That terrible war … made the gods fall … War … Really … I really want to do it again. Once again, such a war full of wailing and wailing!

"It’s interesting to underestimate you. Where on earth did you come from? The monster just hit the devil level, didn’t it?"
Kirk Boer sighed and said that he looks like an ordinary demon, and he can actually burst into demon power.
How did he do it?
And when kirkbol sighed with emotion, Ye Yu also clearly passed the meeting and judged the situation of both sides.
Ten wings degenerate angel power … So much.
"You go first. I’ll take care of this guy."
Blocked Kirk Bohr’s attack on Ye Yu’s head and never looked back at a few people behind him.
Leah nodded. Now is not the time to be brave. It is meaningless for them to stay here, but it will also drag down Ye Yu.
"Muchang, Zhu Nai, let’s retreat!"
Leah and her family retreated in an orderly manner. Although Kirkbor didn’t want to let Leah go, he couldn’t act well with Ye Yu eyeing himself.
At present, the teenager has been divided into the same level by him, and his opponents are extremely dangerous.
Chapter 56 Lord level combat
"Kirkbor, you are longing for war, aren’t you?"
After Leah silk and others left, Ye Yu slowly spoke. He painted a black sword in his hand step by step.
The quiet moonlight shines with the cold, and the whole school is covered with a dreamy ice blue color when I don’t know.
"Yes, I am eager for war. What about that?" Kirk Boer said with his hands in his arms. Although he was nervous, it didn’t mean that he would be really afraid of Ye Yu.
Anyway, Kirkbor has lived since the ancient war, and the level of living fossil devil has its own pride in nature.
"Young you are very strong, I think you must be a killer in your hand? Maybe you will be a terrible opponent when you grow up, but now … you can’t be my opponent! Desperate strength gap let you have a good look! "
Roaring Kirk Bohr once again punched Ye Yu.
The fist was held by the other side, and Kirkbor’s eyes were once again in a trance. His attack was so easily pinched by the other side.
"The strength … is not enough?"
Lightly open Ye Yu painted a black sword in his hand and waved it at Kirkbor.
Eyes fierce contraction although I don’t know the specific power, it is obvious that Kirk Bohr doesn’t have the confidence to pick up this stroke by himself.
The killer is always the most powerful thing in the world, and there are mysterious things. You can’t be too cautious in the face of the unknown killer theory.
Holding one’s fist and arm is more powerful than Kirkbor thought. For a short time, I couldn’t break free from Kirkbor’s feet and the whole person jumped up.
Frostmourne brushed his waist and brought a frost sting to his body.
As Kirk Bohr expected, although this killer sword looks scary, it still faces a problem, that is, it is not flexible enough, especially in close combat.
Although the smell of cold makes Kirkbor feel unhappy, the base is still in a tolerable range.
Ye Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously aware of this, and immediately revealed a chuckle.
This guy ….. Does his own power department rely on his own sword?
For Ye Yu, Frostmourne is just a sharp sword. Since Frostmourne can’t say much, just put it away.
When there is no frost sorrow, Ye Yu is best at hand-to-hand combat.
It was not long before Kirkbor was satisfied that Ye Yu had put away Frostmourne. Just when he wondered what this guy was trying to do, Ye Yu grabbed his wings.
"You this guy … ahhh! ! !”
Perhaps Kirkbor’s physical strength is very high, but no matter how hard an object is, it will inevitably become fragile once it is frozen.
When Ye Yu’s palm fell to Kirkbor’s wing, the appalling low temperature was handed over, and one of his wings was frozen in an instant, and then the frozen wing was easily pulled out by Ye Yu.
Although there was no substantial damage, it was a great shame for Kirkbor to have his wings pulled out. Kirkbor became angry from embarrassment and instantly got rid of Ye Yu’s control and condensed into a shining light.
"Dust me and die!" Roared in the hands of a cursor gun in the instantaneous differentiation of several root immediately storm swept to the leaf royal stood there.
"I really don’t know how a guy with your strength came alive in the battlefield where even God fell. Did you hide in a mouse hole and cry?" Ye Yu mocked Kirkbor while facing the bright light that covered the front.
The lacquered black sword reappeared in his hand and was plunged into the ground.
The ice barrier rose from the ground and became indestructible. The shield threw Kirkbor out of the cursor and blocked the gun.
"Is there such a cokeball? You really let me down. "
The cursor gun can’t even pierce the Ye Yu barrier. After hitting the ice shield, it will burst in succession, and the sky will be finely divided.
"Damn it! Damn it! Don’t be too arrogant, kid! " Kirk Boer once again condensed a cursor gun in his hand, but this time he didn’t choose to throw it, but waved a javelin and killed it directly
"Look at the broken barrier, I’ll smash it directly!"
In the night, the light explodes, the gas explodes sharply due to friction, and the strong wind blows with black wings with paint flying all over the sky
Holding the cursor gun, Kirkbor flew like a hunting eagle, but he was greeted by a huge black sword with a rare smell.
Ye Yu mercilessly mocked and waved Frostmourne and flagrantly greeted Kirkbor’s attack.
Fierce collision bloomed in the school yard of the foal king academy, and ice fragments flew all over the sky, and the whole world trembled with this terrible force.
"Ye Yu … what would be so powerful?"
Staring at the dreamy battle in front of me, I became angry from embarrassment and degenerated into an angel cadre, Kirkball, and Ye Yulia couldn’t help but feel a little unreal.
This family member who belongs to himself has such great power, but the master himself knows nothing about it.
For a long time, Leah thought Ye Yu was very strong, but he was only a demon of the first level to a demon of the second level, but now he can face a demon king alone? !
"It seems that … Ye Yu never said that he was not bad?"
The kitten cocked its head while Himejima Akeno added the opening.
"It’s true … because the former Ye Yu classmates are too weak to meet the enemy. Ah, he fell down before he contributed."
"Hey … that is to say the original Ye Yu so much from the start? ! I don’t know anything! "
"Ah, ah, Lalias, you are such a failed host."
Himejima Akeno continued to laugh at Leah, and Leah could glare at it.
"But … it’s too powerful. This great and dazzling force makes people even have no idea of catching up."
Look not far away, Himejima Akeno, who refused to fight outside, sighed softly. This strong woman who has always shown a stronger posture revealed a sense of loneliness and sadness in her eyes.
Chapter 57 God is dead