"Are you the younger brother of Yuxiu Hospital?" I asked softly

"ah!" Yang Chan nodded awkwardly.
This is somewhat unexpected to me. If Yang Chan is the younger brother of Yuxu Hospital, who is her master? What’s wrong with my sisters and teachers? Did she get started late and didn’t want to call me elder sister?
Maybe that’s it, so I stopped talking about it.
Back to the women’s branch, I, Yang Chan and Yuluo, continued our teaching. Yuluo was pregnant for two months, but she was still working as usual.
Another month passed and Jichang called me again.
Ji Chang seems to be recovering well, mentally hale and hearty, except that he lost a lot of weight before the onset, and his overall state is better than last year.
"Nezha," he said, "would my son like to accompany Wang when my father wants to go back to Xiqi for a while?"
Chapter 1 The assassination of King Wen
Mrs Taisi didn’t accompany Ji Chang back to Xiqiao this time because of occasional wind sickness, but now she is guarding Ji Chang in Xiqiao for five Ji Wang degrees, and she didn’t arrange for other kings to follow her, but took me and Yuluo’s two hundred guards.
I want to take Yang Chan with me when I come to Yuluo, but considering that Yuluo and I are leaving, the women’s branch will support her or leave her, and I don’t think she will be willing to go.
Jiang Shang was worried that our route would be lost, so he sent Fang Bi and Fang Xiang brothers to escort him all the way.
At the beginning of October, our team arrived in Xiqiao-5, Ji Wang, where Ji Kun, Ji De, Ji Li and other imperial clan officials came to welcome us.
After Ji Du worshiped Ji Chang, he came to the front of my car and deliberately bowed to the ground. Then he couldn’t afford to kneel down and said that he was going to make amends for me. Ji Chang looked at me silently and squinted.
I’m unhappy. What’s this for? Who are you showing it to?
So I said, "Brother Wu, you’d better get up! You can’t afford to give your little sister a gift. Besides, your little sister is a cripple who has lost her legs. If you don’t get up on your knees, don’t you let your little sister climb over and help you? "
When Ji Du heard this, he quickly got up and welcomed our party into the original Xibohou House. The Chinese Bi and Fang Xiang brothers immediately returned to Fengyi to report to me.
The next day, we followed Ji Chang’s father to pay homage to the tomb of Wang Ji, the father of the ancient king, and Yuluo and I didn’t need to do it. We didn’t need to kowtow behind the king and the imperial clan, but it was really a torture for me to bow down for half of my body, and it would soon hurt my pubic bone.
Fortunately, this process is not too long. Then we went to Qishan Foot Nursing Home, where Ji Chang was in poor health. Ji Chang and I each prepared a wheelbarrow (wheelchair).
It’s a pity for Guo Zhong to see me this time, but it’s another kind of torture to listen to the old people in the nursing home (especially Boyi Shu Qi Liu) sighing when they see me.
On the third day, we visited the barracks again.
On the fourth day, we came to the place where the former Women’s College was located, that is, the place where Ji Chang married Taisi more than forty years ago.
Then I went to Panxi …
After half a month, Jichang was ill again. Fortunately, Ji Chang felt cold occasionally this time, but it was not too serious. Instead, it made Yuluo and I at leisure to travel so frequently that Yuluo and I couldn’t stand it. What about Ji Chang? Yuluo secretly complained that if she went in this way, she might lose her baby.
On this night, Ji Du Ji De went out of the city for business, and Ji Kun and Ji Li Guards guarded me. I slept next to Ji Chang’s bedroom, so I was on high alert.
In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up from my dream, and a threatening winged light and shadow flew into the 20-mile range.
Who is this? Lei Zhen? But it’s not very similar.
Then the horse has three spiritual forces, light and shadow, to follow behind the flying man and enter the consciousness.
Bad luck! I suddenly propped myself up and then grabbed the lotus leaf suit and put it on my body.
Four spiritual forces, light and shadow, have flown into Xiqiao and are approaching Houfu continuously. I have found out the magic weapon held by four people. Those who have wings use hammers to drill the back. Three people use hatchets, one uses guns and one uses double maces.
The spiritual level of the four people is different from mine, but they are similar. They are four people, and on our side, except me, Yuluo, Jikun, Jili and several members of the guard will all have low spiritual strength, and Yuluo is pregnant with nine kings and children. Actually, I not only have to face the attack of four people, but also protect Jichang and Yuluo less.
What can I do?
I was in a hurry when I remembered that Teacher Cihang had brought me a jade horse. Although Uncle Cihang was thousands of miles away, she would always help me get closer!
"Uncle Shi, I was attacked by four people in Xiqiao Zhouhoufu Zhouwang. Please find someone to save us!" At the same time, I have drifted outside Ji Chang’s bedroom and awakened the guards.
In a short time, Cihang replied, "Nezha, if you persist for a while, there will soon be a Yuxu disciple coming to the rescue."
At this time, there was a commotion outside the mansion. Yuluo, Jikun and Jili all ran into Ji Chang’s bedroom. Jichang saw Yuluo on his deathbed and immediately ordered the guards to hide Yuluo in the temple.