Li Yi looked at it, and sure enough, Huang Mao was coming this way.

Li Yi stood up and said, "Huang Mao, did those people watch it?"
"Brother Yi, watch it, don’t you worry about my yellow hair?" Huang Mao said with a smile.
"Then go in!" Li Yi said.
"Art brother please, Ming brother please." Huang Mao said.
"Let’s go in together, Huang Mao." Chen Ming said.
"Brother Ming, I’ll go in later." Huang Mao said.
Li Yi walked to the door and heard a string of silvery laughter.
Holy shit, I don’t know my identity. Let’s get to work. That string of silvery laughter just now won’t be a symbol of victory, will it?
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Chapter seventy-two Talk with Lin Keer
"Eldest brother, what’s the matter? Why don’t you go in? " Chen Ming asked.
"Listen carefully, are they fighting?" Li Yi asked.
"War? Boss, there is nothing wrong with your ears. They are smiling happily. " Chen Ming said.
"No, I always feel that this silvery smile is a bit cautious." Li Yi said.
"Eldest brother. You’re not scared, are you? " Chen Ming smiled and asked.
"I don’t think so." Li Yi shook his head and said.
"Eldest brother, if you are still afraid of them fighting, you can go in and have a look. What a simple thing!" Chen Ming said.
"Shit, I don’t need you to tell me." Li Yi took a white look at Chen Ming and said.
Chen Ming followed Li Yi and walked into the room.
Li Yi pushed open the door and heard a string of laughter like a bell.
"Xiaoyi, you are here." Li Yi just came in, and Li Lu rushed up and hugged Li Yi.
Lin Keer was at a loss. Why did Little Heron’s sister hold Li Yi?
Li Yi don’t know how to say, looking at this situation, Li Yizhen wants to find a disappear, this situation is too cheating.
Li Yi nodded, let go of Li Lu, and sat down on the stool, waiting for his own results.
Lin Keer was silent. She didn’t think that such a good little heron sister who was chatting with herself actually held Li Yi.
At this moment, the room was quiet as never before.
A man pushed the door and broke the silence.
Lin Keer looked at Li Lu and opened her eyes wide. Isn’t her little sister the little girl she saw before? Is she the one Li Yi said?
Lin Keer shook away these thoughts, which is unlikely. Although Little Heron’s sister is beautiful and cute, she must be with Li Yi herself.
"Brother Yi, brother Ming, sister-in-law, this young lady, can we serve?" Huang Mao asked.
At that time, a sister-in-law of Huang Mao made Lin Keer’s heart more determined. However, Lin Keer looked at Huang Mao and found that Huang Mao was the sister-in-law of his little heron. Was his guess correct?
"Well, yellow hair, just let a younger brother serve." Li Yi really wants to kiss Huang Mao now. Huang Mao, that’s interesting.
"Brother Yi, I’ll get some cups." Huang Mao said.
Lin Keer silently told herself that no matter Huang Mao or her little heron sister, what they said was their business, as long as Li Yi promised me.
"Sister-in-law, are you drinking? Or red wine? Or juice? " Huang Mao is like a little waiter at the moment.
"I’ll just drink juice." Li Lu said.
"Miss, what are you drinking?" Huang Mao asked.
"I’ll just drink red wine." Lin Keer smiled and said.
In fact, Lin Keer laughs to calm his choppy heart, and drinks to temporarily forget all this.
Li Yi was silent. Chloe, why are you like this? It’s not that I don’t like you. I also have my own difficulties!
Suddenly, Li Yi’s lips, which had not spoken for a long time, opened.
"Chloe, come out, I have something to tell you." Li Yi said.
Chen Ming gave Li Yi a boss. Come on, you can look in the eyes. I also want to say to everyone who is in trouble, believe in yourself and you can. )
Li Yi smiled.
Lin Keer stood up and said with no expression on her face, "Is there anything that can’t be said here?"
"Chloe, I still think it’s better if we go out and talk." Li Yi said with a smile on his face.
Lin Keer wanted to say a word, which could not only punish Li Yi, but also make Li Yi make a big mistake, and also make Li Yi humiliating. But in the end, Lin Keer didn’t say that sentence cruelly.
"Then get out." Lin Keer deadpan said.
Li Yi smiled again and gave Chen Ming a look, and went out.