Gavin’s hands moved slowly. Then the black fog on my body seemed to have vitality, and quickly drifted away from my body. In front of Gavin’s body, it condensed into a few short black people, who had no legs. There is only smoke below, floating slowly. Qin Chu, however, felt the power of these little people made of smoke.

"What is the five ghost handling? This is not a five-ghost handling technique. This is my original Dark West achievement method. I can condense my dark power into such a ghostly body in vitro, and then under my control. You can easily go deep into the ground. No matter what kind of mineral deposits, I can explore them clearly. However, these energy forms, influenced by my own strength, are not infinite distance exploration, but it is still possible to go deep into the ground for two or three hundred meters. " Gavin proudly said. Said under his control. Those small black bodies swished into the ground and disappeared. And Gavin is closed his eyes, Qin Chu saw all this, but his eyebrows can’t help frowning, eyes wandering, looked on Gavin.
"Do you feel anything wrong?" Qin Chu asked with awe.
Gavin was slightly stunned and shook his head: "Nothing, just a little tired. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will recover as long as you have a rest. "
Qin Chu sighed lightly, and Gavin said so, apparently unaware of the key. Just now, when Gavin used this so-called original hermetic technique, Qin Chu felt that Gavin’s vitality was lost at an alarming rate. If this goes on, the only end will be that Gavin died because of excessive loss of vitality in the body. This kind of occultism. There is no doubt that it is a chronic suicide! You can see this from Gavin’s head, because Gavin’s head is actually quite white, and his face is a little gloomy, and there are obvious wrinkles on it!
"This method of prospecting is really good. But in the long run, it won’t do you much good. " Qin Chu wanted to think, took out two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan from his own pocket and threw them to Gavin. "I’ll give you two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan. Eating a grain of Guben Peiyuan Dan every day can help Gavin compensate for those lost vitality. If you take long-term aftercare, you can let Wen’s body return to the best condition.
"Ah, two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan!" Gavin was shocked. "This is absolutely impossible. Two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan are so precious." The person next to him was also shocked by Qin Chu’s generosity. There are such people who can give away such precious medicines?
"Ha ha. You help me find the mine, and these will be part of the reward for the time being. As I said, I won’t treat you badly. " Qin Chu but laughed, "when I’m free, I’ll give you a modification of your hermetic. Although your secret technique has some magical functions, it does a lot of harm to your health. It is better to use it less.
Qin Chu has thought of it, Gavin, if it’s really for their own use. Qin Chu will teach him the Five Ghost Handling. Real five-ghost handling, long-term cultivation. It will only be beneficial to oneself, but it will not be as great to one’s body as the so-called occultism that Gavin just put to use.
"Ah?" Gavin suddenly got up with joy and immediately put away Guben Peiyuan Dan without hesitation. "In that case, I’m not at all! Qin Chu bro selling is really generous ". With these two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan, Gavin has made huge profits. Two bottles of Guben Peiyuan Dan. It’s not that he hasn’t bought Guben Peiyuan Dan, and he naturally knows the price of Guben Peiyuan Dan. There are two fried dumplings here, but what is the value of that? Gavin can figure out a general figure! Sky-high price, absolutely sky-high price!
"Ha ha Qin Chu smiled, Ruth looked at Qin Chu’s eyes with a strange light, obviously for Qin Chu’s generosity has shaken her heart. I have seen money, but I really haven’t seen such money. I can give the potion worth nearly 100 amethyst coins to others at will. Although Qin Chu said it was part of the reward, Ruth knew that Qin Chu probably didn’t care about the two bottles of medicine at all.
"Here’s a communication symbol for you first. You can contact me through this thing in the future, and this coordinate disk. You can wear it on your body at any time. If you have any unresolved danger or anything particularly important, you can contact me directly through the communication symbol. I will arrive at your side in the shortest time. But don’t throw this coordinate disk away. " For the convenience of contact, Qin Chu gave Gavin his refined communication symbol and coordinate disk. Moreover, the role of this communication symbol can also play the role of positioning. As long as it is within a certain range and only uses a special magic weapon, Qin Chu can check the location of the person who holds this communication symbol. This is also a disguised means of monitoring!
"That’s right. You go to mine, maybe you will meet other powerful Warcraft Qin Chu wanted to think, "I have to give you some life-saving things."
Gavin and others were surprised to see Qin Chu take out five scrolls from his belt. Qin Chu said, "Here are five scrolls, two of which can completely cover your breath, and the other is a scroll of dreamland. You tear apart the scroll, as long as you hide in the fantasy scroll, it is impossible for others to find you. This one is an attack scroll, and its power is about eight levels of fire magic. Use it carefully.
