Tianjun stood above the two men casually, listening to their conversation carefully, and nodded his head from time to time. For a long time, I saw him looking at the place where the two disciples of Xuantianmen disappeared with relief. Jumping up at once, I saw walking towards Shenfeng Mountain.

"Whoo-hoo, move the whole Kamikaze Mountain. I should be the first person in the history of chaos to do so!" Smiled, I saw that Tianjun’s hands suddenly changed into a pair of golden hands that could cover the whole sky, like holding a drop of precious pearls, and pulled up the huge Kamikaze Mountain so abruptly. At that time, it was dark, thunder and lightning sounded, and the wind was blowing, which seemed like something big was going to happen.
"Boom!" You know, Kamikaze Mountain is one of the highest peaks in chaos, and its rolling mountains alone extend for nearly a million miles. It is conceivable that how much magical power is needed to move such a large mountain range.
Tianjun had teleported all the monsters on it or all human beings before moving Kamikaze Mountain. When people were still wondering why they had changed their positions unconsciously, they only saw that Kamikaze Mountain, which was originally towering in front of their eyes, had moved, and around Kamikaze Mountain, a huge figure stood, and those huge golden Se hands seemed to be like the Buddha in the world, emitting supreme golden light, giving people a kind of heart.
"No, someone dares to forcibly move Shenfeng Mountain. Please inform the elders quickly." Seeing that someone actually wanted to move this behemoth-like Kamikaze Mountain away, I immediately felt that jǐng, a disciple of Xuantianmen, was awake. However, before someone went to inform, someone had jumped on the body and stood in front of Tianjun.
"I don’t know where the senior is. This Shenfeng Mountain already belongs to my Xuantianmen. If the senior needs it, please inform my senior Tianjun, the head of Xuantianmen." In this disciple’s view, Tianjun is a golden signboard of his mysterious heaven. No one dares not to give him face, but for them, Tianjun is mysterious. As the last disciple, they have no chance to see him at all, so although Tianjun is in front of their eyes, they don’t know each other.
"eh?" His figure was so sluggish that Tianjun thought that these last disciples should pay homage when they saw themselves, but they were stopped by others as thieves. At this moment, however, a loud scream came from a distance. "Bold Tang Ye, this is my ancestor Tianjun, the patriarch of Xuantianmen. You don’t know him, so rude, don’t retreat!"
Hearing the sound, I forgot the past, and someone came to wear a Tsing Yi tunic. He was an emperor master in the Xuan Tianmen, named jian li. Tianjun has met several times. So it has some influence. At this time, there are many masters around Kamikaze Mountain, including some others who are in latent repair. There are 80,000 without 100,000. When I heard jian li say that this person is the first master in the legendary chaotic world, I was dumbfounded, as if my brain had a short circuit for an instant, so I quietly looked at Tianjun and couldn’t say a word.
"The younger generation jian li has seen the head." After drinking a blank face of Tang Ye, jian li respectfully walked to the front of Tianjun to conduct a ceremony, and his eyes were filled with this [Xing] feverish look. For those Xuantianmen who were suppressed everywhere, they are proud at this time, and Tianjun is the supreme existence, so we can say that Tianjun’s position in Xuantianmen at this time. In addition to Xuantianmen’s ancestor Xuanzizi, there was no difference at that time. Even in the whole chaotic world at that time, Tianjun was a legend and was worshipped by everyone.
"Ha ha, it’s jian li. I’m here this time to re-establish the gate. I have a crush on this kamikaze mountain. Now I’m going to take him away, but I didn’t expect to meet this incident. However, the quality of these last disciples is still quite high. There is no need to guard here in the future. Just take these people around to soothe those sects that have not surrendered to my Xuantianmen. It seems that the holy king of the demon domain here is here. You can find him and meet him. Well, you are busy. I have something urgent to do now. Talk to you later. " Tianjun said a long way to jian li with a smile on his face, and jian li called out his name when he heard Tianjun blurt it out. In an instant, he lost his original freedom of speech, as if he had heard something shocking, but the good thing was that xìng was still good in his mind. Just for a moment, the original Qingming was restored, and there was an irresistible smile on his face. I saw that jian li immediately bowed his hand and said, "Everything is at the command of the head."
