A moment later, the warm wind asked the elephant, "Elephant, do you think my heart will kneel and rub the washboard tonight?"

"impossible!" The elephant said with certainty, but paused for a moment. Without waiting for anyone to respond in the chat channel, he continued, "It must be a thumbtack!" "
Chapter one hundred and twenty Radical and sharp
It is obvious to the audience that many people said, "As the saying goes, the most poisonous woman’s heart is the most poisonous elephant’s heart."
After poking fun at it, the elephant said, "This Datang hangs a coil of silk once, and this injury needs to be repaired. I’m afraid it’s almost the same as the opponent’s belt for thousands of years."
"There are three or four injuries in a thousand years, which can make up for one person’s injuries. If one person takes two, he can make up for two people." Warm wind calculated.
"In this case, if I were you, I would choose to kill the elite continuously, generally without metaplasia and Putuo. Once the Millennium is over, I will either consume a lot of Jin Xiangyu or die if I am touched casually," said the elephant.
"Everyone thinks that the watching side will still kill 1 without killing 2" said the warm wind.
The numbers "1" and "2" in the timely chat channel swarmed out.
"1 is far greater than 2. It seems that everyone likes violent stories. Will there be any units on the opposing side being killed by the watching side again? Everyone will announce it immediately!" Warm air passion road
In the chat channel, the audience not only uttered cheerful and excited words, but also expressed contempt for the warm wind, indicating that the warm wind was loading eggs.
At the same time, the fourth round of fighting between the two sides also broke out.
"A thousand-speed phoenix lion-solving camel hypnotized the baby and felt that the silk was going to be tragic," said the elephant.
"It seems that the two medium speeds should be used for hypnosis, and the two hypnotized Thunderbirds are slower. One of them should be pulling the silk," the warm wind agreed
"Five sets of zhuang devil defensive resin in the beautiful! It’s all stable, "praised the elephant.
"It’s a tragedy for a medium-speed hypnotist to hypnotize the Tang Dynasty for a thousand years." Warm wind pitied.
"The fierce killing is coming again!" The elephant suddenly praised; Not only he, but also the audience didn’t expect the spectators to attack so hard. You know, they deducted 1 when the warm wind asked, which was purely their own wishful thinking.
"The first knife is shining, the second knife is protecting, and the third knife is protecting. There is no problem." The elephant laughed at this moment as if he were a little beast on the other side.
After the "total annihilation", the little love beast made a common attack on Susu’s baby, but it didn’t die, triggering "rain all over the sky", which stunned the baby, and then the little love beast triggered the "bloodthirsty complications" and launched the third attack, causing 677 bright red blood damage to Iraqi smuggling.
"God bless me, if I were a little beast, I would either spray a mouthful of blood on the screen or smash the keyboard directly!" Warm wind quipped
The elephant smiled and said with regret, "The data of lion camel eagle is ok, so it would be better if the baby is not resistant to attack."
A charming tree summoned a invisible phoenix.
God, Lan Feng made the eagle strike and caused 1152, 145 and 116 bright red blood injuries to Baby Susu, illegal immigrants from Iraq and knight errant from Heaven.
"protection, protection, 312 protection" warm wind told me that what he reported was the scene when the opposing four Thunderbirds attacked the little love beast.
The four babies’ attack is over, and the fourth battle between the two sides is over and the fifth round is over.
"Playing so aggressively, I feel that the spectators will continue to kill elephants, don’t you think?" Warm wind asked.
"It is necessary to continue to kill after one round, but the opposing side should also have new countermeasures to fight back, otherwise this pk will collapse in a few rounds," the elephant analyzed.
"It’s a good choice to choose a thousand-speed phoenix to pull it up and unseal it yourself, or to choose a thousand-speed phoenix to pull it up and unseal it with the skills of Wuzhuang." Warm wind further analyzed.
"Many viewers agree that skill unsealing can not only save medicine, but also have a few rounds of seal effect, but we say it depends on whether the story will develop in the hands of the opposing side." The elephant said that the fifth round of fighting broke out between the two sides
"Sure enough, the thousand-speed phoenix pulled its face to see how to untie the silk seal," said the warm wind. He hasn’t finished this sentence yet. A charming phoenix tree has lifted the seal of Su Su, and the smuggling of Iraq has failed the seal of "hypnotic symbol".
"I still solved it myself," said the warm wind; At the same time, Tian ☆ Chivalrous swordsman successfully sealed the night with "Lost Soul", and then if it rains and storms, Wuzhuangguan specially lifted the seal spell "exorcism" to solve the seal of this night.
The number of chat channels represents the surprise expression animation roaring out.