Irwin opened his mouth wide: "Eight Fire Magic Scroll?" Gavin may not know the true value of the magic scroll, but Irwin is a fire wizard and a six-level wizard himself, so to speak. He has become the best among wizards. He knows better than anyone the value of this 8-level fire magic scroll! The most powerful thing about the 8-level magic scroll is its sudden attack. To release the magic inside this scroll, you don’t need to recite a spell for a long time at all. Just tear the scroll directly and you can instantly burst into the most powerful force of this scroll!
Absolutely impossible for the enemy to prevent! If Irwin had such an eight-level magic scroll in today’s battle, Barbossa and others would definitely die and be buried. Almost responsibly, killing Barbossa is just a matter of seconds kill!
"Now can only be like this, waiting for one of these days, I have time, and then think of other ways to Qin Chu nao nao head, you don’t have time at any time with Gavin and others, only in this way to protect the safety of Gavin and others. Qin Chu’s eyes rested on the weapons in the hands of Gavin and Ruth.
"Show me your weapons." Qin Chu Road.
Gavin rushed to give his tomahawk to Qin Chu. He knew that Qin Chu’s words would never be aimless. In this way, you must be doing something about your own weapons. Is it to modify their weapons? Gavin thought.
Qin Chu took Gavin’s tomahawk, full-bodied and dark, emitting a chill, and the edge of the axe blade was a secret silver. Such a structure can be beneficial to Gavin’s display of quarrelling. Qin Chu has made it clear that Gavin’s tomahawk is exceptionally long, for use in combat. Because Gavin was fighting. Because of the way he fights, his body will instantly become a lot bigger. At that time, the tomahawk net in my hand was the right size. So this tomahawk was used at that time, but in this way. It is inconvenient to use it on weekdays. After all, Gavin is not always in a state of transformation.
Qin Chu’s hand caressed Gavin’s tomahawk. Gavin only saw that the tomahawk was covered with a faint red light, and then the tomahawk melted quickly. After half a cup of tea, Qin Chu’s hand appeared a tomahawk with a more flamboyant shape. His tomahawk axe had a sharp blade and a sharp thorn behind it. That way, as long as you hit a person, you can definitely easily penetrate the body and leave a huge hole!
The tomahawk exudes a faint overbearing breath. At this moment, this tomahawk has undergone simple refining in Qin Chu. Have the ability of low magic weapon. In Qin Chu’s view, it’s nothing, but in Gavin’s eyes, it’s undoubtedly a masterpiece!
Gavin looked at the tomahawk in front of him in surprise. Is this still his own tomahawk? Ruth also had an envious look in her eyes.

Chapter 142 Refiner
Cover the woman holding a tomahawk, touch the goods cold. Let oneself only feel mental shock. I feel the cold from Sashbow and the perfect shape, and the more Gavin looks at it, the more he likes it. However, the only regret is that the tip of the tomahawk is now short, and the original slender handle is now shortened by a full fifth. Although it is suitable for daily use, it is not convenient to use in combat. And Gavin’s strongest fighting power. It was when I transformed myself, so this tomahawk looked very good, but actually it didn’t have much use for Gavin. Of course, this is just Gavin’s personal thoughts.
Qin Chu saw the regret that flashed in Gavin’s eyes and smiled. "Don’t you try it?"? .
Cover Wen Dian point, head, hands holding the tomahawk went to the empty place next to it, with a drink, the tomahawk fiercely lun up in his hand, a cloud of raven shrouded in Gavin’s side, an uncomfortable cold dispersed in the surrounding space. In addition to Qin Chu, all people’s eyes flashed with surprise, because they are very familiar with Gavin’s strength, and it is absolutely impossible for the cover clip to reach such a state of cultivation. Actually, the whole body is covered up, and such a powerful effect is released.
Gavin inside also noticed the abnormality, and he was slightly surprised. He was careful now. Oneself when using this tomahawk, the dark quarrelling circulation in the body has no stagnation. On the contrary, it is extraordinarily carefree. What’s going on here?
Gavin’s doubts in his heart were quickly covered by the refreshing feeling brought by the display of his tomahawk. The surrounding trees and vegetation made a rustling sound in Gavin’s dancing raven, and when the trees were flying, the raven around Gavin immediately turned into debris. This scene fell in the eyes of Ruth and others, and I felt the magic of this tomahawk more and more.
