"Hey!" With a scream, Han Yang retreats and retreats, and the gray airflow in the body seems to know this FuJian buhaore, trying to avoid confrontation with it.

"I can’t go!" Mr. Qian shot seven spells from his arms with a loud drink. The seven spells landed accurately on the route Han Yang was preparing to evacuate, which sealed off all his retreat.
"Excalibur!" Golden FuJian indomitable into Han Yang’s heart and 1 of "poof" Han Yang avoided that FuJian through the body.
1 of "wow" Han Yang spewed out a big mouthful of blood and slammed the wall next to it, and stumbled out of the sight of Mr. Qian.
Teacher Qian looked at the back of Han Yang’s departure and sighed secretly. Just now, he has used the extremely expensive "Excalibur to cut the magic" and really has no extra strength to catch up. Han Yang suffered this sword in the chest. Although he didn’t die immediately, he was also lifeless. I didn’t expect such a talented teenager to die in this way … Alas, if it weren’t for his legacy and the source of Qijiayuan, he was ordered to protect Qihanfei. He hoped that this Han Yang could be an enemy. After all, Qi Hanfei’s actions seem to hurt heaven and earth even if he has ignored life and seen through the world’s inaction.
Unfortunately, everything is if, but the reality is really alive. If Han Yang can not die like this … Teacher Qian dare not think about it, because it means that Han Yang’s resentment has gone through IX and is only one step away from being enchanted. A person reincarnated by demons in the ninth world has just been so wronged again in this life … Heaven, is it really that heaven and earth are heartless and want to make the world chaos?
"Shout …" Han Yang met with two interceptions in the middle of the road, but both of them were escaped by his deadly play. Han Yang ran for three hours until he got rid of all those people and sat down by a pool in the suburbs.
His injured heart was cut open by the golden sword shot by Mr. Qian, but for the fact that the heart had already merged with the gray airflow in the body and most of the gray airflow tried to protect it, this sword alone had already killed him.
Han Yang’s physical strength flew away and his mind gradually recovered because of the loss of physical strength. As soon as his chest warms up, the "meditation beads" searched from the monk who quit color give off soft light and gradually heal the wounds on his flesh.
The unknown airflow in the abdomen also slowly flows to the meridians with the "meditation beads" hanging on Han Yang’s chest. The "meditation pills" secretly taken by three stupid Taoist priests to Han Yang are now cooperating with this unknown airflow to slowly heal Han Yang’s internal injuries. All this is slowly changing in Han Yang’s body.

Chapter VII The outbreak of grievances (below)
The third watch today-
"I, Han Yang, swear to heaven that I will protect this enemy in my life, even if I am not born because of this!" Han Yang struggled to open his eyes filled with hatred and unwillingness. He doesn’t know how he escaped from Mr. Qian, and now he doesn’t have time to pay attention to this problem. He knows that his injury is extremely serious. He has studied with monks and Taoists for three years, but this medical skill is the first one and the most attentive of Hanyang’s studies. Now he knows that his heart is traumatized. If it is not cured as soon as possible, it will become a problem not to say revenge in this life.
Han Yang did not hesitate. He immediately pulled out the only three "Mercy and Mercy Guanyin Mantra" from his arms and began to meditate with the above scripture. The Buddhist incantations of the monks who quit color have the effect of healing wounds and promoting blood circulation, while the Taoist symbols of the three idiots involve a relatively wide range of things, such as "Eagle Eye Symbol" and "Great Power Symbol". If Han Yang doesn’t have these things on him tonight, I’m afraid it’s hard to find a chance to connect with Qi Hanfei.
He already knew that Qi Hanfei had a great background behind him, but he couldn’t think that the background behind him could make an expert like Mr. Qian move. The trick that Mr. Qian finally pulled out obviously shouldn’t be a skill possessed by human beings. Do those fantasy novel’s ideas of fixing the truth really exist?
Han Yang thought of his two godlike masters, the abstinence monk and the three-idiot Taoist priest, who were obviously not ordinary people … He vaguely remembered that Mr. Qian seemed to have said something like "I’ll cut you some slack today for the sake of your friendship with the two old guys" and if Mr. Qian used those tricks from the beginning, I’m afraid it’s still a question whether he can escape alive today. Teacher Qian must have known his two godlike masters. Does this also mean that the forces behind Qi Hanfei may have some connection with his two godlike masters?
