"I wonder what the Princess Palace wants to do at the end?" Pastor Ronggui had a faint guess in his heart.

"There is some distance between their three aristocratic families and me at present. I can’t get away now. Please take a trip to send them to their aristocratic families for me." Xiao Fengmian said.
Pastoral RongGui suddenly looked up and said "temple! If this matter goes out, it will damage your name! Even if you are angry, there are other ways to solve it … "
"Isn’t their family claiming to be noble but covered in filth? Since they are not afraid, what am I afraid of? Anyway, I won’t come by name, so they won’t say anything if I can’t get to the end, but if I don’t do anything, there will be dirty water splashing over." Xiao Fengmian’s intention has been decided.
"By the way, hurry up, Xu, waiting for my reply." Xiao Fengmian added, thinking of what.
Mu Ronggui couldn’t help being sour and resentful. "It’s outrageous that he didn’t advise you to follow a piece of nonsense instead of finding a boat in the temple!"
Is Mo Xunzhou reliable or not? !
With suspicion and disbelief about Mo Xunzhou, Mu Ronggui frowned and left Xiao Fengmian, heading for the hometown of three noble families.
The capital guessed that Xiao Fengmian had received the letter and the information on Mo Xunzhou’s side was almost the same.
The roots have rotted away, and it is impossible for a family to have a dirty person. Even if the others are not as evil as those people, it is not a good thing to search for local finances and give them to the family. The standard is that the people who have been harmed by them are dead or alive.
"Positions over there what attitude? If positions don’t stop me, I’ll let this out. "Mo Xunzhou asked Xiao Fengyu.
Because it’s not easy to find something out this time, Mo Xunzhou asked Xiao Fengyu to report it to the female emperor.
For Mo Xunzhou, the attitude of the female emperor is very important, because this matter is actually related to the political position of the female emperor. Of course, these Mo Xunzhou dare not tell Xiao Fengyu in detail.
"Mother emperor let you rest assured that when you are ready, she will arrest people and try to catch all three aristocratic men." Xiao Fengyu said.
Said Xiao Fengyu looked at Mo Xunzhou’s new things, and some newspapers didn’t know what their mother emperor was so cautious about.
In order to prevent the situation from being suppressed, Mo Xunzhou also moved someone else’s pulse
Liu Wensheng and Liu Chengzhuo, who were suddenly invited by Mo Xunzhou, were surprised until they saw the information in Mo Xunzhou’s hand and heard Mo Xunzhou’s plan.
Liu Chengzhuo looked at Mo Xunzhou and frowned. "Have you really decided? You know, there is no turning back. Even if you can get rid of three aristocratic families this time, will the remaining aristocratic families regard you as a thorn in your side and a thorn in your flesh? "
"Even if it is big princess, you don’t have to fight like this?" Liu Chengzhuo looked at Mo Xunzhou and sighed that Mo Xunzhou had such great determination.
"Don’t these scum shouldn’t kill? Shouldn’t such a decadent family be completely uprooted? " Mo Xunzhou asked Liu Chengzhuo and Liu Wensheng
"… of course they should, except that the price you have to pay may be beyond imagination. Now that you have provoked the aristocratic family, don’t expect the aristocratic family to reason with you again, even if what you are afraid of is your family?" Liu Wensheng asked Mo Xunzhou
"I have long considered this question. My mother and sister have been properly placed and there are people to protect the family. If you want to vent, isn’t there my father and brothers?" Mo Xunzhou smiled a face of tenderness
Liu Chengzhuo and Liu Wensheng were directly "filial" by Mo Xunzhou, and they wiped their sweat and exchanged glances with each other. "Never give birth to this kind of unfilial son after seeing it."
"The key still needs to be educated. Mo Xunzhou’s father didn’t educate him at all." Liu Chengzhuo and Liu Wensheng said two things.
Of course, it’s wonderful not to expose yourself or not. After all, if you are a thief for a thousand days, how can you prevent thieves for a thousand days?
The newspaper revealed that there are countless evils in three aristocratic families. Mo Xunzhou is not stupid enough to write his name and take himself as a living target. It is estimated that it is hard for others to think that this is his gift to the Great Emperor.
