Who mowgli three people are how eyes, at first glance, you will know that these things are all true, not white fog manifestation, completely edible.

It is natural that the three people came here, consumed a lot of lingshi and enjoyed something. Therefore, the three people are not at all polite to this. If not, at this time, the three people also played a mentoring relationship, and Wei Wuji also sat down early. Although, he is successful, even if he stands for ten days and a half months, he won’t feel uncomfortable at all, but who wants to work hard if he can save trouble!
Who mowgli side so, where the rest of the monks, nature is no exception, no one is polite.
Soon, the evolution of white fog was completely completed. At this time, who mowgli three people looked out through the window, but found that the exchange venue, has changed greatly. Six demons can completely move an auction here. However, in the ordinary position, no one is present, and all the people are in the private room.
After the evolution, the auction started naturally and immediately, without any delay in time. The first thing to be auctioned is an eight-section bamboo.
Changqingzhu is a wood-based spiritual thing, which can be used as a spiritual material to refine powerful wood-based instruments; It can also be used as a panacea, taken in a special way, and cultivated into an evergreen body with excellent resilience to injuries. It can be said that this is a very precious treasure, especially for the Taoist priest.
Although the practices and spells practiced by Godsworn Mo Dao can’t be said to be self-mutilation, there are surprisingly many people who need self-mutilation. Even if it is not in combat, there will be many times when you need to hurt yourself. In this case, the importance of evergreen law to them can be imagined.
Therefore, when the host of the auction of Six Demons revealed the reserve price of eight long bamboos, a dozen people couldn’t wait to increase the price immediately. The reserve price of 10 million lingshi soared to 40 million in an instant.
Wei Wuji has the supreme dharma tactic of "Thirty-six Changes of the Highest Day", and the strength of his body is far above the evergreen dharma body. Moreover, he practices the golden kendo, and he doesn’t need this wooden spirit, which naturally disdains him. It is precisely because of this that his mood is very calm and has not been affected by the atmosphere of competition.
Who mowgli himself, however, although not affected, but he is found that Fu Shan and Wang Xian, two people, the mood is somewhat tense, eyes also secretly burst light. Such a situation, who mowgli nature is know, two people are tempted. But think about it, too. Two people follow themselves, that is, they want to be thugs. The things that take the lead are very natural. Although injuries can’t be said to be commonplace, they are absolutely indispensable. If they are made into evergreen bodies, nature is full of benefits.
Mindful of this, in the moment, who mowgli who mowgli openings, toward two people secretly call way, "if you want, you can fight for yourself! Don’t consider my opinion! "
Fu Shan and Wang Xian, two people, have spent more than half of their own LingShi because they bought things, leaving only 30 million to 40 million. It sounds like a lot, but it’s not easy to buy what they slept. They, although there are hundreds of millions of LingShi who mowgli gave in advance, but it is specifically for the needs of the service who mowgli, who mowgli’s command, but they are not qualified to use.
Fu Shan and Wang Xian are naturally greedy for Bajiechang Bamboo, and they really want to win it. However, their own Lingshi is not enough. If they want to buy it themselves, they must spend real water in Xuan Ming. Xuan Ming’s true water has excellent efficacy. Naturally, they want to use it for themselves as much as possible. Therefore, they just lingered and didn’t speak. The purpose is nothing more than hoping that Wei Wuji can take the initiative to speak, pay for them and buy the eight-section long bamboo.
As a result, Wei Wuji did speak, but what he said was to let them buy it themselves, not as they wished. Who mowgli nature is not spare this LingShi, just, since his second brother that thing happened, he will understand a little, grace, also can’t be disorderly.
Who mowgli thought oneself treat Fu Shan and Wang Xian, already very show extremely forbearance. It can be said that the treatment of any sect is not bad. At present, Fu Shan and Wang Xian didn’t make great contributions to him, so he naturally won’t give any more gifts. After all, everything must be well controlled.
Hear who mowgli said, Fu Shan and Wang Xian nature is also very disappointed in the heart, not to who mowgli produced a sense of displeasure. However, this kind of feeling has just sprouted, and they all thought of Wei Wuji’s contribution and time for them, and a touch of shame rose in their hearts. Two kinds of thoughts, in their ideological trend, are constantly colliding, just like two waves.
However, although the ideological trend in their hearts fluctuated, it did not appear on the surface. Moreover, after learning that it was impossible for him to take money from Wei Wuji, he started bidding for the first time.
In the end, Fu Shan was better than others. He threw out his own fog lock order, hovered in the air and shouted, "I give ten drops of Xuan Ming real water!"