The excitement of Gavin’s display, the deep whistle of his mouth, and then the dark quarrelling in his body surged quickly, and wisps of black fog lingered around Gavin’s body. Like a balloon blown up. Gavin’s body swelled in this black fog, but it took only a blink of an eye. Gavin has become a big fellow with a height of nearly three meters, with scarlet in his eyes, standing there like an iron tower, and a breath of deterrence surging outward, giving people a sense of breathlessness. The dark power surrounds Gavin, and those flowers and plants quickly lose their original green color and become withered.
When Qin Chu saw this, his heart moved: "Gavin’s dark grudge is so overbearing? Not only can you improve your strength by more than twice in an instant, but this dark grudge can actually absorb the vitality around you? " Qin Chu’s eyes rested on Gavin, and the doubts in his heart became more and more dignified. "But I didn’t feel any growth in the vitality of Gavin’s body? It seems that "all these vitality forces absorbed from the surrounding are absorbed by the black fog."
What’s weird about Gavin? Qin Chu feels that Gavin’s breath is a little weird at the moment!
Handsome, big brother. Ruth next to her clapped her hands in surprise and cheered.
"Gavin gave a heavy breathing, as deep as a bellows, and his body moved, and his tomahawk suddenly danced. At this time, the black light danced with the axe, like countless oolong hovering around. "Hey," Gavin yelled, and the tomahawk in his hand slammed into the void. Seeing a faint glow coming out of the axe, it disappeared into the trunk of a century-old thick tree opposite. The thick tree gave a shudder, and Ruth and others immediately covered their mouths in surprise. Looking at the thick tree opposite in surprise.
That thick tree is visible to the naked eye, dying, its leaves are dehydrated and its trunk is withered and shriveled. A gust of wind blew and the leaves fell down. It hasn’t landed yet. It turned into dust in mid-air.
"What an overbearing force!" Qin Chu felt something was wrong. At this time, the dry thick trees flew out of a slightly black cloud and re-integrated into the black gas outside Gavin’s body.
"In an instant the vitality of the trees plundered clean, and then fly back, Gavin’s achievement method is so evil? . Qin Chu eyebrows tiny cu, surges strange feeling in my heart. Gavin’s method of plundering life like this. It’s too evil, and people who practice evil methods are all evil people. Isn’t it a good person to cover the text?
"Hey? Big brother’s tomahawk seems to be getting longer? " Ruth said in surprise, and the others heard what Ruth said. Eyes rested on Gavin’s tomahawk at the same time. Yes, Gavin’s tomahawk didn’t feel short at all, but Gavin’s figure changed. The tomahawk didn’t shrink, which only means that the tomahawk has become bigger!
Gavin cut an axe to the ground, and the ground trembled. The black fog like the fog on the axe instantly dried up the soil. Gavin was panting loudly, and then black gas from outside the body poured into the body, and the body was constantly changing.
But in a moment, Gavin returned to normal appearance, and he pleasantly touched the tomahawk in his hand. In just now, he also now, his tomahawk has automatically become bigger, so mysterious changes. How not to make him feel surprised and excited?
Qin Chu saw that Gavin liked it so much, but he simply said, "It can only change into two forms. One is normal. First, it becomes bigger. "
"Thank you very much Qin Chu bro, I didn’t expect that you should have such ability! I guess if others see this tomahawk, they will definitely envy it. No! Haha! " Gavin was excited. The people next to him are also smiling at the excited Gavin.
Qin Chu looked at Gavin’s undisguised excitement, and his heart moved slightly. After a little hesitation, he said his doubts: "Don’t you feel that there is something wrong with your practice skills?"
"Ah?" Gavin heard these words, slightly one leng, "what’s the problem? Why didn’t I know? . Look at Gavin don’t like lying, Qin Chu also a burst of doubt in my heart, don’t Gavin know oneself practice achievement method has a problem?
"Who taught Gavin’s brother’s skill?" Qin Chu asked. Look Gavin in the eye when you speak, and watch Gavin’s reaction carefully. Gavin was slightly stunned: "Well, what’s the problem? . Gavin hesitated, because there are very few people practicing in this continent with the achievement method of Diablo. The key point is that the notorious necromancer is a vein of the Diablo system, so the practitioners of the Diablo system are not good people in the eyes of the temple. Even the general public, for the dark practitioners. Have a sense of disgust. Because in their impression, the practitioners of the dark system are synonymous with evil. … belly of the text is thinking about this question, is Qin Chu also with those people?
Qin Chu said, "I’m a little strange about the achievement method you are practicing now, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad for your future. Qin Chu didn’t tell Gavin in detail about his transformation. He thought Gavin was interested in this kind of thing. Should know better than yourself.