Han Yang closed his eyes again and took a deep breath. He suddenly thought of a question-the most crucial question tonight-how on earth did he escape here?
Yes, how can I escape from that money teacher and come to this place again? It makes no sense for Qi Hanfei, the beast, and the forces in his hands not to attack his own guy under the arrangement along the way, but still let himself escape. Is it that he was more powerful when he was unconscious than when he was awake?
Suddenly Han Yang felt a chill behind him.
The reincarnation of the ninth demon!
He once calculated the divination and fortune-telling method handed down to him by the three-idiot Taoist priest and the monk who quit color, and the divination image showed that he was the reincarnation of the ninth demon in this life … Could this divination be true?
I don’t really will be the reincarnation of the ninth demons?
If it’s not why I was able to escape from Mr. Qian, why can I still get my heart hurt until I wake up and use the "Mercy and Mercy Guanyin Mantra" to continue my heart … There are too many reasons why I can’t explain why I often have the idea of killing people before I met monks and Taoists. Why do abstinence monks and three-idiot Taoists adopt themselves?
The more Han Yang thinks about it, the more frightened he is. The more he thinks about it, the more incredible he feels. All the questions directly or indirectly point to an answer: I am the reincarnation of the ninth demon! This answer is really amazing! If you are the reincarnation of the ninth demon, then the monk of abstinence and the Taoist of three idiots will come to adopt themselves entirely in order to resolve their grievances, so the reason why they used to want to trick people all the time in the past three years won’t come out is that the two old guys, the monk and the Taoist, helped them to suppress it! Or maybe they have successfully suppressed their grievances, so they will go out to travel safely. They are superior people and just pretend to be goddesses to guide people in the secular world.
In fact, Han Yang beautified these two guys, namely, abstinence from color and three idiots. You know, these two old guys didn’t have any good intentions when they adopted Han Yang, but they just wanted to resolve their grievances to earn their own merits of cultivating Buddhism. Only later, they gradually let Han Yang enter their hearts and actually think of him. Three-idiot Taoist and abstinence monk have already reached the realm of "inaction" and "no self" with Mr. Qian. In their eyes, people may be ants.
And three delusion and quit color run away nature is not for the sake of traveling, just with the two of them to fix for also can’t resolve Han Yang bear the ix resentment so want to go back to his legacy to find a way. Of course, monks and Taoists don’t know what happened to Han Yang now. They can’t calculate Han Yang’s life, let alone whether Han Yang has an afterlife.
If Jiese and Sanchi had known what happened to Han Yang these days, they wouldn’t have left Han Yang to go back to his legacy. Now Han Yang has completely aroused the anger of IX from his body, and this anger has been combined with his body. Those gray air currents are part of the anger of IX.
How severe the grievances of the ninth generation are, so Han Yang can survive the blow of the "Excalibur Magic-cutting Tactic" given by Mr. Qian, and still survive until he comes to his senses and uses the "Mercy and Mercy Guanyin Mantra" to save his own life. Han Yang was just a mortal who knew how to use spells, and he had already died hundreds of times.
Now, because of Gexuelin’s wrongful death, a part of the spiritual resentment of IX has been able to break away from the ban imposed on Han Yang during the original reincarnation, so as to temporarily control Han Yang’s body when he lost his mind, otherwise Han Yang will not escape from Qi Hanfei’s sphere of influence so easily tonight.
Now, Han Yang’s body is being slowly transformed by the grievances of the Ninth in the body who have escaped from the ban. It is always merging with his heart and his meridians, and even the gray air mass that escaped from the ban is the most powerful resentment of the Ninth before Han Yang’s reincarnation.
When Han Yang saw Ge Xuelin’s body that day, he was extremely angry. The violent mood liberated the ninth demons from him, but the unknown warm current in his abdomen also gave birth to the induction, which brought back the demons that had not recovered and were absorbing the aura between heaven and earth to Han Yang’s body until Han Yang saw Qi Hanfei tonight, and he was blocked by Mr. Qian but could not kill the enemy. The unwilling and resentful mood further stimulated the ninth demons that had already escaped the ban. Can make Han Yang in the case of completely losing his mind to avoid the fate of physical death reincarnation, which may also be the fate of carrying the ninth demons-the tenth will never enter the reincarnation!
