Xie Chen looked out of the tinker at the tinker, and neither of them realized that his face was getting colder and colder.

Just practicing a sword. Why stick it so close?
Such mediocrity is also called plastic material?
"Hey, isn’t Big Brother coming to see Brother Cui?" Brother behind strange way
Xie Chen has turned tall figure disappeared in the school.
But there is no windtight wall in the world, and Xie Chen still knows what the wind and snow are doing behind the scenes.
Ask for disposal of the wind and snow, please make it pile up like snowflakes in Xie Chen’s desk, and list all kinds of crimes of wind and snow. Xie Chen looked at it carefully one by one, and suddenly realized that it was so easy for him to promulgate and execute the imperial edict.
How can it be difficult to be bullied and lured by the wind and snow?
Xie Chen didn’t immediately call the wind to rush the snow, but went to check one by one first, but the fruit still broke Xie Chen’s luck.
Some of those passionate petitions were fabricated, while more were actually written by the wind and snow.
Although it didn’t hurt people’s lives, it was indeed covered with blood.
And these blood donations are all due to his Xie Chen.
Everyone who was called by him to be in charge of the family and elders talked about everyone’s difficulties and difficulties, and you called the wind and snow a heinous crime.
The hall was so noisy that Xie Chen’s silence for a moment interrupted everyone’s accusation that "as far as I know, he did this to let you implement the New Deal."
This sentence is different from putting the blame on himself. Everyone was silent and looked up at him in silence. The black line of sight fell on Xie Chen.
A moment later, someone took the lead in opening his mouth. "Young master worries about the sufferings of heaven, which makes our generation admire. It is reasonable to say that young master has ordered the old man to follow it. You said that you want to open a lecture hall for Tiansan Xiu, and I still need to consider these scattered repairs. Who knows if there are any other sects? Besides, letting them learn the secret method will not help the Sect, which is different from weakening our position in front of other sects. "
"If you say that it’s just to open a lecture hall for scattered practice, you actually want to unite with other sects to give the practice tips to those ordinary people? Don’t say that other sects will agree that the younger brothers who had a narrow escape will definitely have opinions first, "said another person."
"And the thing you gave us this time is not that we don’t want to do it, but that we are really understaffed recently, and Qixia Peak also has a responsibility."
"This matter is not within the jurisdiction of Qixia Peak, please learn from it."
"Tianyan Sect has never had an outsider to take the position of elder for thousands of years. Even if the position of elder in Biyou Peak is vacant, you can’t advertise to recruit new elders from all over the mainland. According to the family, Liu Zhangshi has entered the ranks of elders, and it is most appropriate for him to take the position of elder in Biyou Peak."
Everyone’s rhetoric is a hook for buck-passing interests.
The most proud smile in the crowd is that everyone respects Zhang Liu. If I don’t know how many interests each other has with these people, I’m afraid Xie Chen will believe their nonsense.
At the end of the discussion, the old man who spoke first made the final statement.
"Of course, less ideas are excellent, especially in this. Many things still need to be considered. It is the rule to have business and quantity, but if it belongs to the future, Cui Ya will rush to roar … Alas, my nephew is still lying in bed and can’t get up. I don’t know if it’s the young master’s instigation. Of course, I know that the young master is not like this."
"To even don’t know the little master Cui Ya secretly doing these things. This Cui Ya is really bold. The little master is merciful. He is out of the way to give the little master a black job! This move not only didn’t put the young master in the eye, but also didn’t put Tianyan School in the eye! "
"That’s enough." Xie Chenyin was a little tired. "Go and call Cui Ya."
Brother Hua quickly ran out, looked down at all the people in the hall with a Zhang Song sigh and gloated that these familiar people were very strange.
"you can’t do anything I’ve given you?" Xie Chen heavy asked
"How can it be? We are loyal to the young master naturally, but it needs to be considered … but sometimes it’s not a bad thing to step by step."
"I was wrong, brother."
This is the first sentence of the wind and snow, and before Xie Chen asked questions, he took the lead in admitting his mistake.
"…" Xie Chen "What’s wrong?"
"Brother said I was wrong, so I was wrong." Wind urged Snow to smile.
Xie Chen "…"
All "…"
"Cui Ya! You still don’t know how to repent! You-"
"You have repeatedly hurt people and provoked trouble, but you still know your crime!" Xie Chen interrupted just now.
The wind and snow flashed a surprise in their eyes, and soon this silk surprise was hidden to "I plead guilty."
"Good" Xie Chenchen said, "Now you are punished with thirty whips for thinking over the cliff for half a year."
Everyone is in uproar. This punishment is not too light. Brother fights in the rules of the door are not punished by 30 whips. Now Cui Ya is so rampant that he is also punished by 30 whips! Besides, although it sounds like a long time to think about it for half a year, how do you know that it is not a kind of protection if outsiders can’t get in and out of the cliff?