Qin Chu got up and started the fire array on Suzaku Dan Ding. Without the support of external array, it will take longer to refine so many white jade stones only by relying on the firepower on Suzaku Dan Ding! However, Qin Chu didn’t intend to stop there. He regulated Suzaku Danding, let it run away from the fire, and then put it in the storage belt.

Qin Chu quietly out of the door, after induction to the surrounding nothing unusual, immediately display the identity of the ebony wind dun, into a breeze, with the wind on the mountain, under the guidance of the small white the thief hurried to the hidden treasure in the daytime.

Chapter 103 The scourge of thunder and fire
Chapter 1o3 The scourge of thunder and fire
Go to the gate of the main hall. ※. At the moment, the jade is boiling black, and tall keys are built around it to shield the thunder. The place at the entrance of Liumen is even more opaque.
Qin Chu sure nobody around, this just took out a cover breath scroll. Gently crush it, and immediately set up a big barrier around it to cover the breath.
The gate of the main hall is made of thick Longmen stone, which is hard and decorated with a magic circle. If you force your way in. It will only attract people.
"Fortunately, this can’t beat me!"
Although the magic circle is arranged on the gate, it is a piece of cake for Qin Chu, a master who is proficient in more complicated prohibitions!
Qin Chu in order not to attract the attention of others, wanted to think, decided not to destroy the magic circle on the door, in this case, can only use the temple to open the door normally.
Qin Chu release god knowledge, carefully check the magic circle around.
Cube. Qin Chu found the trick to open the door. As long as he connects a magic circle next to the door with unique techniques immediately, the door will open automatically. The problem is that the key magic circle to open the door is separated and embedded in several movable stone slabs with mithril. If you want to open the door, you must combine these stone slabs correctly in a fixed order!
This setting is just like a password lock! Unless it’s arranged correctly. Otherwise, you can’t turn it up at all!
Qin Chu looked at the magic circle and immediately smiled: "It’s just a magic circle. It thinks it’s complicated, but it’s just rubbish!"
The main purpose of this magic circle is to let people connect the magic lines, just like connecting wires to let the current pass.
"However. If it’s really that simple, as long as you know the correct order of these slates, wouldn’t it be free to enter? "
Qin Chu thought it wouldn’t be so simple. God once again followed the magic lines of these magic circles and looked around. As expected, this magic circle concealed a small magic circle, which is similar to the existence of a monitoring. As long as someone opens this door, then the small magic circle will also play a role in an instant and inform the people here to monitor!
Qin Chu smiled and flicked his fingers, and a spiritual force instantly cut off this small magic circle, making it unable to operate normally. If we monitor the people here in this way, we won’t see what’s going on here.
After all this, Qin Chucai put the slate in the right order. The heavy Longmen stone gate, after a slight noise, then slowly opened, and the scroll with shelter breath again, the sound of opening the gate did not spread.
Qin Chu flicker, entered the hall. The gate of Longmen Stone immediately closed quietly, and the scroll that covered the breath lost its effect at this moment.
From the outside, there is nothing unusual here!
With the help of Xiao Bai, a tough spy, everything in the hall is clearly reflected in Qin Chu’s mind. In this crisis-ridden hall, Qin Chu is better than walking around.
The inside of the chamber of secrets, already automatically open Bai Yijing can’t wait!
Soft light filled the chamber of secrets, and three treasures of the temple appeared naked in front of Qin Chu!
Qin Chu looked at the three treasures of the temple. The Great Book of Light and the sacred scepter are on both sides of the crown of thorns. Although they are not as good as the crown of thorns, they are already Lingbao.
Forget it. If I take these two things, the temple will definitely go crazy.
Qin Chu knew that once he started, he stole these two Lingbao, which was totally different from taking Xiaobai away. Xiaobai was a spirit, just a conscious body. Even if he took it away, he couldn’t verify it for a while. But they took these two treasures, the people in the temple. Will immediately put the suspected hem, detention.
Qin Chu believes. Depending on the strength of the temple, this kind of thing, the temple can definitely do it!
"Bring guy? Get me out of here quickly, someone will come soon! " Bubai has been running around in a rash.
Qin Chu collected his thoughts and took out Suzaku Danding, which was as big as a bowl, like a small fire in red mud.
At the moment, there are still a lot of white jade stones being forged in Suzaku Dan Ding. I don’t know, does this have any effect on the integration of Xiaobai?
"Is this the guy?" White came out from the crown of thorns, just a misty fog, floating three feet from the ground, and turned around Suzaku Danding quickly.
Pop up a filament and hook it up with Suzaku Dan Ding. Bubai was immediately surprised: "Well, there is a lot of energy in this thing, much better than the crown of thorns!" "
Qin Chu smiled. Although the crown of thorns is a treasure, it has no ability to gather vitality of Suzaku Danding. Suzaku Dan Ding is like a giant treasure house of vitality at the moment!
"Warm, so comfortable!" Bubai cheered, "I will live here in the future!" "
Qin Chu smiled. Mind micro-motion, rosefinch Dan Ding all detailed into his mind, the above ban temporarily closed.
Xiaobai found the change, and he acted according to the situation. A mass of body suddenly turned into a silver smoke and wrapped it on the Suzaku Dan Ding.
Suzaku Dan Ding is like a sponge, absorbing the silver dust outside quickly. But for a moment. BuBai has got into the Suzaku Dan Ding.
Qin Chu clearly felt that his own Dan Ding was within a small white entry. The special change of life, a mysterious feeling, comes to mind! It’s like seeing a dry ground, and after a rain, patches of green are coming out on the ground.
This is a sense of vitality in Bonn!
Instantly. Qin Chu felt as if he had grasped the key to refining a Lingbao!
This is a mysterious feeling, Qin Chu can constantly deduce in his own mind, but it can’t be expressed in words.
"Lingbao itself is the product of heaven! Truth can be known,but it may not be the well-known truth The true Tao is the Tao that covers everything, which is by no means expressed by language! If heaven can be expressed in words, Tao is not Tao! "
"Lingbao itself is full of vitality, and the heaven is slim, but it has produced Lingbao. It turns out that the heaven is ruthless and affectionate, and ruthless and affectionate!"
Think about it here. Qin Chu suddenly had an understanding in his heart, and his mood had changed dramatically in an instant! The sleepy state of mind has changed dramatically in an instant!
Huh? Qin Chu’s face changed slightly, and suddenly there was a warm feeling in the abdomen, knowing the gods in the sea. Even in an instant, a wonderful change has taken place! Originally, I used the method of practicing ecstasy to further expand my knowledge of gods, but I didn’t break through the practice of distraction. I didn’t expect that. Just this moment. I have been in trouble for a long time in my last life. Actually changed at this moment!
"Is it a breakthrough?" Qin Chu smiled slightly, just watching the process of integration of Xiaobai and Suzaku Danding, and some insights were generated, but his gods broke through the distraction period and entered the fit period in an instant! Distraction period means that you can refine your external incarnation and refine Lingbao; During the mating period, you can make your baby and your body seeds synthesize one!
Besides. Their own then also appeared significant changes!
"It seems that then is about to break into a baby?" Qin Chu felt a slight joy in his heart. Although he was happy, he was not crazy, just plain joy!
"Once Yuan Ying is formed, I can officially enter the fit period immediately". Sichuan Bai Dan formed, Qin Chu immediately let his baby and body food into one: Fu delete the current fire fit period! At that time, the strength of Qin Chu, will be one thousand times at the moment!