Qin Shaojie stared at Qin Shaojie No.2 for a while, and said, "Exactly the same self. Is this the devil?"

Qin Shaojie was thinking when he suddenly listened to him.
"Are you my demon?" Qin Shaojie No.2 asked.
"hmm? I’m your demon? Then who are you? Aren’t you my demon? " Qin Shaojie was confused by this identical self. How did you become his demons?
"You are not my demons? How is that possible? Where is this? Do you know that?/You know what? Why did you enter my gv 10? " Qin Shaojie No.2 asked.
Qin Shaojie frightened "what? This is your gv 10? No way. I want this sword to recognize the Lord. How did it get into your gv 10? "
"Lord? This sword was originally my sword, and I have recognized the Lord. How can I say that I recognize the Lord? How dare a little demon break into my platform? " Qin Shaojie No.2 seems to be angry, putting his sword in front of him, as if to start work?
"What the hell is going on?" Qin Shaojie is confused.
"What’s the matter? I am the real one. You are just a speck of dust in the secular world. I am the real one, and you are just a remnant and weak spirit, but you have occupied my body for so many years. Now that I am awake, you can disappear. " Qin Shaojie said on the 2 nd.
"I am the demons? I am? Is it true?/You don’t say. Why did this happen? How did it happen? Am I just a remnant of consciousness? Just occupying this body? " Qin Shaojie said to himself.
"No, this kid can’t keep the gv 10."
Just for Qin Shaojie to protect the gods, the ghost suddenly felt the change of Qin Shaojie, and the back channels were not good.
"I am your demons? Haha, I am your demon. " Qin Shaojie suddenly laughed. "Now that I have occupied your body for so many years, I will ruin you and completely occupy your body. What is divine knowledge? Haha. " Qin Shaojie’s eyes slowly began to turn red, and the opposite Qin Shaojie No.2, his eyes also changed.
1 of "David Tang", two roars touched together, and the blood-red blade gave off a dazzling light, but then dissipated. Both of them are staring at each other with red eyes.
"Boy, I can’t, you can’t kill him. In your gv 10, you ruined him, which means you ruined yourself. Ideas, beat him with your ideas. " Ghost nasty shout loudly, but now, where can Qin Shaojie hear him.
"Do you want to destroy me? You are so naive, haha. " Qin Shaojie No.2 laughed and stabbed Qin Shaojie with his sword.
"Hum, I just want to destroy you. I am a descendant of Tiandan. If I destroy you, this body will only belong to me." Qin Shaojie only wants to destroy Qin Shaojie No.2 now. He doesn’t allow himself to be just a demon. He’s already gone crazy. He didn’t know that he was on the verge of being possessed.
Chapter 38 War demons [3 more]
"Wake up quickly, or you will be completely possessed." Ghost is still screaming, but Qin Shaojie still can’t hear you.
"This how to do. Right, right. " Ghost said to himself, suddenly remembered what to do.
"Go to hell." In gv 10, Qin Shaojie frantically waved amber, and tried hard again and again with Qin Shaojie No.2, but Qin Shaojie No.2 was not weak, and at that time no one could do anything about it.
"Give up your body, you are a demon, you don’t deserve it." Qin Shaojie No.2 said again.
"Impossible, hum." Said, and suddenly hit a rune, a flash of golden light, printed on Qin Shaojie No.2 chest.
"What’s the matter? Can’t move? " Qin Shaojie number two murmured. "Well, that’s all right. Come on, kill me, and you’re the only one." At this time, instead of persuading Qin Shaojie, he asked Qin Shaojie to kill him.
"Ha ha, kill you? As you wish. " Say and Qin Shaojie sword stabbed in the past. And Qin Shaojie No.2, with his sword penetrating the body, also disappeared.
"Ha ha, I’m the only one from now on, and I’m the only one in this body." Qin Shaojie laughed wildly.
Suddenly, the laughter stopped, and Qin Shaojie suddenly felt dizzy.
"hmm? Is this the real world? I have a resurrection day in Chiyou, hahahaha. "
Qin Shaojie woke up, but it wasn’t himself. He was an ancient fiend and a human-god.
"Do you think you can really take his body with gods? How dare you be so arrogant with a remnant of your spirit? " Qin Shaojie, who was replaced by Chiyou, suddenly heard a voice from outside. Fly out of the house.
"Who? Who is talking, show up. " Qin Shaojie shouted.
"What can you do if you show up?" As he spoke, a black shadow floated not far in front of him. It seems to be just illusory.
"Who are you? Give me your name." Qin Shaojie grunted.
"Who am I? I am a demon. Haha. "
This shadow, impressively is possessed in Qin Shaojie’s body.
And just before Qin Shaojie completely possessed that a burst of dizziness, is the ghost use his unguarded situation, absorbed part of his vitality, can be in vitro taxiing.
"Are you a magic? Ha ha ha ha, that’s funny. In front of me, you dare to call yourself a demon in vain. Eat my sword. " Qin Shaojie laughed wildly and waved his sword at the ghost.
"Shao Jie, what’s the matter with you?" Ling Fang heard a noise outside, so she came out to see it. This startled her. She saw Qin Shaojie’s eyes were blood red, even with a faint light, and his expression was ferocious. And in front of him, there is a black shadow floating.
"Little girl, this boy has been possessed by forcing the tiger to recognize the Lord." Ghost explained.
"possession? Who are you? " LingFang incredible asked.
"Who am I? Didn’t this boy tell you? "
"Are you …? Are you a ghost? " Ling Fang asked.
"Yes, I am a ghost. Remember, when I control him, you have to help me protect his knowledge." As he spoke, a small tower appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hand, the small tower flew to Qin Shaojie, slowly getting bigger above his head, and then slammed down. And LingFang also hit a vigour, entered the Qin Shaojie body.
"Let me out." Qin Shaojie was covered in a small tower and shouted wildly. Said, and began to hit the small tower with a palm.
There was a rumbling sound from the tower, but it stood still.
"Hum, this is seven clever exquisite tower. Even if the immortal is locked in, he won’t come out for a moment. Do you still want to struggle, a remnant spirit? " Said the ghost disdainfully.
At this time, Lingfang’s true yuan also seems to have played a role.
"hmm? Where is this? Ghost? Where am I? " Suddenly, I heard Qin Shaojie’s voice coming from the tower.
"Little jie. Is that you? How are you? " Ling Fang heard the sound of Qin Shaojie and asked anxiously.
"The teacher elder sister? You were there? Hmm? ….. Let me out. " Suddenly, the voice changed again.
"What is this?" Ling Fang looked at the ghost and asked.
"He is now shocked by the Seven Clever Towers, and your vitality has protected his knowledge. He is fighting with demons, depending on his mind." Ghost explained.
Ling Fang immediately shouted at the tower, "Shao Jie, use your mind, and you can’t let him control you again."
"Ideas?" Qin Shaojie said to himself.
"I see how powerful you are. You have been dead for thousands of years, and you still want to control me?" For an instant, Qin Shaojie seems to have returned to the dark world just now. And Qin Shaojie No.2, who is exactly the same as him, also appeared in front of him.
"You’re not dead?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"How could I die? Ha ha. I’m real, you’re just a demon. I won’t die. " Qin Shaojie No.2 laughed.