Gavin scratched his head and smiled: "Weird? It’s really weird. Every time I change, I feel as if I have inexhaustible strength, but once the change is over, I feel tired to death. If the transformation takes too long, it feels like you are going to collapse. Ha, that kind of feeling is like being hunted for three days and three nights without eating or drinking! However, after general transformation, you will recover as long as you take a break. "
"hmm." Qin Chu nodded. "If you have any questions in the future, you can come to me." Qin Chu felt that Gavin evaded the key and deliberately avoided the problem, so he stopped pursuing it. Because at this rate, Gavin won’t have any accidents in a short time.
"hmm." Guy Wen Dian nodded. I didn’t show anything on the surface, but I couldn’t help thinking in my heart, "Is my technique really weird?" The reason why Gavin is so confused is that he taught himself by accident, not by his teacher. Because it is self-study. Everything in Gavin’s cultivation process depends on his own groping and trying. If there is a problem, it is difficult for him to find something wrong with others, and naturally he doesn’t know how to solve it.
"Maybe, just see the different shape when I change, will say that my achievement method is weird, Gavin, so comfort yourself.
Qin Chu has taken Bing and Balet’s weapons, and their weapons are wide swords with both hands. Qin Chu has undergone a simple refinement, and the materials of their wide swords have been condensed, making them more sharp and hard. But not transformed into Gavin’s tomahawk. Can automatically change with the change of the body. But even so, Bing and Balet are still in high spirits, holding their own broadswords, which are very precious.
The rest of Ruth and Irwin are looking forward to waiting for Qin Chu to improve their weapons.
Ruth is an archer. She handed Qin Chu the compound bow behind her. As a result, the compound bow in Qin Chu’s hand was in trouble. How to modify this compound bow? Unlike broadsword and tomahawk, compound bow will not be used in close combat in general, so it is unnecessary to modify compound bow to make it bigger and smaller at will. As for refining it into a broad sword? This is meaningless to the compound bow of long-distance war.
Ruth saw that Qin Chu was holding his compound bow, frowning and thinking, and she felt a burst of worry. Is it difficult to modify your compound bow? Ruth suddenly had a brainwave, reached out and took out a small box from her arms, and then handed it to Qin Chu: "President Qin Chu, do you think you can use this magic core of Warcraft?"
Qin Chu slightly one leng. Open the box, and a crystal, which is light blue and the size of a crane’s egg, lies quietly in the box. A wave of pure wind system elements is surging around. A very good wind system of Warcraft magic core! This magic core of Warcraft, which is collected by Ruth herself, is a composite bow for herself. She has made plans. After finding the secret silver mine with her brother, she will find a famous magic weapon casting master in the imperial city and build a magic bow for herself when she goes to the imperial city to hand in the task. The power of magic bow is not comparable to that of ordinary compound bow. Ruth has been longing for magic bow for a long time. Just met Qin Chu today, thinking of this matter, I took out my own wind magic core.
"The wind is the magic nuclear Qin Chu muttered, a brainwave in my mind. If the magic core of the wind system makes magic weapons or alchemy props, it can play a plus and light effect. Looks like Ruth’s compound bow. It should be focused on lightness! Qin Chu had a bottom in his heart, and immediately had a good plan in his mind.
However, Ruth’s composite bow is not made of metal, so it can’t be tempered by flame alone. After a little thought, Qin Chu decided to add something else to it. In his ring, there are many good materials and some ordinary materials, which he doesn’t need very much. But if it is used on a compound bow. But it is enough. Qin Chu removed some white feather stones, which are very light in themselves. But also very strong. It’s just tough, but Qin Chu can solve this problem completely, so it’s a good choice to use white stone yo to make composite bows.
After a cup of tea. A translucent white composite bow appeared in front of Ruth, with a transparent light on it, which made people feel very beautiful. The inner part of the compound bow is inlaid with Ruth’s wind magic core, and Qin Chu has engraved magic lines and blessing arrays around the magic core. These arrays and magic lines can fully imprison the power of the wind magic core in the compound bow, and will not be wasted in vain. Moreover, these arrays themselves have unique functions. However, the effect of all this will not be revealed until Ruth uses the compound bow.
Ruth took this brand-new compound bow in surprise, but she felt that the compound bow in her hand was extremely light, which was definitely a surprise for Ruth. My previous compound bow was made of wood, and its weight was still very heavy. I didn’t expect this compound bow to be much lighter than that made of wood. The key is that this compound bow itself is particularly beautiful. Which girl doesn’t like beautiful things? So Ruth fell in love with this composite bow made of white stone at a glance, which shone with a little silver light, like a psychedelic star, which was fascinating.