It just exploded.

As soon as the picture turns
Excited children dragged themselves to find beautiful ladies and sisters to show off to their fathers.
"Dad, I’ll find you a partner."
"Ouch, you have an eye, but will I be punished by your mother when I go back?"
"Ha ha ha ha"
The bonfire party was originally a form of unified celebration for grassland people.
In ancient times, people learned to drill wood for fire, and found that fire can not only cook food, but also scare wild animals to protect their lives, so they had an initial reverence for fire.
Later, people went out hunting and returned home to celebrate each other and gained rich profits. In the evening, they held hands with each other and danced around the fire to express their joy and happiness. This form of celebration continues to this day.
At night, it is cool and pleasant. At night, the guests and their fathers are all together.
First of all, the host village head invited Aunt Sanitation to light a bonfire with torches.
Grassland bonfire The table next to the bonfire is full of rich food, drinking mellow and fragrant milk tea and tasting the most authentic and authentic hand-made meat and roasted sheep.
Suluo once again pulled up melodious Ma Touqin to sing intoxicating Mongolian songs, and the invited guests all followed the girls and boys dressed in gorgeous national costumes to dance beautiful Andai dance around the bonfire.
Feast, bonfire, song and laughter
The pictures are filled with happy smiles and dance with the music. It’s beautiful like a fairyland.
Chapter four hundred and twelve The mind shakes the forehead in my dream.
The stars in the grassland at night are so beautiful that the stars twinkle like diamonds, and a crescent moon hangs on the edge of the vast Milky Way and complements the bonfire.
Mongolian unified andai dance seems to be very funny except for Mongolian villagers who really look like a group of demons dancing.
Then how can Mongolian villagers compete?
"Let’s change the music and we will challenge the Mongolian villagers."
Dragon team holding in suluo shouted bold words.
Well, there is a master musician like suluo. Where do you need a sound engineer, right?
"What kind of dance do you want to dance? What are your requirements?"
Suluo haha laughed.
"They won the ballroom dance and national dance, but let’s do something international. Just sing a little cheerful little piano music, which feels the best."
"You really give me a problem. Sogeum feels right. No problem." suluo raised his hand and Ma Touqin laughed.
"Are you ready?"
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
All the guests were cheering, and the audience’s eyes widened.
"Ma Touqin is coming again."
"The pit owner is going to show Ma Touqin again."
"My god, does Ma Touqin feel like playing sogeum?"
Picture suluo took advantage of the situation to play Vival in Ma Touqin in the fourth season. This is a song that makes people want to dance when they listen. It is not difficult for Ma Touqin to perform because Ma Touqin’s timbre and sogeum are really similar.
The audience was dumbfounded, and a feeling called shock rose and rolled in their hearts.
It’s not only because suluo and Ma Touqin performed the piano music, but because the music melody was light and pleasant. The breath of spring seemed to come to my face. Birds were singing happy songs to welcome the spring. The breeze caressed the clear spring and the spring was gurgling. Everything was as exciting as being reborn. I couldn’t help dancing and shouting "Spring is here. Spring is really here."
"so cute"
"What song is awesome?"
"It’s a sogeum feeling. Ma Touqin is so handsome."
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, what is this song? You can’t help but feel like dancing when you listen to it."
Already superb.