"No, you then practice! For you now, cultivation is the biggest task! " Who mowgli immediately replied.

"Yes!" Seven emotions devil soup Tianchi smell so, after a sound should be, not much to say, immediately swallowed a drop of Xuan Ming true water, once again covered himself with seven evils and seven emotions network, and began to practice.
Seeing this, Wei Wuji didn’t delay kung fu, but turned his hand into a tree of Yin and Yang of the soul sword, restored it again, and then pressed his hands to him again, displaying the change of referring to materialization. In an instant, the tree of Yin and Yang changed again, but after this change, the tree of Yin and Yang was completely gone.
Who mowgli, naturally can perceive the existence of the tree of Yin and Yang. What he has changed this time is the devil of the seven emotions. This kind of demon is invisible, so it can haunt impermanence and wander around. The reason why Tang Tianchi can be revealed to the world is that it relies on the Shaqi in the seven evils and seven emotions.
Wei mowgli can naturally derive this ShaQi, but the main function of that ShaQi is to strengthen power. Who mowgli needs, just send the tree of Yin and Yang to the mud pill palace, but there is no idea of attacking himself, and naturally there is no evolution.

Chapter 396 Shortcuts, not every time.
Chapter 396 Shortcuts, not every time.
The tree of yin and yang changes, and the seven emotions succeed. At that time, Wei Wuji controlled him and eroded towards his own soul. In order to be more successful, Wei Wuji can also make his mind strong. Of course, Wei Wuji has no hobby of self-abuse, and naturally he makes himself more happy.
This time, there is no white happiness. The seven emotions devil incarnated in the tree of Yin and Yang, in an instant, from his own eyebrows, sank into the mud pill palace, and hit the past with his heart. Wei mowgli, although aware of everything about him, doesn’t understand how he got in. In the end, he can only boil it down to an instinct.
For this success, Wei Wuji is extraordinarily happy. He is happy, not only because the tree of Yin and Yang successfully entered the Mud Pill Palace, so that his practice can continue without waste. More importantly, he passed this, but it was a discovery. I have a new understanding of referring to the change of materialized things.
Demons, unpredictable, and leisurely, are the most difficult to prevent. I have the ability to make demons, although the fundamental cultivation has not changed, but the combat power has at least doubled. This, even let it now have a plan to find a real person to try it.
However, it’s good that Wei Wuji’s concentration is good. I know that several of his own real men are practicing, and they are eroded by demons. If one is not good, they will be seriously injured, but they will not make moves. Instead, they will forcibly suppress their own thoughts and start their own practice of Yin and Yang solutions in the chapter of Soul.
Focus on yourself, guard against mowgli’s mind, and the invisible devil of seven emotions turns into a clear spring in time, which is about Zhang Xu long, feet Xu wide and inches Xu thick, just like a horse training, which spans the void before being fascinated.
This is because Wei Wuji changed the tree of Yin and Yang into the devil of seven emotions for the convenience of being absorbed by his soul, and at the same time, he added a second spirit of imitation to make it incarnate as a spring water. In this way. But it is much better than reducing it back into a tree of yin and yang and cutting it into sections for absorption.
At this time, Wei Wuji was completely in a state of concentration, fascinated by it, and the light rose sharply. With a move, he set time, and when the horse was practicing, he flew out of a waterline and shot straight into the mouth of Wei Wuji.
After the waterline was completely swallowed up, Wei mowgli was fascinated, and immediately pinched the tactic, unfolded the two-point solution of Yin and Yang, and began to absorb it.
Spiritual cultivation is much more difficult than the cultivation of flesh and blood, bones and muscles. The cultivation of flesh and blood, bones and muscles, although there are also many strange feelings, is particularly unbearable, but, after all, it is from the outside. With its strong will, it can still endure, but now, this feeling is directly uploaded from the soul itself, and it is ten times stronger than before.
This mouthful of Yin-Yang spring water is swallowed and dispersed, which makes Wei Wuji feel straight. Only when his own soul is dispersed, can these feelings be expelled. He is not stupid, but naturally he knows that this is an illusion. If he really dares to do so, he may not die on the spot, but he will definitely suffer great damage and die more often, which is inevitable.
Of all these feelings, pain is not the most difficult, but the most difficult is the itchy feeling. In the secular world, there is a kind of punishment, that is, scratching the soles of the feet with some special instruments, so that prisoners can experience that itchy feeling. Many mortals who have heard of all kinds of torture have not shaken their minds, but they have been defeated on the basis of such a seemingly joking punishment. From this. Visible in general.
Pain into the bone marrow is regarded as the extreme of pain. And the person who has been tortured by itching also follows suit, calling his feelings itchy in the bone marrow, and saying that this kind of pain is even worse than before. Wei Wuji has experienced what it feels like to itch into the bone marrow, but compared with his own itching into the soul now, it is completely pediatrics.
Every monk understands: there are all kinds of laws, and there must be all kinds of laws! However, in the face of the itch in his own soul, Ren Weiwei prides himself on being extremely clever, but he has not been able to figure out any way to restrain himself, so he can only endure it forcibly. However, this feeling is too strong. At this moment, Wei Wuji very much hopes that he doesn’t have any consciousness, so he won’t feel this feeling again.
Fortunately, Wei Wuji was not too greedy, and this first bite swallowed the spring water of Yin and Yang. Not much. Under the absorption of the two-point Yin-Yang solution, it didn’t take much effort to completely absorb it. This just let it abruptly survived, and it didn’t spread out.
However, although the first sip of Yin and Yang spring water was melted away, he was afraid to swallow the second sip. Because, at this moment, although there is no fountain of Yin and Yang in his mind, but that kind of itchy feeling. However, just like the tarsal maggot, it still exists, which makes his fascination relieved only through constant trembling.
For a long time, who mowgli successively cast out several kinds of secrets of clearing the mind, and the residue of that itchy feeling was only expelled from a clean one. In the face of this, who mowgli nature is quite dissatisfied, "a drink, will rest for half a day, along the way, when do I have to practice? How can this work? Do you have to think of something else? "
Wei Wuji’s past stubbornness has achieved good results. Perhaps, this time, God can’t stand his fortune. This time, I thought about it for three days, but I couldn’t figure it out until the corpse demon Lin Zhao and the Taoist Xue Ling said goodbye to him. He took the corpse demon Lin Zhaoling to get the jade symbol. After leaving the gate, he thought for three days in the secret room, but there was still no way. In the end, he could only use the most primitive way-forced to endure.
"Perhaps, if a monk wants to practice to a higher level, he always has to endure hardships. Come on!" At this moment, Wei Wuji thought about the pain he suffered when he washed his body and hardened his bones with aura on the day when his past life memory woke up. "At that time, I was just a mortal, and I survived. Is it that I have achieved profound cultivation now, but it is not as good as before?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Mindful of this, Wei Wuji’s impetuous spirit, which naturally arises from the smooth practice over the years, has been eliminated silently. All that remains is the pure, transparent, brave, progressive and breakthrough idea.
Without hesitation, he swallowed a big mouthful of Yin and Yang spring water, and Wei Wuji began to practice again.

