After the reddish dun-guang stopped at the top of the hill, the figure in dun-guang was revealed, which has been refined for a month.

Now that it has been decided to establish a temporary abode of fairies and immortals here, he will not hesitate to use his hands to cast the unearthed escape technique and then hide in the hills.
Toward the hill into the hundred zhangs distance that hill is just a hundred zhangs high autumn this dun immediately into the horizon underground.
Wei Qiu can walk freely in the ground by relying on the earth escape spell, but when he stops, he will still be tightly wrapped in the underground soil.
"Give it to me!"
After stopping the soil escape, the autumn body was full of slightly moist soil. He never stopped. In the middle of the foundation period, the powerful spirit was running wildly, and the imperial envoy raised the rock sword to cut it quickly underground.
Although Yan Yangjian is only an intermediate weapon, it is a weapon after all, but it is too sharp compared with ordinary iron swords in mortal world.
Yan Yangjian cut up the underground soil and stones, so it was easy to cut tofu with a knife. After a while, Qiu excavated a place nearly ten square meters underground.
In the autumn after the temporary abode of fairies and immortals successfully came out, he took out five pieces of medium-order lingshi from the bag. He arranged five pieces of medium-order lingshi with five attributes in five vertex positions and then inspired a dharma tactic.
After the dharma tactic was excited, five colors of light rose from five pieces of intermediate lingshi, and the light was intertwined at the top of the temporary abode of fairies and immortals, so the five elements of isolation array immediately formed a colorful mask and appeared in the temporary abode of fairies and immortals.
The multicolored mask appeared in the temporary abode of fairies and immortals for a moment, and then disappeared after the multicolored light flowed several times.
Autumn will be isolated from the five elements of the array after the cloth is ready to immediately close the practice, but his look suddenly moved suddenly reminded of one thing.
"Well, I remember that there are five lines of gathering spirit array in the introduction to the law. Although these five lines of gathering spirit array are only the basic law, they have lost the ancient law. The effect is extraordinary. If I cloth it out, it should be beneficial to my practice."
Autumn took out a futon and put it on the ground, then he sat cross-legged.
He took out a jade slip from the bag and put it close to his forehead in the autumn. His mind leaned into it and looked it up carefully.
Autumn took this jade slip out of the bag. It is the jade slip with the introduction knowledge of array. There are quite a few jade slips in it. He skipped his head when looking it up and directly looked at the five elements in the jade slip.
The five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are a boundary element and the foundation of everything. All the five elements can be laid into thousands of prohibitions, thousands of formations and the array is poor.
I realized that the five elements of the jade slips were arranged in the autumn. After half a day of repeated deliberation and careful consideration, I finally realized that I could barely arrange the five elements of the jade slips, so he put them away again
"drink! Yes! "
Once again, five pieces of medium-order lingshi with five attributes were taken out of the bag, and they were respectively arranged in five positions of the temporary abode of fairies and immortals in autumn, and the five pieces of medium-order lingshi were wrong.
Hands are changing quickly, and the handprint and dharma tactic hit five pieces of medium-order lingshi, so the five-element gathering spirit array was formed and opened in a ring of "om" and a five-color light flow.
As the name implies, the Five Elements Gathering Array is the force foundation of the Five Elements, attracting the aura of heaven and earth, which can greatly increase the aura of the Five Elements Gathering Array.
"Well, the aura concentration in this five-line array is twice as strong as that in the original heaven and earth. It can be seen that the effect of this five-line array is really extraordinary."
After the five elements of gathering spirit array were woven, Qiu sat cross-legged on the futon again. When he felt it carefully, he realized that the aura in the five elements of gathering spirit array was extremely rich and twice as rich as the original one.
There are more than a dozen kinds of array in the introduction to array, most of which are like the five-element isolation array and the five-element gathering array, but the array level is not high, but it is remarkable.
Qiu didn’t continue to understand the other arrays after he understood the five elements of gathering spirit array. It’s not that Qiu didn’t pay attention to the other arrays in the jade slips, but that he had to replenish his mana in a short time and be promoted to the foundation period again when he really didn’t have any extra ones.
In order to be able to upgrade and repair the autumn as soon as possible, it took a whole month to refine ten furnaces of Zhujidan.
