One meter around the pavilion can also speak with great confidence.

However, he was also very shocked that Liang Zhongshan directly said the name of his world. "So your son is really a mainlander from Lingzhou, and your son and I are really from the same world?"
Liang Zhongshan also identified his emotional identity.
The two men wanted to talk happily and talked a lot about the mainland in Lingzhou.
Love almost jumped with surprise. He never expected that there would be people from the same world in this evil paradise.
So after a chat, I learned that Liang Zhongshan’s son is Liang Ping and finally asked eagerly, "Then where is your son Liang Ping now?"
Liang Zhongshan sighed heavily. "He is always eccentric. It’s hard for his family to understand where he is. I don’t know the situation. He was kicked out of Liang’s house by some bad people. So far, I don’t know where he left."
The story says that Liang Ping also suddenly realized that it was for this reason that he was driven out of Liang’s family since he was a child, and Liang Zhongshan didn’t know it.
See Liang Zhongshan a face of worry, he finally had some understanding for Liang Zhongshan.
It was this 15-year-old boy who suddenly came to the backyard of the garden villa and went straight to Liang Zhongshan and politely shouted, "Did you find that kid, big brother?"
Liang Ping was even more shocked when he saw this man.
Although he is about 15 years old, he looks exactly like Chen Hai.
"Is this person really Chen Hai?"
Liang Ping couldn’t help but give a sigh.
Night fiend is haha laughed. "It seems right that he is Chen Hai. He created a prosperous online game to send you back to Lingzhou mainland."
"Oh, really?"
Liang Ping shocked and looked at everything in front of him, all of which he imagined in the previous method.
"So Chen Hai called Brother Liang Zhongshan, which means he is my uncle?"
Night fiend light say with smile "not in my opinion, he should be your uncle"
Liang Ping looked at everything in sight puzzled.
See Liang Zhongshan suddenly got up and took the initiative to introduce, "His name is Qing. I have found his office and he will give it to you."
Love smell speech is also surprised to see Liang Zhongshan puzzled and asked, "Uncle Liang, what makes me follow him? Is he also a mainlander from Lingzhou?"
Liang Zhongshan said with a gentle smile, "Of course, his predecessor was Lingzhou Mainland, and now he is working with a scientist in Lingzhou Mainland to study an online game software. After completing this software, you can go back to your world."
"Is the software going back?"
I don’t understand Liang Zhongshan’s words
However, Chen Hai patiently explained, "Don’t worry, I want you to cooperate with us to complete this software, and you can return to Lingzhou mainland soon. Maybe we can meet in Lingzhou mainland later."
Listen to this feeling a bit resistant.
"But I came to the evil kingdom to wash away my guilt. If my guilt can’t be eliminated, I can’t return to our world."
Chen Hai Wen’s expression is particularly wonderful. Haha laughed. "You are such an interesting child. In fact, what we are doing is to find a way home for mainlanders in Lingzhou. Can’t you wash away the guilt in your heart after completing such a feat?"
Love smell speech a meditation seems to be in a short time to think a lot, a pair of black eyes going round and round for a long time before saying, "that’s all right, but what can I do for you? I really don’t know anything about science."
Chen Hai was more patient when he agreed to come when he saw the situation so readily. "In fact, we need to use your ability to find other partners in Lingzhou Mainland. The most important thing is to find the destiny person in Lingzhou Mainland."
"Destiny? Don’t you say it’s the one that can solve the Millennium robbery of Lingzhou mainland? "asked the confused.
Chen Hai is also very satisfied with the problem of love. He touched his little head and said with a smile, "You are really a clever boy. You are right. Lingzhou mainland will restore its previous order after we send all the mainlanders back to Lingzhou mainland. I expect that this time, the doomed man can completely solve the Millennium robbery of Lingzhou. The super strong man wants us to help him and believe that he will be able to complete it."
I don’t seem to know much about this situation, but I nodded and said, "Then can you tell me what I can do to help you?"
Chen Hai Wen’s face lit up with a smile. "Of course, it increases guilt."
"Increase guilt?" Asked puzzled.
"If you want to become an evil demon, you can trigger the spiritual wisdom of mainland people in Lingzhou. They will take the initiative to come to our youth league in their own subconscious, and then we can all complete this youth online game system together." Chen Hai said with a face of excitement.
Love is still puzzled and asked, "So you say that if you are a mainlander in Lingzhou, why don’t you do that?"
"Because I am a reincarnated person and you are different, you will appear in this world because of your guilt. Only when your guilt reaches a certain limit can you let those people gather in the prosperous times and become our helpers."
Chen Hai said this is more than looking forward to watching.
A burst of hesitation in my heart finally nodded thoughtfully. "Then you should tell me less about the benefits of doing so for the Shengshi Group. Is this game accessible to others except mainland people in Lingzhou?"
Chen Hai also pondered for a moment, and his chubby face finally showed a fine smile and said, "You are such a child. You are so thoughtful. You can think of any problem."
"Ha ha, shouldn’t you just answer my questions honestly?" The mood returned to its original calm.
Chen Hai no longer hides it and says, "In that case, I will tell you everything I know."
"Well, then I’m all ears."
Love is like a grown-up. He just took the cup in front of him and gently took a sip of his tea.
Chen Hai saw in his eyes that he paid more respect to his age-old feelings, so he also sat in the gazebo and poured himself a cup of tea.
At the same time, Liang Zhongshan also sat down and seemed to be waiting for Chen Hai to continue talking.
Not only that, Liang Ping is also more than expecting Chen Hai to say every word.
Chapter 27 is spirit shortage.
However, before saying the key sentence, Chen Hai suddenly turned around and looked at the situation and asked, "You came here because you killed your teacher, so I want to ask you what kind of feeling it was to kill your teacher, which would make you come to this world because of guilt."
Love for Chen Hai suddenly have this question seems to be very surprised, the original cup in your hand once again gently back to the desktop, but still full of calm and light said, "What kind of feeling is it? Maybe it will be white after you experience it yourself."