"Interesting. In this way, there will be no square inch seal on the opponent’s body. There are still several rounds that will not be sealed by the square inch. The round will be interesting," said the elephant with great interest.
"It’s a good strategy for a medium-speed birdman to defend and hypnotize five villages and a medium-speed square inch to continue to give the Tang Dynasty a thousand years," said the warm wind
"It’s killing again. I have to admit that the spectator is really radical and sharp. It’s been killing very passionately since the second round! I feel that my youthful blood is burning! " Elephant excited way
"It was really a very passionate pk." Warm wind laughed and said that it was a pity. "Alas, the poor little beast is going to die again."
A charming tree launched an "all-out attack" on a small situation. The first knife was protected by people, causing 2 scarlet blood loss. The second knife and the third knife were protected by friends, but they still lost 335 and 429 scarlet blood.
Many viewers have counted the current amount of Qi and blood of the little love beast before the attack, that is, before the attack, that is, at a medium speed, the Thunderbird man compensated the little love beast for the Millennium Baoxin Dan, and then the little love beast’s Qi and blood was at most three points. After these three knives, the little love beast’s Qi and blood was at most about 16 points, which was only a "samadhi true fire" in Susu, and the amount of Qi and blood was even worse. There were four babies on the other side, and many viewers.
Sure enough, it wasn’t long after the warm wind said this sentence that the little love beast was in a terrible situation, er, quite dead.
God, Lan Feng summoned a Thunderbird.
After losing the designated target, a few Thunderbirds left in the audience launched a random attack, one of which hit god, and Lanfeng just summoned Thunderbirds to cause 395 bright red blood damage.
"Resistance to law or resistance to attack #24 (no way)?" Day ☆ knight errant asked in the current channel.
"You guess once and give you candy!" God, Lan Feng lured the current channel.
"get out!" Day being knight errant in the current channel great anger way
The audience was dumbfounded, as was the elephant and the warm wind.
Chapter one hundred and three Go against luck
"Let’s guess. I think it’s an attack-resistant baby buckle. I think it’s a law-resistant baby buckle. 2" Warm air suggested.
The number of chat channels in the instant when the warm wind falls, the number 1 and the number 2 gush out like volcanic eruption.
"Most viewers think it’s a magic elephant. What do you think?" Warm wind asked.
"I also think it’s very possible that these two babies should be aimed at the baby who is resistant to attack, but two words …" The elephant smiled and seemed to shake his head and continued, "The firepower seems to be a little insufficient."
"Fighting the two sides, this is-"the warm wind paused for a moment and continued, "The sixth round of fighting was very anxious. At the first time, both sides topped the smuggling of Daikin’s lost soul and hit the sky. ☆ The knight errant lost his soul hit the five villages, and it was important to kill them."
(Daikin Jin Xiangyu)
This night, Xiaoyao made the "hypnotic symbol" successfully hypnotize the Iraqi smuggling; On the other side, Thunderbird turned back to Soul Dan at a speed of two, and a group of little love beasts added a Jin Xiangyu to restore nearly three thousand deficiency blood.
I launched a normal attack on the opponent’s baby No.5, causing 1142 bright red blood damage.
"It seems that we all guessed wrong, and the opponent did not kill further. This pk rhythm is bound to lengthen the elephant. What do you think?" Warm wind asked.
Many viewers posted "despise you" # emoticons on the chat channel, not because they didn’t guess correctly, but because they wanted to see a killing game. Most people prefer to appreciate violence.
"It’s hard to say that both the sealing speed and the physical speed are on the side of the spectator. The spectator should be able to control the opponent’s three seals and kill whoever he wants and when he wants," the elephant analyzed.
"When you say that, the spectator has more advantages," the warm wind agreed. "Haha, you see that as soon as you finish betting on the spectator, the beans will soar!"
At the same time, the elephant and the warm wind explained that the little love beast carried out an "all-out" attack on Yi Xin’s baby. Unfortunately, after three knives, the baby triggered the "High God Blessed Resurrection" and was resurrected with blood.
God, Lan Feng made a "pictogram" for Susu, which not only caused 112 bright red blood damage to Susu, but also sealed two rounds of spells and physics of Susu.
Then the watching baby launched a normal attack on the opponent’s baby No.3 and successfully got it.
The opponent’s No.1 baby made a single spell attack "lightning strike" and flew to Susu baby in seconds; Baby No.5 made the single spell attack "falling rock" for seconds. Although it caused 652 bright red blood damage, it also knocked out the "hypnotic" state of the Iraqi smuggling body.
A group of viewers in the timely chat channel became sarcastic.