"Don’t you want to share that?" Hao Qiang said.

"I’m not as greedy as you." Chu Yunjie said, "I’m just curious." Hao Qiang’s little affectations just now, he naturally saw them in the eyes.
"I’m curious, too." The little bean said, "if there is no treasure, we have not run in vain."
Chu Yanqi only has a wry smile. What do you mean you didn’t run in vain? Killing two people and robbing others’ things, is this called running in vain? Although those two people deserve it.
Thought of here, he took out Chu Hualang’s storage ring from the storage bracelet and handed it to Hao Qiang. Hao Qiang used a little psychic force to open it. Suddenly, Chu Yunjie scolded his mother.
"How can my two uncles have such a big gap between the rich and the poor?" ChuYunJie scold a way.
Attached to ChuYanQi also some stay leng, he thought, the two men are ChuYunJie’s uncle, so the price should be about the same, but in fact it is a huge difference-Chu Hualang’s storage ring, there are three hundred and two products LingShi, five hundred and twenty products LingShi, no Chinese products, and several other medicine boxes, a total of nine muti, the worst is the do, the best is a seven-product. There is also an exquisite golden hammer, which is a multiplier of eight products and a flying sword of nine products. According to Chu Yunjie, it is what he usually uses.
"Master, we are rich this time." Hao Qiang almost stuck to Chu Yanqi’s ear and whispered, "The possessions on that chick are quite rich. I’ll give them to you when I get back."
ChuYan habitat heart movement, think of a woman in black called gold silk, can’t help but frowned at once.
"This is unreasonable." Chu Yunjie smashed his mouth and said discontentedly, "How can he be so rich?"
Of course, if Chu Yunjie knew that Chu Hualang had secretly killed a wounded herbalist on Kunlan Mountain not long ago, it would not be so fussy.
Kunlan Mountain produces elixirs. Every year, countless herbalists go into the mountains to collect herbs for treasure hunting, killing wild animals, etc. It is said that there is a wild animal in the depths of Kunlan Mountain, which is like a fairy, with extraordinary strength, and it is a dead end for ordinary people to meet nature.
Barbarian beasts are different from ordinary beasts. Only those who are clever and can swallow the essence of the sun and the moon can become barbarians.
The higher the level, the higher the intelligence of the savage beast. If a savage beast is tasted, it definitely has the wisdom that is not lost to human beings. Therefore, no one dares to go deep into Kunlan Mountain.
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Chapter 44 Tomb of the Great Sage King
Chapter 44 Tomb of the Great Sage King
It’s not the first time that Chu’s family, Chu Hualang, who lives in Kunlan town, has done such a thing. He will pick those who are seriously injured and have the same strength as him, and kill them to seize their property.
Chu Yanqi calls out Little Green from Yuding, so he digs a big hole in the ground and buries Chu Hualang. They discuss it all at once. This matter must be kept secret, and people in the Chu family must never know it.
In Chu Yunjie’s words, there are many second-class goods in his family-of course, the word second-class goods was recently learned by him with Chu Yanqi.
"Chu Yunjie, I really didn’t expect that I would join hands with you in my life." While walking, Hao Qiang said.
"I didn’t expect that you, a damn slave, would be slightly pleasing to the eye." Chu Yunjie snorted and said, "If there is an opportunity in the future, I will still try to find a venue."
"Come on, since the childhood, when have you ever beaten me in a fight?" Hao Qiang said with a smile, "Wen is not as good as my master, and Wu is not as good as a slave like me. Do you mean to call yourself a genius?"
ChuYanQi some understood at this time, why ChuYunJie all these years can not pass with him, want to have a vendetta when I was a child.
And he didn’t expect that the owner of his own body actually has the ability to never forget. It’s no wonder that he said that the map was burned, and neither Xiaodou nor ChuYunjie was suspicious-for a person with the ability to never forget, the safest thing is his own head.
A line of four people never thought that it didn’t take long for them to meet Qiu Dao and Jin Si again in the dense fog.
With deworming pills, Qiu Dao and Jin Si look much better than before, but they are still a little embarrassed. Seeing Chu Yanqi, Qiu Dao first smiled somberly: "I didn’t expect to meet you again so soon, Son Sang, haven’t you found your teacher yet?"
Small bean secretly called bad, cursing in his heart: "How can it be so unlucky to meet such two plague gods again?"
"It’s hard to find in the dense fog." The little bean sighed, "However, I have already seen the mark left by Master. I’m just about to go there."
"Mulberry childe, don’t talk in front of wise men. Do you want to come out with the master? There are many words in the error-free novel network, "Qiu Dao said coldly." Did you also hear that the tomb of the Great Sage King was unearthed, and you wanted to try your luck and then accidentally walked into such a fog? "
"Who is the Great Sage King?" ChuYanQi asked in a low voice.
I don’t know. Hao Qiang directly shook his head.