With that, he flew respectfully to the place where people gathered, but he was thinking in his heart that he wanted to move the whole Kamikaze Mountain. On this day, the head of Jun was really the first person in the chaotic world, and he had the ability to move mountains and fill seas. After hitting a group of Ronaldinho, Tianjun moved the huge golden body again, and with a fierce support of his hands, he abruptly pulled up the Shenfeng Mountain, which stretched for millions of miles, and his body moved and disappeared thousands of miles away.
"Whoosh, is that really Tianjun’s predecessor? I didn’t expect him to have such a great magical power that he moved the whole Shenfeng Mountain! "
"The strength of his old man’s house has reached the sky, so what can we covet!"
"I didn’t expect to see him in my life. I have no regrets when I die!"
Looking at Tianjun, who has disappeared, nearly 100,000 people standing in the same place are all excited, as if they had exploded the pot. Even jian li just stood in the same place and said, "The head actually remembered my name is jian li, haha!"
Hand-held Shenfeng Mountain teleported towards Crouching Tiger Land in Kowloon, which naturally caused many people’s surprise along the way. However, this scene was fleeting. Although the speed of teleporting Tianjun with Shenfeng Mountain was discounted, it was still much faster than that of the top experts in chaos. It took three days for Tianjun to return to Crouching Tiger Land in Kowloon from the original place of Shenfeng Mountain.
Naturally, Zuo Hao and others are inevitably surprised. Tianjun’s method is simply appalling. The weight of this kamikaze mountain is put aside for the time being. It is nearly a hundred million miles away, and he actually completed a round trip with Kamikaze Mountain in three days. All over the world, maybe Tianjun is the only one to complete this feat, and even BMW can’t promise to complete it.
Moving to Shenfeng Mountain is just a step in Tianjun’s plan, and then Tianjun returned to the place where Tianfeng Gate and Yaoyu handed over, and abruptly demolished and moved the Xuantian Mountain, where Xuantianmen was originally stationed. Of course, Tianjun’s plan was not finished. His plan was to complete the general terrain of the mountain gate in three months, and then huā built the mountain gate on the top of the mountain for the rest of the time.
Xuantianshan Mountain was originally built by Xuanzizi, and its height is better than Shenfeng Mountain. Tianjun huā took nearly half a month to merge the two mountains, and took a rest on the mountain to make it look more natural.
After doing all this, Tianjun came to Jingning Lake of Proud Tianzong again. Before that, Tianjun took a fancy to this Jingning Lake of Proud Tianzong, but in terms of imposing manner, Jingning Lake gave people a dull feeling. There was no such majestic power, and Tianjun would ignore this place. Didn’t take him as the address to build the gate. However, there is still a place for him to miss, that is, Jingning Lake, which spans hundreds of thousands of miles. The purpose of Tianjun’s coming here this time is to move Jingning Lake and embed it around Shenfeng Mountain, making it a natural gateway to Xuantianmen.
However, it is much more difficult to remove Jingning Lake than to remove Shenfeng Mountain and Xuantian Mountain. After all, water and even soft things are everywhere, and as long as there is a small wave, they will overflow. However, it is not difficult for Tianjun to do it now, but it will take some time to do more huā.
After three months, the new master of Xuantianmen has begun to take shape, and the huge mountain range stretching for millions of miles has been renamed Xuantianshan by Tianjun again. Around the Xuantian Mountain, there is a huge lake, and there are countless islands in the lake, and all kinds of huā early trees are planted around the island, which makes people feel relaxed and happy at first sight.
Three months later, when Gu Le came here for the first time, he was shocked to believe when he saw the picturesque and magnificent Xuantian Mountain in front of him. The mountain in front of him was a magnificent mountain, which he had never seen before. The mountains were endless, towering and towering, and it seemed that at that time all adjectives were not enough to describe the position of Xuantian Mountain in his mind, and they all seemed too pale and powerless.
On a cliff in the Xuantian Mountain, Tianjun, Xuanji, Solitary Music and Zuohao stand in Feng Ling. This cliff is called Duantianya, and standing here can overlook all the scenery in the whole Xuantian Mountain, including more than half of the Xuantian Lake. When the sun set, when the last light was still burning in the air, Lonely smiled happily.
