"Looking at Nunu’s movements, I didn’t expect GODEYES blind monk to play like this. It seems that this little dragon will be stolen by the purple side."

Yefeng began to fight against Xiaolong after the blind monk flew in.
Master W blind monk is no problem in fighting Xiaolong at level 5. Bring two bottles of red and then need skill links to make it reasonable to kill Xiaolong, and there is almost half of the blood line.
And the night maple wave dares to come from the little dragon circle Q. Another picture in my mind shows that it is naturally a peaceful scene!
About twenty seconds later!
Ho …
"NICE, my English god has won a new title!"
"I dare to steal it. It’s hard to run if Nunu comes from the river bag!"
Some viewers saw GODEYES and knocked out Xiaolong, and they all said something.
"By blind out little dragon! ! ! Don’t rivers have eyes? How to get there? " When Minnan University auxiliary wind girl and ADC wheel mom were on the line with the road, they suddenly saw two people on the opposite road coming out of a dragon and moaning in their ears.
"It must be to go to our wild area Q to help hurry up and get enough money to go home!" Wild Zhang Xiaohua surly way
GODEYES, the blind monk has begun to take the rhythm!
Mainly the first wave, when they tried to catch people, they were squatted by blind monks! As a result, Nunu’s advantage in controlling Xiaolong swung, but the blind monk across the street began to bring up the rhythm.
"After pushing this wave of lines, Feng Nv should be going home, or else the blind monk with rhythm is still very scary." Reggie looked at the situation and said.
Once the hero of the blind monk takes the rhythm, it’s easy to understand.
"GODEYES went back to the wild area and continued to brush the wild, and then a wave of wild monsters was about to reach the sixth level." Meng Li paused. "After the sixth level, the blind monk will be a qualitative change. That wave is very strong. Let’s see if GODEYES will choose GANK."
"Be careful in the middle" night maple suddenly moved in the heart when playing three wolves immediately
At this time, the director suddenly turned the game perspective to the middle road!
The big screen Victor suddenly hit Li Yuanjun with W skill gravity field and Nunu came out of the grass at the moment of hit!
"The single czar in the purple square is a little careless. He was stunned by Victor W’s skills. Nunu was squatting aside." Reggie looked at the czar and was stunned by the fast track.
The audience also came with exclamations.
No one thought that the czar in the middle would be stunned at the edge of gravity field.
"Nunu vomited a hail with an E skill. Victor EQ made an explosion output in two. How do you say that the czar directly handed over the flash after cooling from dizziness and then received the displacement of the sand soldiers? There were more than 200 drops of blood left, but the czar’s summoner skill was a barrier and flash should be able to escape from the residual blood" to be continued …
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Chapter one hundred and forty-six Amazing cooperation
The czar in the middle of the road was accused of almost being killed, and everyone was shocked.
"But this wave of czars is definitely going home, and it is definitely impossible to eat soldiers in the tower without dropping three hundred drops of blood." Reggie glanced at the czar’s blood line, and this wave was stunned by Victor’s hands. It must be Li Yuanjun’s carelessness.
When stunned, the czar’s body skills can be shifted before the end.
"The tsar was stunned at Victor W’s extreme distance. He should have been able to go out by himself, but he was one step away." Meng Li also shook his head.
This is a small detail, but it lets them know a very important message!
That is, the nakano exchange in Nanling University has begun to show that something is wrong. The first one is that I haven’t played singles for a long time before, and I don’t know enough about some skills of Chinese heroes!
"Sorry, this wave is my carelessness. I could have gone out." Li Yuanjun in the headset also whispered.
"It’s okay, I’ll go to the middle road, you go home first." Ye Feng glanced at Tsar Li Yuanjun’s blood line and asked him to go home directly, but at this time, the two lines on the middle road have gathered.
"The tsar is really going home, but GODEYES is blind to keep this wave of lines?" Reggie frowned a little when he saw the night maple blind monk coming out of the wild area.
This wave of lines is very long if the blind monk wants to be punctual!
Because the tsar didn’t send him to the line step by step!
This means that the blind monk will be trapped in the middle of the road for a very long time!
At this time, Minnan University can take the opportunity to invade the wild area by playing Nunu. Whether to make a vision or steal wild monsters or even GANK is a very good chance, and you will not worry about being squatted again!
"After the blind monk appeared in the middle road, Nunu had already begun to invade the purple square field to make a vision! And the athletes of Nanling University in the Middle Line are also very careful because they are not sure whether Nunu will catch them when the blind monk is away. "
On the big screen, when GODEYES blind monk appeared, the other two paths found a subtle change.
This change is naturally unfavorable to Nanling.
"Ye Feng, you help me control the first line to minimize my loss." Li Yuanjun didn’t buy any strong clothes when he got home. He bought a pair of French shoes and made up two bottles of red medicine, and then quickly rushed to the line.
"Loss to a minimum? But I am never willing to suffer! " Night maple corners of the mouth outline heart andao.
"Big move here!" Night maple point a little map in the headset said
"The blind monk in the middle keeps the line, but Victor’s ability to clear the line is very strong. After this wave of lines are cleared, the blind monk can’t stop the soldiers." Reggie looked at Victor and cleared the lines quickly.