Han Yang was exhausted and fell asleep in constant inference and speculation. In the dream, he seems to have returned to the time when he first met Ge Xuelin. They were happy and playful with each other …
The gray airflow flows in the meridians of Han Yang at hundreds of degrees. Every time the gray airflow flows through Han Yang’s body, the internal injuries suffered by him are automatically cured. At this time, the gray airflow with the deepest color entrenched in Han Yang’s brain overflows Han Yang’s body and wraps his whole body. In his sleep, Han Yang seemed to feel a strange force coming into his body …

Chapter 8 asked (on)
The fourth watch today-
The morning sun slowly broke through the clouds and splashed down from the sky. The sound of insects in the grassland around the suburbs is getting weaker and weaker. The grass leaves on the edge of the pool are steaming wisps of water vapor, and it is another day.
Han Yang leisurely wake up this night, he slept deeply and was very sad. The whole process from acquaintance with Ge Xuelin to the separation of Yin and Yang seems to be repeated in the dream. The pain of cutting into the bone marrow is a bit breathless for him.
"Hoo-hoo …" Han Yang suddenly did it, panting heavily, and his left chest was still aching. Last night, Mr. Qian’s Fu Jian was so overbearing that even if Han Yang used three "Mercy and Mercy Guanyin Curses", it only saved his life and failed to completely heal the wound.
Originally covered Han Yang the whole body of the gray air flow at the moment has been with Han Yang turn to wake up and back to his body. Han Yang didn’t know that if it weren’t for this gray air flow, he constantly absorbed the aura of heaven and earth nearby last night and converted it into energy to heal the meridians in his body. At this moment, although he saved his life with the "Mercy and Mercy Guanyin Mantra", I’m afraid he was paralyzed and unable to move freely.
"Qi Hanfei!" Han Yang snapped out three words because two rows of teeth were "zizz" because of overexertion. Han Yang never forgot the indifferent tone and contemptuous attitude when Qi Hanfei spoke last night. The culprit who killed Xue Lin could be so happy! Han Yang thought again about the women he saw when he was monitoring Qi Hanfei for the past ten days. Are they almost all forced? Is it because he is the eldest son of the Qi family in the Asian family alliance that he can ignore the lawlessness? No, I will never let him go!
Han Yang’s rage in the body became violent again, and the gray airflow absorbed the energy led by Han Yang’s negative emotions crazily, at the same time, it constantly strengthened the meridians of Han Yang and repaired the heart pulse that Han Yang had not fully recovered.
Quiet! Xuan!
A warm current flows out from Han Yang’s chest, and at the same time, an airflow also flows out from the abdomen, echoing the warm current in the chest. These two airflow instantly traveled through the eight meridians of Han Yang, but when the warm current passed, the violent rage gradually disappeared, while the gray airflow seemed unwilling to retreat to a corner of the meridians to avoid these two warm currents.
Han Yang took a deep breath. He felt the changes in his body at the moment. The suet jade bead that was searched from the monk who gave up the color is scattering a faint golden light at the moment, and the warm current in Han Yang’s chest was induced from this bead, which really has something!
Han Yang suddenly thought of the two old goddesses, the monk of abstinence and the Taoist of three idiots. They would never be ordinary people. If they want to deal with Qihanfei, they must become stronger and stronger. If they can’t win the money, the teacher himself will never have a chance to kill Qihanfei. God knows that there is no superior person around Qi Hanfei who is more powerful than Mr. Qian. There is a Qi family in the Asian Family Alliance, right? Qi Hanfei and I in Han Yang must make you regret what you have done! Han Yang’s eyes instantly welled up in a strange blood color, and even the eyes and pupils turned dark red. A powerful coercion instantaneous explosion actually caused a small cyclone.
The coercion instantly exploded and disappeared. The small cyclone rolled up a water column four or five meters high at the pool beside Han Yang. With the disappearance of coercion on Han Yang, the water column fell back into the pool again. Strangely, the water column fell without any noise. It was only the ripples on the water that showed that everything that had just been born was real.