The little bean’s face flashed a surprise, and then he was overjoyed. Although Chu Yanqi said that there were ancient tombs here, he always held a skeptical attitude, and even he always suspected that Chu Yanqi wanted to put aside him and Chu Yunjie, and then walked away.
At this time, when I heard Qiu Dao say this, I immediately became happy. Is there really an ancient tomb, and is it the legendary Great Sage King?
He heard some legends about the Great Sage King, who was said to be an excellent master in the wild 50,000 years ago, and fell 30,000 years ago. It is said that he built a tomb in advance before his fall, and as his own funeral, he would definitely not be hasty, and he even brought himself into the tomb of the Great Sage King with all kinds of techniques, secrets, magic weapons, magic pills and treasures.
All, in the tomb of the Great Sage King, there are not only all kinds of cultivation tips and techniques, but also all kinds of pills, treasures, magic weapons and even fairy wares …
Think about it, everything is enough to make everyone crazy, not to mention so many accumulated together. It seems that that place is full of treasures, and it is not a grave, but a paradise for cultivating immortals.
"Even so, what’s the matter? Natural materials and treasures, people who are destined to know. " Small beans said loudly.
"Hand over the maps in your hands." Qiu Dao took a step forward and sneered, "Otherwise, even if you are a disciple of the Sangs, don’t blame me for bullying the small today."
"We don’t have a map." Chu Yanqi said coldly, "People should not be so shameless."
"Who is shameless?" Qiu Dao blocked their way, and his calm face snorted, but his face was red and swollen, and he wanted to be cool, but he couldn’t put it up.
Chu Yanqi looked at the gold silk, but he just smiled sarcastically. Many things in this world have subverted his imagination, but if everyone is like this, it is useless for him to complain. I don’t know why, he suddenly misses the world with various rules and regulations.
"You robbed my storage ring and called us shameless?" Jin Si’s eyes are like poisonous snakes, staring at Chu Yanqi mercilessly, wishing to swallow him in one bite.
"Next time, I will wait until you are dead." Chu Yanqi said with a cold face, "You taught me that I can’t be a good person from now on-as for your storage ring, I mean nothing will be returned, just a reward for saving your life."
"You are simply … who asked you to save?" Gold silk mercilessly said.
"Hey, hey." The high knife so blocking the road, gloomy said, "gold, what do you say with them? When I kill them, I can naturally get your storage ring back. "
"Kill me, and you will never get out of this fog in your life." Chu Yanqi suddenly smiled gently. "Although I will leave one step earlier than you, I will wait for you in hell."
Before Qiu Dao could speak, Jin Si trembled and said, "Do you have any way to go out?"
"nonsense." ChuYan habitat primly scold a way.
Qiu Dao sighed in his heart. He and Jin Si have been in this fog for a long time. To be honest, they have some despair, and at the same time, both of them know that if there is no one to lead, or there is no map, they will wander around for a lifetime and never get out. The problem is, both of them are idiots who don’t understand the law at all, and they have no clue. They can only touch and rush, and they have been in danger several times. Fortunately, they have saved the day. However, both of them are full of fear. If I had known, I would have said nothing to find any treasure. Although Qibao is touching, it must be famous and enjoyed.
Qiu Dao intended to win Chu Yanqi and others, and then slowly extorted a confession. Unexpectedly, Chu Yanqi said a word gently, and Jin Si became impatient.
"Can you just take them away for nothing?" Chu Yunjie sneered, "Where is such a good thing in the world?"
"That’s right, you have to stay and buy road money." Hao Qiang, the savage, slapped Chu Yunjie hard at once, and then said, "I finally found that you have one more advantage than my master?"
"eh?" ChuYunJie leng however, one more advantage? "What?"
"You know how to make money by taking advantage of opportunities better than my master. My master is too defeated." Hao Qiang lifted up her head and said.
ChuYan habitat go back and stared his one eye, he was honest to shut up.

Chapter 45 Robbery in the fog
Chapter 45 Robbery in the fog
Chapter 45 Robbery in the fog
"Mr. Qiu, it’s not difficult to take you out, it’s not right-I’m going to the ancient tomb, and naturally I’m taking you in together. I’m really reluctant to go to this treasure shrine, and I don’t want anything from you. Why don’t you give me some money to reward me as a slave?" ChuYanQi so casual said.
Has been listening to the small beans tongue-tied, this kind of fish in troubled waters, he was ready to share, but now, ChuYanQi so a word, how can he? Don’t admit that the word is his slave?
Of course, he also understands the meaning of ChuYanQi, just don’t want to give ChuYunJie, anyway, the two of them have always looked at each other not pleasing to the eye.
"Your master called that black." ChuYunJie grind nu way.
"One thousand two hundred top grade Lingshi." Chu Yan pretended not to hear Chu Yunjie’s words, so he shook a finger and said, "Don’t shoot at random. I am a famous loser and can’t afford to be scared." He can’t practice, but if Qiu Dao moves, he naturally doesn’t care to borrow the qi of heaven and earth here and kill him.