Emperor Series Group, there is even more iron and blood in the front. In a short period of time, no one has dared to confront the Oriental Emperor Series Group. Therefore, although there is a little friction in the world of martial arts, it is a place with complex civilization after all. Restraint and development are the main melody melody at present, and under this main melody melody, it is impossible to have a big trouble.
That is to say, since these three areas will not change greatly, there will be no danger in these three areas; The rest, there are only two areas: Wandianfeng and the boundless ocean. Wandianfeng has a purple moon, which is closely related to itself. Ocean, a water world, I haven’t set foot in it yet. What’s the problem?
Hong Xiong’s distant gods are released, and the world of thousands of miles away, the sacred world of heaven and the world of thousands of emperors and martial arts is as expected, like a sea without wind, full of waves and boundless scenery, and the feeling of gods is extremely comfortable. Ocean and water world. Except for a wave, there is really no change. Wandianfeng, it’s a little troublesome. What do you mean, demons are rampant? Now it is. There are riots everywhere. But it’s nothing! Isn’t Ziyue preparing to clean up that place?
"What really makes you feel uneasy? Is it a god baby? "
Tianxin recovered his knowledge of God, thought for a while, and suddenly sank his mind into the bright nucleus of nine hearts, and his knowledge of God was restrained. Examine the internal structure of the baby.
The baby god who had been sleeping for a few days earlier because of exhaustion seems to have changed. When the baby god first coagulated, there was nothing but a small spherical planet of kings in his body. Is to show the hazy dark black Guanghua. But now it’s different. There are all kinds of brilliance in the baby’s body, especially two gray brilliance. To Tianxin’s surprise, there are two gray brilliance, one in Wandianfeng and the other in the ocean and water world. Two bright lights go straight through the body of the baby. The strangest thing is that the two Guanghua roads seem to have a route, and one of them is in the process of external penetration. Winding for extremely fine black silk light; And the other, more overbearing, has no scruples about adsorbing something and sending it to the sky.
"No wonder the baby warned the police that it was sick!"
Tianxin tried to cut off two gray brilliance, and it was really tiring for a while. The result showed that the two gray brilliance could not be cut off. By all means. It’s like drawing a knife to cut off water, and the water flows more.
"Try going to outer space."
After temporarily unable to interpret this phenomenon and unable to find a solution, Tianxin withdrew his mind from the Nine-Mind Bright Nucleus. This discovery is not gratifying, but at least it makes him clear that something is affecting the growth of the baby.
With urban Jin Wei, haixin Liuxiang several women after a word. As a big teleport directly, he fled into space. He chose a place on the edge of dark black Guanghua, the baby of God, and after dropping two bluestar fruits in his mouth, he began to practice the tactic of chaotic gods.