Chapter 397 Fundamental Law, There are future troubles.
Chapter 397 Fundamental Law, There are future troubles.
One day, ten days, twenty days. ……
For fifty-five days in the past, Wei Wuji’s spirit completely swallowed up the spring water of Yin and Yang, which was transformed by a tree of Yin and Yang, and absorbed his own body.
At this moment, in the Mud Pill Palace, the light of the spirit of Wei Wuji is no longer the original colorful uh guano, but nine colors, more black and white. Wei Wuji’s mind moved, and the nine-color divine light shone brightly, shining all over the mud pill palace. In an instant, the soul sword symbols stored in the Mud Pill Palace all turned into invisible demons, screaming and flying in the air.
At this time, Wei Wuji understood that his own "Soul" chapter divided into two parts, Yin and Yang Dafa, has also achieved a small success. Next, as long as you spend some time, let the light of yin and yang in your mind blend with the light of yin and yang in your body. Through, regardless of each other, arbitrary circulation, their own two-point yin and yang solution, even practice to the extreme.
By then, Wei Wuji can practice the higher and heavier fundamental law of plough and achieve spiritual change. However, there is no need to practice in such a closed-door way, just pay attention to it from time to time on weekdays and run it. After all, after swallowing two trees of Yin and Yang, the enormous potential is still inherent in his mind and body. Over time, it will slowly release, and everything, such as water, will come naturally.
After the successful practice, Wei Wuji opened his eyes, then his body trembled slightly, and hundreds of hairs flew out of his body. In the void, he began to change, and some turned into flies, flying high in the sky; Some turned into tigers. Fall to the ground; Some incarnate ghosts, flying in the air; Others incarnate zombies, screaming and screaming. In addition, there are flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains, vegetation, and so on, and all kinds of things in the world are in it.
For a moment, this secret room seemed to be a new world.
Look at this situation, who mowgli early nature is very happy. These little things that change seem to be ordinary, but each of them contains 10% of their own mana. Although it is said that there are so many divisions, every finger on it can only make a blow, but it is very terrible to make so many attacks at the same time, and the resultant force is also very terrible.
However, I am happy for a while. Who mowgli suddenly had a thought in my heart, "how can such a situation be so similar to Pangu’s creation and embodiment of everything?" However, Pangu’s is big, mine is small, Pangu’s can be solidified, but mine is time-limited. I’ve been practicing plough for thirty-six years, so I won’t change myself into a world like Pangu! "
At the thought of this, Wei Wuji’s happy face became dignified at that time. Pangu incarnates all things in the world, benefiting hundreds of millions of creatures in the world, and Wei Wuji naturally has great admiration in his heart. However, if he wants to be Pangu himself, he asks himself that he is not so noble.
"I this" thirty-six changes of the highest day "achievement method, but suddenly, for a long time, I thought it was my good fortune, met a fairy. Now it seems that it is hard to say whether it is good or bad. If, at the end of the practice, you still have the power of autonomy, it’s all right. If you are afraid, you will be afraid. If you practice at the end, your soul will not be able to dominate yourself! " Mindful of this, Wei Wuji’s heart can’t stop worrying.
As the saying goes. If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand. If you have no worries in the near future, you should think more about the future. After all, it’s good to think more, and it’s better than being unprepared and blind at the last moment.