Ten drops of Xuan Ming real water, according to the actual value, is only 40 million, which is equivalent to the price of the previous one. However, all the people present are not fools. Naturally, they understand that these ten drops of Xuan Ming true water cannot be counted as 40 million. However, it’s really hard to say exactly how much. Therefore, after Fu Shan’s propaganda, the auction was quiet at that time.
This kind of auction, the most afraid of is to encounter this kind of treasure to bid. Maybe you think the value of this treasure is not as good as the price you paid, but as long as the owner of the auction approves it, there is nothing you can do. The owners of these auctions, although unable to remove the auction items, can decide to trade at any price. Therefore, when someone comes up with other treasures to exchange, they need to wait for the owner’s consideration.
Originally, Wang Xian also wanted to bid, but Fu Shan robbed him first, and he immediately withdrew his own brand. This is not to say that Wang Xian is ready to give up, but that he has decided to cooperate with Fu Shan to win these eight long bamboos and share them equally. Although this eight-section long bamboo can only be refined into an evergreen body by one person, it is a big gain to be refined into half, and it can be completely refined, so you can continue to look for it. In this way, we can also avoid competition among our own families. Wang Xian believes that Fu Shan will agree.
Silence lasted only a moment, and then the auctioneer of the Six Demons Sect said, "Daoyou No.446, the owner of the eight-section bamboo, said that if you can pour the real water of Xuan Ming to fifteen drops, then he will agree to the transaction!"
"Should be under him!" As soon as this person’s words fell, in the private room, Wang Xian whispered, "I can drop eight of them!" "
Wang Xian’s mind, as early as when he withdrew his smoke cage fog lock order, Fu Shan understood. However, he also knows that he can’t refuse, not to mention, as a colleague, it’s not good to fight, even if he is willing to tear, maybe Wei Wuji won’t, and he will definitely mediate. After all, it is not necessary to consider which is more valuable, two people who own the dharma body or one person who owns the dharma body. Fools all know it.
Now, Wang Xian is so knowledgeable that he takes advantage of himself. Naturally, he won’t refuse. Now, he speaks again. clear voice said, "Well, fifteen drops of Xuan Ming real water is fifteen drops. I should get off!"
As soon as this remark came out, the auctioneer of the six magic sects immediately slammed the hammer and said, "The first treasure-the eight-section long bamboo belongs to Daoyou No.446! Next, auction the second treasure, the intermediate magic weapon-Sheyang crossbow! The starting price is 35 million lingshi, and each bid shall not be less than 1 million lingshi. Go! "
As soon as the words of the auctioneer fell, a new wave of bidding started again. This time, it was an unused treasure transaction, and in the end, it was bought by one person with 66 million lingshi.

Chapter four hundred and nine After the meeting, fully load, follow and fight back
Chapter four hundred and nine After the meeting, fully load, follow and fight back
"Let’s auction the last treasure of this exchange meeting-"The Mystery of Making Magic at the Seven Evil Spirits "! The starting price is 10 million lingshi. Each bid must not be less than 1 million lingshi, go! "
In the fierce competition, time flies unnoticed by people. The auctioneer of Six Magic Clans said this, and many people just knew that this exchange meeting had come to an end. Those who have gained a lot have breathed a sigh of relief, started to watch the play and waited for the end of the exchange meeting with peace of mind; And those who have not gained much secretly regret that they have missed so many opportunities in the past.
The Mystery of Making Magic with Seven Evil Spirits is a very good secret method to restrain the devil from eating himself, and it is also a minor celebrity among the magic ways. At least, 99% of the real people present in the magic way have heard of it.
The magic weapon of devil class is relatively easy to sacrifice and practice, and it takes less time. Therefore, few people in the magic road do not sacrifice this magic weapon for self-defense. But … As the saying goes, there are advantages and disadvantages. While enjoying the benefits of gaining great power so easily, we must always be on guard against the devil we control eroding ourselves and controlling ourselves in the opposite direction.
It can be said that every year, a large number of magic monks die under their own demons. Because of this, the restraint methods of the devil itself have naturally been studied. Although, this can’t completely avoid the problem of the devil itself, but in this world, where is there a very comprehensive thing? Therefore, it is necessary for monks who have devil to have a secret method that can reduce the chance of devil’s self-attack as much as possible.
However, this secret method is mostly owned by various Daimon Masaru factions, so it is impossible to spread it out naturally. Therefore, disciples of small schools, or wandering monks who want to get it, can only rely on their own chances or buy it at this exchange meeting.