Su Hao said, "Let’s pick up some people."

Lothar asked, "Pick who up?"
Su Hao said, "Those people are Alex’s friends. They are not weak hands. Of course, they can become Alex’s friends and I have a little layout before."
Xiaobai asked, "What do you want with them?"
Su Hao said, "Don’t forget that our enemies are not only Robert and Black Se, but also moonlit maple! We must use the strength of these people to confront them. "
Soon they slowly flew to the parking lot of another building.
At this time, there are not many cars in the parking lot, and some car ruins have been piled up together. A large area has been cleared to make the Wu Zhi of Su Hao posture land smoothly.
And there are already four people waiting for them in that land.
Three men and one woman
They are Dick, Elvin, Yali and Heng Ke.
Evolutionary organization [sample receiver] Four of the five level 5 evolutionists!
It seems that this is the reinforcements arranged by Alex and Adam after consultation.
They saw a Wu Zhi landing slowly and watched Su Hao walk in the cockpit. That Dick said "angry banana"
Su Hao replied naively, "Lonely durian …"
It’s like an intelligence agent talking to each other in strange code words. Of course, this conversation between Su Hao and Ke is really full of joy …
Bananas and durians …
How did Alex and Adam discuss this? Play fruit ninja?
G listen to Su Hao right password nodded and then made a sign for all behind them to come.
Then four people boarded the plane together.
Chapter ninety Meet head-on
After the four people boarded the plane, Dick looked curiously at Su Hao, then at Lothar and Xiaobai, and immediately said, "It seems that you are not evolutionists and there is even a little girl … you are human, right?"
Su Hao nodded. "Yes, we are not evolutionists, but ordinary human beings."
Dick sneered, "I didn’t expect you humans to dare to get involved in this muddy water. I don’t know whether to say you are brave or know?"
Heng Ke, a handsome guy with dark hair, also laughed. "There are always some ignorant guys in this world … who don’t know it when they die!"
Listening to their cynicism, Lothar’s eyes flashed with rage, and his right hand was already holding the folding butterfly handle in his hand, but it was going to draw a sword!
Su Hao saw hurriedly made an eye to him and shook his head without trace.
Lothar hesitated when he saw Su Hao gesturing to him. After all, he didn’t start work.
Su Hao breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lothar … When he got along with Lothar for such a period, he knew Lothar’s spleen better, and he was smart enough, talented enough and attached great importance to his feelings … Only one thing was that he would be very short-tempered at some times.
Naidi shook his head and he replied, "I’ll rely on you more then."
Looking at Su Hao, they were calm, and those people stopped talking and asked, "Who are we going to deal with next?"
Su Hao replied, "It’s also a group of human beings … just some special human beings."
G poof bursts into a smile disdain said "human? What’s so special about human beings? Do they have strong physical fitness, scary abilities or speed of coming and going? "
Su Hao replied, "You will be white then."
And in his heart, he has observed a moment of silence.
Although the enemy is human, the enemy is a moonlit maple.
Su Hao has suffered a lot from his hand and has a deep understanding of this terrible person.
People who underestimate the moonlit maple will pay a heavy price.
Wu Zhi slowly drove back to the center of Fifth Avenue, where a huge flesh and blood flower appeared.