"It’s an accident that the water country has no help at all, and it’s an accident that the soil country can help us get benefits. It’s a windfall that Yahiko Tiandu is helping us. Don’t stick to the small south Nagato thing. After all, a guy who had a bond with me before died in my hand some time ago."

"If you’re depressed again."
"Then I will quit" Twilight "and start to be independent!"
Although I know that cross-country is a joke, Yahiko still firmly shook his head and said, "Cross-country" at dusk, but no one just can’t. No one will talk about it. I will hurry up and leave Nagato and Xiao Nan to you to deal with first. After all, my strength is unable to limit them. "
Nodding silently is to agree with Yahiko’s words
I love Luo and others. After they left, the cross-country home became cold and cheerless. Many of them still have two little guys to take care of at home. After talking with Yahiko, they returned home.
I never thought that when I just got home, I found that the home became lively again, and the cross-country corners of my mouth raised a faint smile.
Especially when I find that the stranger in front of me is recovering well now.
Cross-country can’t help but stepped forward and greeted with a smile.
"Long time no see"
"Teacher Jiu Xinnai!"
Chapter 683 Eliminate ()
It’s four generations of hokage
And resurrect Uzumaki Kushina!
I never thought that Uzumaki Kushina had recovered so well. Now it is impressively following the arrival of four generations of Huoying from Miaomushan to the border of Poland, and it has just been injected into the cross-country home.
With the coming of four generations of hokage Uzumaki Kushina, the cross-country was a little deserted and the home was a little more angry.
Uzumaki Kushina became very strange after his resurrection.
Without the former hot personality, there is no bad temper. If those who are familiar with Uzumaki Kushina see her again, it is estimated that Uzumaki Kushina is a virtuous woman who just crossed over and turned into Uzumaki Kushina.
However, there is no need to be afraid of Kimimaro’s white life with Uzumaki Kushina taking care of Kimimaro and Shuiyue Zihuai cross-country
It is also because of this that cross-country future life becomes comfortable.
Usually, I’m practicing or I’m pointing out Kimimaro’s practice.
When I got tired of practicing, I went to Boguo with four generations of Huo Ying Uzumaki Kushina and watched Bo Guo help develop in Yanren Village. Soon, every family and every civilian had new changes. Four generations of Huo Ying’s face was always smiling like sunshine, just like building a country was much happier than when he was in Muye Village.
And after staying for a while, Uzumaki Kushina asked the cross-country about the occult arts.
I can’t tell you enough about Uzumaki Kushina’s cross-country that once helped me.
It’s a pity that Uzumaki Kushina seems to know the secret of Yin dun occult science without uniting his mind. Even after listening to the cross-country telling the secret of Yin dun occult science, Uzumaki Kushina has never practiced it again. It was a few months later that Uzumaki Kushina suddenly made a request for cross-country today.
that is
Take Naruto Uzumaki to Poland!
This is a very troublesome thing. Uzumaki Kushina and the four generations of Huo Ying are faking their own deaths. If their secrets are exposed, they will be tantamount to betraying Muye Village. If Muye Village can be annexed in the future, there will naturally be no such concerns. Four generations of Huo Ying and Uzumaki Kushina can become the savior of Muye Village and let Muye Village smoothly merge into the sphere of influence of Poland.
Now it’s not easy for Uzumaki Kushina’s four generations of hokage to come forward, so there is one person in the whole forbearance world who can get Naruto Uzumaki.
That man is undoubtedly cross-country
However, when preparing to go to Muye Village in fire nation to pick up Naruto Uzumaki, an unexpected arrival suddenly made it impossible for cross-country to return to fire nation for the time being.
Looking at the front of Green Cross-country, I sighed deeply. Why did Terumi Mei suddenly want to give aid to Bo Guo again?
Didn’t you say that the country and national affairs can’t be mixed with personal feelings?
Looking at the boxes of war materials slowly unloaded from the surface of the ship crossing the ocean, breathing out the foul air in the chest and abdomen is facing Qing and asking, "If Qing Terumi Mei has something to say directly to me, although our conversation is a little unpleasant, I am not narrow-minded. Besides, if it were me, I would also like my country to put up with what the village owners have to say quickly. I have other important things to deal with."
The cross-country voice just turned blue and his face turned red. Obviously, cross-country words made him feel ironic.
When the "revolutionary army" of the water country was in danger, it was thanks to Muye Village Shadow Master that it was able to compete with Shui Ying forces in the water country.
Now, the Shadow Master is going to rebel against the meaning of Muye Village and set up his own country. When he came to ask for help, he began to develop the "revolutionary army" of the water country, but it didn’t help at all.
Who is it? I’m afraid I have to have some ideas in my heart.
Still off-road
Now it’s so frank and direct, which means that you, the "revolutionary army" of the water country, need to let us know if you are in trouble.
Listen to the cross-country words, I suddenly feel that Terumi Mei is much better than cross-country in some way, but that kind of strength is not really strong. Like cross-country, the guy who doesn’t take the interests seriously seems to be the real strong one in the forbearance world. He immediately sighed, and Nai looked at the cross-country and said, "Shadow Mage Pavilion really tells the truth that we did meet some troubles and wanted to ask you to go to Shuiguo for help."
"We all know that the second time BOSS turned you down, what BOSS means is that we can’t ask you for help. That’s really shameful, but the problem we are facing is very serious. If we are not careful, Kimimaro’s family may be eliminated. I only came to ask you for help with a gift when there is no way."
"Shadow Master Pavilion, can you follow me to Wuren Village?"
"over there"
"The final battle is about to start!"
What is the final battle?