"How do you say that you are upset?" La Livache added that he smiled as if he were consulting Chen Senran.

"My dear Speaker’s adult is really threatened by you." Chen Senran still smiled and didn’t show the tone of being really threatened.
"Don’t be too reluctant. It’s hard to walk outside. Let’s stay." La Livache was not discouraged. He looked at Chen Senran with a smile.
He seems to be eating Chen Senran.
Chen Senran was silent.
He looked at La Livache.
He is calculating.
Counting his chances of winning with La Livache.
Although he was lucky enough to have seen La Livache shoot, it was a long time ago. At that time, he was still a weak worm, and he didn’t feel any details except that he was too powerful to resist
He is hesitating.
Because he doesn’t know if calcas and Suo Laka are really alive.
Until … Annie bit him hard.
He smiled
He decided …
"Don’t take risks, young man." La Livache seemed to feel the change of his body gas and said simply.
"But there are some things in this world that you have to do even if you know it’s dangerous." Chen Senran smiled and shook his head firmly and said slowly, "This is the only reason why my teacher gave me his whole life."
As he said this, he gently released Annie from his arms. He wanted to pat Annie’s little head and let her hide behind him.
Only to find that four years later, the little girl had grown almost as tall as him.
He can’t pat her on the head anymore, he can look at her.
She is looking at him, too. She is not the little girl who always hides behind him.
When she grew up, she said firmly, "Little Sensen, let’s fight together."
Every word is full of pride and courage.
Chen Senran smiled again.
The situation in the city is not optimistic.
Although the city gate has been broken, the shadow ninjas from the eastern island of Ionia, dressed in black, have injected a powerful boost into the warriors who fight alone.
But after all, the High Council has run more than a dozen in this city.
In more than ten years, no one can get a glimpse of the fact that the city Council, the first male city in the mainland, has finally exposed the tip of the iceberg of this monster, which is now at the top of the mainland, after removing those seemingly vulnerable strengths.
The endless ambush gave the members of the Forward Fight Club a sense of continuity.
Although a huge monster came from the deep sea in the moat outside the city, the right-handed dragon shark once created a huge potential, and several terrible killing machines in the city were also frightening, but the decline was inevitable.
"It’s not the right way to go like this." The fisherman Fitz killed a trident and blew it into a minor injury. The purple summoner nimbly jumped to the roof and robbed him of the same murder.
"… well, it’s been a little too long", but it seems to be a short absence. He doesn’t know where he is looking, and he feels something.
"What’s the matter? Did something happen? " Fitz, the fisherman, noticed his abnormality.
"Nothing" shook his head, but in fact he vaguely felt some if if similar breath.
Is it a virtual alliance?
He then smiled contemptuously. It was a lifetime ago and he was not too old.
From this point of view, he has a strong will in the world
"Let’s go and kill a few more people to buy him some time." Rob sent out a series of sneers, and the virtual shadow flashed that others had reached another invisible corner.
The fisherman Fitz also stayed for a while, and then he jumped and killed another battlefield.
It says to itself, Jack, hurry up.
Time is running out to be continued.
Ps is so tired
Sorry, there’s a shift.
I broke my word. I’m the king’s egg
ask for leave
The body can’t stand to stop for another day.
Sorry, everyone. It’s unfinished.
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