It’s five months since the Danling Sect held its recruitment ceremony in Dazongmen. Although there is enough Dan medicine, Qiu is sure to be promoted to the foundation period again in a short time, because time is really running out, there is still some sense of urgency in his heart.
Take a waist, bring a spirit beast with you in autumn, punch the mouth of the spirit beast bag, and immediately there are bursts of slight buzz from the spirit beast bag, and then a large yellow "cloud" flies out of the spirit beast bag.
"The Five Elements Isolation Array can isolate the Godsworn’s spiritual knowledge, but the defense is not. Now with these wasp guards, even the Godsworn will feel headache in the middle of the foundation period, so I can practice with peace of mind."
It turned out that a large yellow "cloud" flying out of the beast bag turned out to be a large number of mutant wasps, with fewer and more than 10 thousand.
Second, I’d like to thank Qingdai for her exceptional service.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Repair and recovery
After successfully arranging the five-element isolation array and the five-element gathering array, in autumn, tens of millions of wasps will be sacrificed from the spirit beast bag, and this small temporary abode of fairies and immortals will be protected to ensure that they are safe when they are closed for practice. After all, if you temporarily establish a abode of fairies and immortals in this field, you may encounter some monster beasts or be sliver by some malicious monks.
Sitting upright in Pu Tuanqiu’s right hand, he gently brushed his waist and took out two jade bottles from the bag.
Put one of the two jade bottles lightly on the ground in front of you. Autumn will still hold the jade bottle in his hand and pour out 30 round and milky white pills from it.
As soon as thirty pills of Dan medicine were dumped out, a refreshing fragrance came out and filled this temporary abode of fairies and immortals.
Nose shrugged slightly, and the fragrance was sucked into the belly. I actually felt that the spiritual force in the abdomen churned violently, and the spiritual force had a slight increase. When Dan medicine was just poured out of the jade bottle, the autumnal equinox saw a faint white halo from that Dan medicine, which made it more mysterious and beautiful.
"It’s really worthy of being extremely qi-invigorating Dan. This medicine is really extraordinary. I took a sniff of medicine, and the spiritual power in Dantian actually increased a little."
Looking at quietly lying in the palm of his left hand, thirty grains of extremely qi-invigorating Dan Qiu smiled and nodded with satisfaction.
Dan Qiu once refined a lot of qi in Qingtianmen, and most of them have been refined in autumn. Now there are only 300 grains left, which have been specially protected. After the treasure gourd was conceived, the more than 300 grains of qi Dan have risen from the top to the bottom.
This autumn, we decided to upgrade ourselves to the tenth floor of the gas refining period first, and then build a foundation to break through the foundation period.
Put all 30 pills of Qi-invigorating pills into your mouth, and when you swallow them, the Qi-invigorating pills will be swallowed by Qiu, and then they will become pure spiritual strength.
The spiritual force spreads in the body, and Qiu dare not neglect to immediately operate the Dan fire tactic and the five elements of light splitting sword tactic to refine the gas. These two methods are exactly what Qiu decided to practice.
From the Mid-Autumn Festival in Wanxiu Temple, a secret site of the ancient monk’s ruins, I got a powerful five-line split sword tactic, which can be practiced until the deification period, and I can major in and minor in the achievement method. This method will naturally not be missed, just as he fell into the foundation period and was suitable for cultivation.
Yu Dan’s fire tactic looks a little worse than the five-element beam splitting sword tactic, but it can be cultivated to the elixir period. However, if the elixir tactic has been cultivated to the Yang fire tactic in autumn, it is not a bit stronger. Autumn has always disliked the Yang fire tactic, but now it can be changed to the more powerful Dan fire tactic, and he will naturally be happy.
The spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival is high. He controls the body Dan fire tactic and the five-element split sword tactic with one heart and two minds, and absorbs the drug power of the body’s 30 extremely qi-invigorating pills.
Qiu Lai said that the energy is still huge for the ninth floor of the Qi refining period. However, autumn was once the initial stage of the foundation period, and the monks were very strong. Therefore, when the medicine of the thirty pills of Qi invigorating Dan was running in the autumn meridians, autumn felt a slight pain, which was just within his tolerance.
In the height of autumn spirit sleep, he kept his brain white, and he practiced Dan fire tactic and five elements of lightsaber refining qi in thirty pills of extremely invigorating qi.
A month passed by in a hurry. On this day, Qiu finally woke up with his eyes closed.