I saw that he looked at Tianjun with a pleased face and said with admiration: "Tianjun, your arrival. It’s really a blessing for me! In just a few hundred years, you have turned my mysterious Tianmen from a decline to a negligible small sect. It’s really a credit to you to pull the big sect that is widely known in the celestial world. Besides, in just three months, you actually set up the Xuantianmen with such beautiful scenery, which really opened my eyes. I think it’s not only me, but also people who come to attend my Xuantianmen re-establishment ceremony and your wedding ceremony with Xuanji six months later will be surprised from ear to ear. This is really not the means that chaos should have.
Speaking of wedding gifts, Xuanji immediately avoided the eyes of Tianjun, Lonely Music and Zuohao, blushing shyly and looking at the distance, as if everything in front of him had little to do with himself.
"Grandmaster, I’m flattered. It’s my duty as a disciple of Xuantianmen. There are still half a year’s time. I have already shaped the general model of Xuantianmen, and I’ll leave everything else to you. If there is anything else I can do, just let me know!" Tianjun hugged the charming person in his arms, looked at Gu Le and Zuo Hao and said with a face of excitement. After all, he was going to get married after half a year. Although he was not afraid of any big waves, Tianjun was more nervous than ever when he got married for the first time in front of him.
"Leave all the rest to me. I have recruited many craftsmen in the chaotic world. Half a year’s time is enough for us to rebuild the Xuantianmen. Besides, the magic weapon, elixir and money of Proud Tianzong have far exceeded my previous expectations. The accumulation of millions of years has indeed reached an incredible level. With these things, I believe that within a hundred years, Xuantianmen will definitely become the first-class sect in the chaotic world, juxtaposed with the Snow Mountain Palace." Lonely and excited, he said that for the future, he is ambitious at this time.
Slightly nodded, God knows, Proud and heartless didn’t even expect that he would be defeated, so Proud Tianzong didn’t hide all the precious Dan medicine, top secret method, and those top-grade fairy wares that were like ants in advance, and Xuantianmen ransacked him without warning, which is also strange if he didn’t get rich.
"By the way, Tianjun, now I have a vast territory and abundant resources, but the disciples of the sects are far from enough. Do you think we can open the door to recruit disciples now?" XuanHong frowned at TianJun said.
"Master, this is a good suggestion. After all, the sect is big, and you need to be emboldened. You can do this with the elders under your door. I can rest assured that the master will do things." Tianjun said quietly to Zuo Hao, and his words were full of respect. When Zuo Hao heard this sentence, he quickly said with surprise: "Great, I’ll do it!"
Before several people greeted with the wind, the whole person had disappeared. Looking at Zuo Hao’s distant back, Lonely Le nodded with satisfaction and said, "Tianjun, I know that you can’t stay in the chaotic world for long. After you leave, what do you think about letting your master be the head of this mysterious Tianmen?" Huh? Don’t look at me like that, I won’t soar for the time being. After all, Xuantianmen is now hollow, and I’ve waited for thousands of years until the strength of Xuantianmen rises. I’ve been observing Zuo Hao for a long time, and he is supercilious, calm and has the demeanor of being the head. I have consulted with several of my younger brothers and all the masters of Xuantianmen, and they have no objection to Zuo Hao as the head. I think if the opportunity is right. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to () vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )! ! !

Chapter four hundred and forty
Nodded slightly, Tianjun seemed to be thinking about something, but he didn’t say anything, just farsighted, watching the last sunset disappear in the sky.
Time flies. In a blink of an eye, half a year has passed, and Xuantianmen has been renovated during this period of time. The Xuantianmen of Nuoda was finally successfully completed under the rush of many masters Ri, and the Xuantianmen, which has been well repaired at this time, gives people a feeling of reigning over the world, all of which reveal that kind of wild domineering, not angry and arrogant.
Above the Xuantian Hall, it is only ten days before Xuantianmen is re-established. However, the schools in the chaotic world are rushing to Xuantianmen in advance. For the upcoming schools, no school in the chaotic world really dares to congratulate.
"Ha, chapter four hundred and forty, Tianjun, look, who’s here?" Before stepping into the Xuantian Hall, the sound of solitary music sounded far away. Actually, it is unnecessary to say that the spirit of Tianjun has long felt the breath of the visitors.
"Uncle Ao!" Looking at a domineering front foot has stepped into the Aobai of Xuantian Hall, Tianjun shouted with joy.