The axe-toothed dragon was stunned and then reacted. Qiu Yuan means that it will not be driven out of the breeding house this time?

"Why? Dumb? "
"Ho ho ho … ho! (No, no, I dare not … I dare not! )”
"This time you have to apologize to the forest lizard and you have to promise me that this will not happen again. If this happens again, I will really sell you!"
"Woo hoo! (Yes! )”
"Then why don’t you hurry?"
Qiuyuan slaps its skull and throws it to the bedside.
The axe-toothed dragon looked at the forest lizard lying in the operating table and fell into weakness because of excessive bleeding. He couldn’t help blaming himself. He wanted to apologize, but suddenly he found that he couldn’t open his mouth.
Just as Axodon was anxious to apologize, but he didn’t know how to say it, and he became more and more nervous, the forest lizard spoke first.
Even though the lizard was injured and fell into a weak forest, it put on a pair of smiles and said to the axe-toothed dragon, "Cha Mo Cha Mo (it’s all small things, I have nothing now)."
Axe tooth dragon was suddenly not nervous when it was opened by a forest lizard. I just thought about a big apology in my mind and said it out loud.
As he spoke, the two Poké mon quarreled.
If Qiuyuan didn’t understand the Poké mon language, he would stop them now, but Qiuyuan listened to their quarrel in vain, not only wanting to stop it, but also wanting to laugh.
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Chapter 131 Strength rise
The axe tooth dragon apologetically wanted to explain to the forest lizard that he was heartbroken, but the forest lizard stuck its neck and said that it had nothing to do. The axe tooth dragon apologized and looked down on it. It felt that it was fragile, and even such an injury would make a big deal.
It’s like a muscular man with a broken finger and a lot of people feel bad about it. That’s a lot of people. It’s not a giant baby
When Axe Tooth Dragon heard it, alas, I apologize to you. What do you mean? I have to apologize to you today.
So the two Poké mon left and quarreled about whether to apologize or not.
The forest lizard thinks it’s all right. It’s a trivial matter. If Axodon apologized to it, wouldn’t it prove that it was fragile? All forest lizards are not allowed to apologize for axe-toothed dragons
However, when Axe Tooth Dragon thought of himself, he finally apologized. If you don’t let me apologize, it will be a shame. I will show you this apology today!
Qiuyuan didn’t pull them apart until the two Poké mon argued breathlessly and drew a serious face and all the Poké mon couldn’t help laughing.
"Well, what’s stubborn? You two axe-toothed dragons, you apologize to others. Forest lizards, you also give me an honest apology. You’re not allowed to be a ghost."
"Later, if you want to fight freely in the breeding house, I won’t stop you, but pay attention to me. Don’t make such a thing again!"
After Qiu Yuan gave up this sentence, he scattered all the Poké mon around the operating table, leaving a few Jigglypuff for the forest lizard to do some recovery treatment.
Although the forest lizard was injured, it still had no effect on the normal game.
It’s almost noon, and Qiuyuan has prepared a little cake with calming flower juice for everyone, which can effectively calm everyone’s mood. Although this matter is handled very timely, it is difficult to leave something in everyone’s heart.
Let XiaoZi take it with her. Jigglypuff sisters performed a small song and dance, and the competition meeting of autumn leaves breeding house in the afternoon officially began.
The fifth group of contestants is another Jigglypuff. All the Jigglypuff who have advanced to the second round are Squirtle in the first round …
"The fifth group will play against the ninth player, Jigglypuff, and the tenth player, the forest lizard!"
Qiu Yuan directly announced the start of the game without reading "Ready" because he knew that the game would probably last less than five seconds and Jigglypuff would give up.
Guo Qiuyuan waited for five seconds and didn’t hear Jigglypuff shout throw in the towel. When he saw the venue, he saw Jigglypuff hanging a cute smile and kept coquetry in the forest lizard.
Have an idea, little guy!
The high-cold male god forest lizard was confused by Jigglypuff’s failure to follow the routine. Who can resist the temptation to hold it in his arms and ravage it in the face of such a cute little guy?
Even forest lizards are no exception, and they are softened by Jigglypuff’s coquetry.
Qiuyuan looked at the forest lizard with a weird expression and wondered if the forest lizard was going to perform a love affair across the eggs.
Just when Qiu Yuan was writing a million-word long article, he saw the forest lizard smile rarely and then gently held Jigglypuff in his arms.
Step by step, I walked to the edge of the field and threw Jigglypuff off the field with a light throw.
Qiuyuan Fu forehead Sure enough, the forest lizard is still your forest lizard. What temptation does Jigglypuff have to compete?
"The fifth group played against the winner, player No.10, the forest lizard!"
"The sixth group No.11 player Guatou Frog played against No.15 player Yuan Yuan!"
"Ibrahim ~ Buyi ~"
Yuanyuan jumped into the venue excitedly and finally it was time for her performance!
But before it could show its skill, the gung-headed frog flew to it like a gust of wind at the moment when Qiu Yuan announced the start of the battle, and ji kicked it off the court.
Because of the round position, it’s very close to the side, and the frog is gently eliminated as soon as it is round.
It’s a shame to see my sister fall off the court with a dull face and run to pull it away. I knew I wouldn’t let it win the first round
In recent years, everyone is still a little worried about the game between Axodon and Forest Lizard, which has been diluted by these two comedy games, and then they look forward to the last game of the second round.
Kyubi no Youko versus Xanadu!
Since Vulpix Extremely Firestone evolved into Kyubi no Youko, it has learned to meditate under the guidance of Xanadu. Every day, it has nothing to do. The first level of meditation has risen to the fifth level in two months.
At first, Qiu Yuan was also surprised at why Kyubi no Youko’s level rose so quickly, and he didn’t specially train it, let alone let it play against other Poké mon.
After a unified explanation, Qiu Yuan realized that a large part of the speed of Poké mon’s level rise was affected by qualifications.
The same qualification and six values are different, and the speed of Poké mon’s strength is also different.
While ensuring the same training intensity, Poké mon with similar qualification will increase its strength faster than Poké mon with poor qualification.
Phase refers to which of the six values highlights the same phase of the Poké mon’s characteristics. If Kyubi no Youko is an example, its spirit and sex in the blue qualification composition are much higher than those in the other five values, and it shows a very fast rise in strength.
If the highest of the six Kyubi no Youko values of poor qualification is physique and physical strength, it is estimated that it may be about 16 now.
Poké mon’s strength will rise very quickly before entering the master strength stage. The rising speed of Poké mon with different qualifications is different and very different.
After entering the master strength stage, it will be very, very difficult for Poké mon to upgrade its strength. It will take half a year for Poké mon with white qualification or yellow qualification to upgrade to a higher level in the master strength stage.
Chanel’s qualification was advanced to purple with the help of Xerneas, but after she came back from the starting place, she kept meditating and practicing every day and always paid attention to strengthening the strength of the elements, which also rose two levels.
It’s like cultivating a teenager who is in the golden age of development. This period is like a master’s pre-stage strength rising very quickly, but after the golden age of development, it takes a lot of effort and time to get into the master’s stage.
Without Xerneas’s help, Chanel won’t surpass Kyubi no Youko in spiritual and sexual talent, so Kyubi no Youko’s talent is very good.