Curse her to come early in the morning

The darling child was frightened, and Bao Qi quickly blocked her mouth. "Can crows talk?"
"Boss, I can speak human words!" Ge Sang, who pulled out the newspaper in his hand, carefully read, "The famous movie star A Shuo’s rumored boyfriend has broken his father’s back …"
Bao Qi glared at her and pulled the newspaper out of her hand to look at it.
Sure enough, society is an entertainment.
Really, she’s a little
At the head of the entertainment, Chu Fei hugged her with a light rain, and smiled happily. The picture was accompanied by words that were full of emotion. It probably means how loyal A Shuo is to help his buddy take the acting road, and he did not hesitate to self-destruct his identity and pretend to come out. In fact, it was a complete sacrifice to hide the fact that he was married and had a baby for his buddy. Let his buddy take the idol route …
On the whole, Comrade Ashuo has once again taken the cutting-edge idol-level route on the basis of great success, not only his acting voice, but also his integrity once again.
Narrowing my eyes, Bao Qi didn’t say much.
I thought of Xiaofei in my heart except sighing.
It doesn’t seem to matter who dies when two people are together.
"Eldest brother … chief if you know … will you skin? This man and you really can’t … "Two pairs of right and left thumbs bend Ge Sang’s heart. If he makes a few collisions, it is very obvious." Really have an affair? "
Treasure and pure heart tremors ignored her.
In my heart, I had a narrow squeak. Fortunately, my uncle knows, otherwise …
Tut tut maybe she’s really dead!
Just knowing that it was a misunderstanding, her mouth was already miserable. What would it be if she didn’t know? Think of last night, she touched her mouth strangely and ignored Ge Sang’s heart.
"Look at the net quickly!"
Writing a pen, the two girls met and looked at it.
Wow, it’s so lively …
The whole Kyoto city is boiling!
A woman jumped off a building, and a big star came out to announce that the sudden reversal of the dog’s blood divination was even hotter than that in Kyoto in summer. At present, the police’s answer to Wu Tongtong’s sudden death is vague, and all kinds of questioning to reporters are also circuitous expressions.
He said that regardless of suicide or homicide, the police are currently conducting further investigations and will announce the results to the public after reaching a substantive conclusion.
And now …
Weibo blog commentary experts in major forums, people from all walks of life’ detectives’, great gods from all walks of life are tearing their throats and jumping with songs, and the discussion is in full swing. Everyone has different thoughts or will entertain or provoke different faces and expressions, saying different opinions at different entry points, and journalists from all walks of life are deeply smelling and constantly looking for clues.
I have to say that the master is always in the people.
From the topic of Wu Tongtong’s death, I don’t know how someone pulled out her affair with Fang Weijiu, and from their affair, Fang Weijiu was injured and mysteriously disappeared.
Once again, from Fang Weijiu’s story, someone vaguely noticed that Bao Qi, the granddaughter of Kyoto’s famous family, had disappeared in the media for several years.
Baoqi used to be a topic in Kyoto a few years ago, so there are many rumors about her.
The media dare not publish it, but the masses will not be afraid
The official media is a great and harmonious network, but it is really a fryer.
The busybodies exploded …
Staring at the screen, Bao Qi has no words and no expression for a long time.
"Eldest brother …"
Follow her back Ge Sang heart if comforted said "don’t worry, you have to know that celebrities will attract saliva … hey hey this is a good thing! Let’s keep our heads straight … I’ll kill anyone who dares to mess with you … But … "Here she paused.
Baoqi didn’t respond and asked, "But what?"
"But … are you really the eldest granddaughter of Lengjia?" Curiosity overshadowed the sky. If mulberry heart looked at the pen in front of him, he still asked for it.
Because if Baoqi is really the eldest granddaughter of Lengjia, it will be a fantasy.
That means …
On behalf of her is cold big head … niece.
Even if is Ge Sang heart for them this suddenly also a little hold not to live!
Wu Wu Bao Qi got up and touched her belly again. She was about to speak when the phone rang not far away.
Words are unfamiliar and familiar.
The caller is a stranger, but the caller is familiar with the arrangement
It was none other than the cold master’s political secret.
He said his lordship wanted to see her.
And it is summoned alone!
Coming, coming! Hot and dry girls should pay more attention to their health in summer! Have a good time reading!
Congratulations to the newly-appointed Gong Shi official-Miss Cai dyna! Clap ~ slap a little harder
☆, 15m exposure! Cold’s father is absolutely right!
Since it is the old chief who wants to summon her alone, she naturally has to go.
People and cars have been prepared for her. Can she refuse? No, even a few months ago, she had a big fight with him, even if she was three hours’ drive from the nursing home.