In the constant clamor of high and low, the monthly data of the regression calendar is refreshed.

By the 600 th anniversary of the reunification, a new world finally appeared. Although there was no living thing, it was in the spirit and knowledge released. You can see that the starry sky is derived. Further away, it is an empty world that tends to be stable. Further away, you can see scattered planets.
"Boss, has the thief fireworks zone finally passed?"
Lan Binglong was excited, and without waiting for Tianxin’s reply, he showed the maximum moving speed and soared forward. The empty starry sky, which smells like smoke, goes backwards in the spiritual knowledge.
"High reduction, don’t run around. Pay attention to the star sparse star density … "
"Eldest brother, don’t worry. The high reduction will be oriented to the star density zone. "
The real star-dense zone, or the star belt with signs of life, took another hundred years for Yi Long to see it.
Even at this point, the "human" has not been explored in the spiritual knowledge released by Tianxin, and there are many stars and beasts.
It was another 50 years before people appeared.
As Tianxin guessed, it was not indigenous primates that appeared in the depths of the divergent world. But a great adventurer.
There are not many adventurers in this group, only three people, and they are trained from the end of the true spirit to the beginning of the gods.
Two thunder sculptures, Tianxin has received it through the unknown jiepai and went to sleep in Hualien for nine days. The blue ice dragon’s high and low will hide its claws, and the dragon-shaped star-beast mode will be transformed.
That’s it, adventure three people meet Tianxin. That surprise also went to the sea. You know, these newborn starry sky, not only has the incomparable wild animals of the earth, but also the stars are extremely dangerous. Adventurers who are not careful will regret it for life.
"I’m so bold, but compared with this man, it’s not infinite."
The trio thought. Three adventurers, two men and one woman, the male is tall and rough, and the female is gentle and slightly wild.
"Where is Brother an adventurer?" Seeing that Tianxin was dressed up in adventure, two men among the three adventurers greeted him, while one woman kept a close eye on the Blue Ice Dragon, which turned into a star beast under Tianxin.
"What about you?" Tianxin didn’t answer the rhetorical question.
"The three of us, the composition is complex. I am just a celestial adventurer in the Huang clan, and this is the celestial adventurer nebula in the Astral clan. The beautiful lady Lan Xinger comes from the country of neutral three worlds. "
"Cross-border sky combination?" Tianxin was surprised.
"It is. This airspace is extremely dangerous. The three of us are an unconventional trio in the adventure world. Now I have met my brother, and I know that Mo Daojun travels far, and there are even more people who travel far. The truth of the adventure world is true. "
"Adventure world?"
"You don’t even know about the adventure world!" Just south zheng, continued, "the adventure world is independent of the national boundaries, but also far away from the national boundaries, and is organized by adventurers from all walks of life. Since you are a member of the adventure world, why don’t you know this adventure world, which is 300 billion light years away from the boundaries of all ethnic groups? "
"I really don’t know, one from the original boundary day, went deep into the spirit world of Kun Tian to take risks, and lost the starry sky for half a year. If I hadn’t met the three of you, I’m afraid I’d have to get lost. "
"Are you from the original boundary day? Adventure in the deep divergence of Kuntian spirit world! " The trio was surprised.
"Yes, what’s wrong?"
"No wonder you don’t know about adventure!" A strange look appeared on Gangnan’s face.
"Great, I met three people, so I don’t have to run around in this starry sky." As pretended to be relieved.
"Brother is a fierce man, just south admire."
"One is called wanhuang Tianxin," Tianxin used the name of his first different star field, Daewoo Star Field. Few people know the details of this name, especially after the sinking of Daewoo Star Domain, this name has long been forgotten.
"What a magnificent name!"
"How do you say?" As see just south three people’s eyes with a disdain, pretend I don’t know asked.
"All emperors man, the most important adventurer in the adventure world. Dude, when you come back to the adventure world with us, you’d better not say that you are a heaven and man in the original world. Recently, many adventurers from the original world have joined in the adventure industry, but their situation is not so good. Alas ….. I think that the three of us, when we first entered the adventure world, were low-minded, and we are still criticized today. "
Then, just south envy way, "of course man won’t exist this problem. A person running to such a far and dangerous place to bring adventure, but also to accept a sick planet beast, this courage alone deserves the respect of all adventurers. If I can bring back the starry sky information in this area, that man … "
"Ha ha. If the three don’t give up, share those materials with the three! "
"Really?" Gangnan Xi Dao
"Three don’t mind, you know.
I don’t know anything about the boundary, and I hope to exchange news with you three. Laugh.
"Well said." Just south chest clap loudly.
"Brother Wanhuang, where did you catch the planet beast? Have fun." The blue star, who has been silent, suddenly breathed out, and the soft voice was nice. Tianxin heard the news and took a look at the gods. And Lan Bing dragon this guy is making faces at the beauty.
"What caught!" Lan Bing dragon grimaced at one end and made a noise.
"Not caught. Is it you … "Blue star corners of the mouth smile, the appearance of a pair of speculation ang ang.
"Beauty, you are so stupid," Lan Bing Dragon was afraid that Blue Star would say something unpleasant, and quickly interrupted, "The great reduction is not what you can imagine. When the boss appeared in front of Gao Xiao, the wise Gao Xiao knew that it was time for luck. Beauty, this is for you! " With a stroke of the blue ice dragon’s finger claw, a piece of fist, a big high-quality star cyanine mine, flew to the beauty. Mouth YouZi du solicitation, "look. Following the boss, the future is so great. "
Xingjing Mine is an inadvertently grabbed object during the high-decreasing journey. Small as it is, it is overweight. The fist-sized star cyanine mine is dark gold. Floating and cold, weighing at least 1000 tons.
Blue Star doesn’t know what mine it is, but the heaviness and coldness of it let her know that it is definitely a treasure. In fact, if you get into Lan Bing’s eyes, how can you be ordinary?
Seeing the stars flying in the blue star’s eyes, Tianxin had to make up for the impulse of Lan Bing Dragon. "This guy hide beauty, see the beauty and throw things! Miss Blue Star, I wonder if its adventurous aesthetic is to your liking? If it is not very precious, please forgive its eyes! "
"Eldest brother. It’s not bright, but it’s a good thing! Follow you for so long. Only one piece was caught. " Blue Ice Dragon protested. That’s true, only one piece. However, it’s not that I can’t catch it, but that it’s less shiny. Not Lan Bing dragon heart, so they all let go. Is this sent to a piece, is also a very careless masterpiece of Lan Bing dragon. And it has always been dissatisfied with the existence of dark gold nuggets in the treasure house that affect the color. This time, it is sent by ear, one is to make the treasure house pleasing to the eye, and the other is to befriend beautiful women and know what they want to know.
Sure enough, Blue Star, a beautiful girl from the blue country who will be accepted by Xingjing Mine, became more familiar with Lan Bing Dragon in the next interstellar day. The talking star beast, which is likable, and the gift-giving star beast, is simply a gift from heaven, so that the blue star beauty has asked countless times in an interstellar sky, "Come with me, reduce it!"