"What’s the matter? Is there something on my face? " Liu ruoying asked.

"You have learned badly." Li Yi said slowly.
"Li Yi, go to hell and speak so slowly." Liu ruoying said.
"Okay, okay, stop that now, Yingying, do you have anything? If there is nothing, I will go home and be my own chef! " Li Yi said.
"It’s all right, you hurry back to be your own chef. I hope you can have a good game this afternoon." Liu ruoying said.
"Don’t worry, I, Li Yi, have always been from and while one man guards it and ten thousand cannot force it." Li Yi vowed to say.
"Then I can watch your game." Liu ruoying said.
"Damn it, I promise to play my style." Li Yi said.
"Then I’ll go home and cook, and I won’t chat with you. If I chat for a while, I may not have time to watch the game in the afternoon." Liu ruoying spat out his tongue and said.
"Yingying, in fact, it is very cute if you are obedient." Li Yi said.
"Li Yi, are you saying that I am disobedient?" Liu ruoying asked.
"Of course, look at you, where there is an obedient look now." Li Yi said.
"I … I … I won’t talk to you, you are ridiculous." Liu ruoying got up and left.
"Hey, girls nowadays really don’t know what they think. This is not absurd. This is clearly the truth that people benefit a lot!" Li Yi said to himself.
"I grass, if I sit for a while, the game may be late." Li Yi just lifted her leg and ran.
"Breathe evenly and keep the same speed, so you should be able to run faster." Li Yi said as he ran.
"Sister Little Heron, where are we here?" Lin Keer asked.
"It’s coming soon, sister Kerr doesn’t have to worry." Li Lu said.
"All right, then!" Lin Keer nodded and said.
"Well, sister Kerr, which direction should we go next?" Li Lu * * asked his head.
"Little heron sister, what’s the matter? Don’t you know! " Lin Keer said.
"Well, Sister Kerr, I forgot how to get there." Li Lu said.
"I’m dizzy, don’t say anything, little heron sister, then you can follow me, I should be able to remember where Li Yijia is!" Lin Keer said.
"Damn it, it’s good to fix the truth. I couldn’t have run so far even if I had a high outbreak before. I didn’t expect it to be a breeze now. It’s really strange to fix the truth." Li Yi said to himself.
"Smelly boy, you have just come into contact with the cultivation of truth. When you have cultivated to a certain extent, more wonderful things will happen." The old man Wuji didn’t know when he ran out again.
"Well, old man, if it’s not for anything else, even for your revenge, I will practice well." Li Yi said.
"Smelly boy, revenge is not the main thing at present. The main thing is the zombie emperor. If you can’t beat the zombie emperor, everything will be a cloud." Wuji said.
"All right, all right, Zombie Emperor, I’m heading for you." Li Yi said.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Park Dialogue
Holy shit, I’m home. I’m home.
Li Yi took a few breaths.
Hey, no, where are the little herons and Lin Keer? Shouldn’t they have arrived early! Where are she now?
Forget it, maybe it’s in front of your own house.
Li Yi ran to his door.
I’ll go. Are these two * * not playing in the house for three days? Why haven’t they come back yet?
Li Yi looked at the window next to her, trying to calm her heart.
Suddenly, Li Yi smiled, yes, just smiled.
Li Yi went downstairs directly and went to the small park.
"Where is sister Kerr?" Li Lu blinked and asked.
"Well … I feel like I don’t know where it is." Lin Keer said.
"Ah, sister Kerr, then we can’t go home." Li Lu asked.
"Well, that’s exactly what it is, but, Sister Little Heron, the solutions are all people’s, and I’m sure I can figure them out." Lin Keer said.
"Well, that Chloe elder sister you can want to hurry up!" Li Lu said.
"Well, little heron sister, do you think it’s beautiful here?" Lin Keer asked.
"Yes, it’s really beautiful. What’s wrong with Sister Kerr?" Li Lu asked.
"Little Sister Heron, do you want to play here for a while?" Lin Keer smiled and asked.
"Yes!" Li Lu said.
"That little heron sister will play here for a while first, and then sister Chloe will think about it here. Maybe sister Chloe will think of it soon." Lin Keer said.
"Good!" Li Lu said.
Find a way, what can I do? Now I don’t know where Li Yi’s home is, how can I find it? Maybe I can call him myself. By the way, I can call myself!
As a result, Lin Keer took out his Nokia and took a look.
The screen is dark and there is nothing.
Lin Keer at that time really don’t know what to say, the phone can also have no electricity, what should I do!
"What’s the matter? My little princess Chloe? " A smiling voice appeared.
"Li Yi, why are you here?" Lin Keer asked pleasantly surprised.
"Why can’t I stay here? Since my little princess Chloe won’t let me stay here, I’ll go." Li Yi said and pretended to be leaving.
"No, you have to take me back to your house anyway!" Lin Keer pulls Li Yi said.
"Chloe, actually, I really want to know, why don’t you come to my house to find me?" Li Yi asked.