In terms of strength, Lazio is better than Bayern Munich, so why should we shrink from defense?

Although the defense against Lazio is also strong, the attack is stronger.
Changsheng wants to defeat Bayern Munich by attacking and telling those people that Lazio is really not afraid of Bayern Munich.
Otherwise, if Lazio narrowly beat Bayern Munich, then some people will say that the winning team can win Bayern Munich because of luck.
Changsheng doesn’t want his team to win the championship and be gossiped.
He wants everyone to be speechless in front of his victory and champion!
From the beginning of this game, Lazio entered the expressway directly.
No temptation, no adaptation, no running-in.
Directly took out the housekeeping skills!
He knows Bayern Munich very well, because he watched the Champions League final live, and later he also watched many articles and videos of various analyses.
In this game, the starting lineup sent by Fan Jiaer is exactly the same as that in Chang Sheng’s memory.
In the formation of 442, the starting goalkeeper Bout, Ram, Van Bitten, Demichelis and Badstube lined up on the defensive line, Van Bommel and Shi Weins Tiger dominated the midfield, Robben focused on the right, Altintop replaced Ribery as the left avant-garde, and Olic and thomas moorer combined on the front line.
Ribery missed the final for exactly the same reasons as he remembered. He got a red card for stepping on Lyon’s former sharp Sandro in the first leg of the semi-final and was suspended for three games by UEFA.
Although Bayern Munich appealed to UEFA, UEFA did not agree with their reasons for appeal.
In the end, Ribery had to sit in the stands and watch the game.
Bayern Munich without Ribery is even less worrying in Changsheng’s view.
Robben’s attack on the flank is very strong, but Robben is not mature enough at this time. His nickname is "Luo Buchuan". After getting the ball, he buried himself in the ball and had to finish the shot himself. He didn’t care about other teammates at all.
Ribery is much more comprehensive than him, and he can connect with the team in the middle and front court.
Robben is a pure attacker, and this kind of person is not afraid of winning.
UEFA did not agree to Bayern Munich’s appeal because UEFA is also facing Lazio’s appeal.
Lazio appealed for meireles, hoping that UEFA could revoke the red card.
But for the sake of balance, UEFA did not support Lazio’s appeal in the end, so that they could also reject Bayern Munich’s appeal.
But Ribery’s significance to Bayern Munich is totally different from that of meireles to Lazio.
Meireles was originally a special weapon against Barcelona, and it is not universal.
In this final, Chang Sheng didn’t intend to let meireles start. But now thanks to Boots Cox, the winner, and thanks to UEFA, it’s not necessary to take the meritorious minister who advanced to the final off the starting list-UEFA has done all the bad guys and let them take the blame.
In this game, the starting lineup that Chang Sheng discharged was goalkeeper Handanovic, the partner of central defender Jose Passareira and chiellini, left-back balzaretti and right-back Azpiliquita. Midfielder modric trailed, while Ledesma and cazorla advanced. Center cavani, left winger david silva and right winger mario gotze.
It can be said that it is the strongest lineup he can send.
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Playing the Champions League final at the Bernabeu
After Lazio stepped up its pace and speed, Changsheng expected his team to completely crush Bayern Munich.
But sometimes the situation is not what he thinks it is.
Football matches are always full of accidents of one kind or another.
Bayern Munich is not finished saying that they all have no counterattack ability. No matter how fast Lazio is, it is impossible to attack for 90 minutes. They also need to rest and defend.
Bayern Munich also has the opportunity to attack.
Robben took over the responsibility of attacking when Ribery was suspended for a red card.
However, his attack mode is different from Ribery’s. He is the only one covered by the whole team. He takes the ball from the right and directly kills Lazio’s restricted area.
Then suddenly cut in the front of the restricted area and started lateral dribbling.
After opening the angle, he shoots directly with his golden left foot!
Bayern Munich attacks this routine most of the time.
Although everyone knows that Robben will do this, it is hard to prevent.
In fact, that’s what Robben did at the end of his time at Real Madrid.
That’s how Juande Ramos and Schustr used him. Switch him to the right and let him shoot inside.
A healthy Robben is almost unsolvable. As long as he raises his speed, no one can catch up with him, and then he shoots inside, with a very high scoring rate.
It’s a pity that Robben is too easily injured in Real Madrid, and he sits in the stands most of the time.
Robben, who came to Bayern Munich, finally bid farewell to the injury for a while. His performance this season is quite excellent, and Bayern Munich can enter the Champions League final. He definitely contributed.
Bayern Munich’s attack is very simple, but the effect is very good, and it is often scored in this way in the game.
In the opening six minutes, Bayern Munich started their attack after surviving a wave of Lazio attacks.
Still Robben’s dragon.
Before the winning game, we also made targeted arrangements.
Ribery is not here, so he can rest assured that the defensive center of gravity will be arranged here to deal with Robben, and he doesn’t have to worry about Robben suddenly making a long pass or something. Because Robben can’t do it at all, he is the one who either shoots with the ball or takes the football all the way out of the baseline.
The so-called taking it to the end of time means not passing the ball.
It’s Robben.
Robben cut inside after an unreasonable speed breakthrough, and then confronted chiellini.
In the face of chiellini’s defense, Robben’s approach is also very simple.
Made a fake action to shoot, and then dialed the football to the middle.
In order to stop Robben’s shot, chiellini had to stretch his leg as far as possible.
But Robben’s starting speed was too fast. Although he threw his body out by a catty, he still didn’t stop Robben’s shot.
Although Robben tried to avoid him, the arc of the ball was a little bigger, which led to the football flying directly over the crossbar.
But chiellini was also injured in this defense.
He pulled a thigh muscle.
Watching the football fly over the beam, Robben held his head like a 50-year-old man and felt sorry for it.