Let Liu Chengzhuo and Liu Wensheng get ready. One morning, there were three big families, and the evil newspapers spilled all over the capital. There are many literates in Beijing. After reading the newspapers, many of them are full of horror and particularly angry.
Most of the people who are shocked are those who have no power, but there is no lack of power, especially those who read the newspaper and immediately attack them with words.
Liu Chengzhuo and Liu Wensheng sighed, which made the matter worse and worse. After all, they were oppressed by the aristocratic family, not only the people but also their humble family. There was no lack of efforts, and the imperial examination officials were folded into the hands of the aristocratic family before they had a chance.
In this way, the evil that suddenly fell from the sky spread in all directions in the center of Beijing at a very fast speed.
When the three families react, even if they try to cover it up again, they can’t stop Tianyaoukou.
At the same time, the anger of the people is rapidly accumulating.
"Isn’t it said that heaven breaks the law and the common people are guilty of the same crime? Why do these people still live happily after doing so many evils?" The people don’t understand
The newspaper not only published their misdeeds of knowing the law, breaking the law and trampling on it, but also wrote their recent traces.
Traveling around the mountains, feasting in the manor, spending a lot of money, etc. are all extravagant.
Besides, they have one thing in common, that is freedom.
Regardless of whether you have a murder case or conclusive evidence, you search for the people’s fat or come forward to cover them up. If you are guilty, you live more freely than the guilty people, just like the national law can’t make an appointment with them.
That’s right. For example, no one told the people that they were behind those rich people before, but now I know that it’s really somebody else’s life. In the eyes of those powerful people, their lives may be worse than dirt.
This makes the people can’t help crying and beating drums to express their grievances, asking the government what evidence is conclusive, but letting those people go free, the court has to give them an account.
Otherwise, is there any way for these people to live long?
In addition to the people, there are also a large number of poor brothers who have come out one after another to contribute to this trend, although their numbers are not as good as those of the people.
"What our family things will be outsiders know so clearly? What the hell is going on? " Three families panic way
There are some things they can do, but they know very well that they don’t care. Now they are suddenly exposed in public, which makes their family feel ashamed and want to find a way to suppress this matter quickly.
"Go and ask the big emperor to help us find out who is behind the scenes. If you let us know, you can’t be lenient!" Three aristocratic men frightened and angry way
Asking for help from the Great Emperor is not because there is no one in his family, but because his mansion has been surrounded by the people. If he wants to go out and do something, he will be surrounded by ignorant eyes until he sweats.
"And so on, by the way, let the big emperor send some soldiers to suppress these unruly people outside the house in one fell swoop." Three aristocratic families said.
They are particularly angry with the people around their mansion outside, because they have never been treated like this because of their origins. After all, they can have contacts with them, and people are not polite, which is not like those people outside who look like they are about to eat them.
This makes the aristocratic families who never put those people in their eyes particularly annoyed, and even those aristocratic families who are not surrounded by the people frown when they see this scene.
"Who is doing this bureau? These three families even can’t keep coming "the rest of the family humanitarian.
Of course, they are not a family with those three families. Naturally, they won’t feel really sad, but they are just a little sad. After all, there will be one or two unfilial people in a family with a large population. They don’t want their family to have such a day in the future.
No matter how those people are, it’s their family blood, and a group of lowly people bully them.
"Here we go." The wind blows and the petals fall into the palm of a person’s hand, and the owner looks down at the petals and says,
The wind started again, and the owner flew again from the petals. The hair of the two people was Wang Lingsheng and Xie Huairan.
Wang Lingsheng sat in the middle of the pavilion holding a jade cup and looked at Xie Huairan. "It’s really surprising that they don’t prune their branches frequently when they want to surpass Wang and Xie aristocratic families."
"They are the beginning. Sooner or later, this fire will burn us." Xie Huairan’s eyes seemed to have predicted the future, and he described what might happen in the future without being happy or sad.
"Now is not yet to that day? Seriously, I feel so tired recently. My family is urging marriage again. I may not be able to meet my sweetheart like you. "Wang Lingsheng looked at Xie Huairan with some envy.
Envy Xie Huairan for meeting someone he likes in seed of love.