Chapter one hundred and sixteen Mom also gossip
Li Yi just walked out of his room.
"Mom, what are you doing? I am so tired that I want to sleep. " Li Yi said.
"Did you send all those girls home?" Li Yi’s mother asked.
"Mom, you don’t believe in your son’s ability. If I don’t send all those girls home, can I become like this?" Li Yi said.
"Just send it home, so other people’s parents won’t worry." Li Yi’s mother said.
"Well, don’t worry." Li Yi echoed the voice.
"Do you know where the girls’ homes are?" Li Yi’s mother asked.
"Mom, I want to sleep." Li Yi said directly.
"Sleep? There is plenty of time to sleep, and besides, you haven’t finished your homework yet! " Li Yi’s mother said.
"Mom, you should not forget me? Why don’t you know what day it is today? " Li Yi asked.
"Come on, what day did you say today?" Li Yi’s mother said.
"On Friday, you don’t have to do your homework. Oh, oh, oh, oh." Li Yi said.
"Don’t do your homework, ok, anyway, today is Friday, so just tell mom what’s going on!" Li Yi’s mother said.
"I want to sleep." Li Yi said.
"Nothing, it’s a big deal to let you sleep for a while tomorrow." Li Yi’s mother said.
"……………….." Li Yi don’t want to say anything, how old is his mother, unexpectedly still so gossip, too pit.
"By the way, what happened to you and Ruoying in the bathroom today?" Li Yi’s mother suddenly said with a serious expression.
"It’s nothing!" Li Yi said.
"Really nothing happened?" Li Yi’s mother smiled and asked.
"It’s really nothing, mom. Why don’t you believe me?" Li Yi asked some speechless.
"Really?" Li Yi’s mother asked again.
"Fake." Li Yi said.
This time, Li Yi decisively surrendered, and his mother was so resourceful.
"Then tell me honestly, what’s going on!" Li Yi’s mother said.
"We just had a pure and friendly hug." Li Yi said.
"Really? How come I don’t believe it! " Li Yi’s mother asked smilingly.
"Well, it’s fake. We just hugged." At the moment, Li Yi has a deep sense of powerlessness. Facing his mother, why is he like facing the old man Wuji a few times ago? Every time he is completely defeated.
"A simple hug?" Li Yi’s mother still asked in a tone of disbelief.
"Mom, why don’t you believe everything I say?" Li Yi is very confused and asked.
"I believe it this time." Li Yi’s mother said.
"Mom, this is cheat people." Li Yi decisively called.
"No, just ask you a few questions, who are you kidding?" Li Yi’s mother said.
"Mom, this is cheat people." Li Yi said.
"Hurry up and say the question!" Li Yi’s mother said.
At the moment, Li Yi has a little impulse to cry. She is really cheated!
"All right!" Li Yi is very reluctant to say.
"Son, what have you done with Ruoying?" Li Yi’s mother sat on the sofa and asked.
Li Yi saw that his mother was sitting on the sofa. Where did she have the reason not to sit on the sofa? Li Yi came to the sofa and was ready to sit down with a clear conscience.
However, how could Li Yi’s mother let Li Yi sit down? She just said, "Son, just stand and answer your mother’s question. Mom will sit for a while when she is tired."
"Mom, not only are you tired, but I am also tired. I have sent so many girls home, how can I not be tired!" Li Yi is very reluctant to say.
"Well, what did you and Ruoying do? It can’t just be a hug." Li Yi’s mother said.