After the previous individual competition, both of them knew exactly what the other team’s strength was and what skills they were good at. Now, after several rounds of exploratory attacks, neither side made any big moves, and now they have pulled away from each other in an attack and a new round of confrontation.

The gun king showed excellent stealth skills in the previous game, and he was a master of both shooting and melee, and he also made almost the same mecha throwing skills to face such an enemy. Even now that the two sides have faced each other face to face, Wang Tianping will not relax at all.
And Wang Tianping’s situation is also clear. Before the final round, he often made the advanced skills such as changing direction, regular Z-maneuver, blade storm and so on suitable for all kinds of mecha and various playing skills, which have been popular throughout the game.
It was in the finals that the equally practical skills such as mecha Tai Chi and distance charge set off a wave of learning advanced skills. Players of all levels of strength want to learn several advanced skills to show off to others. In some cases, advanced skills have become a sport rather than a combat skill.
Even the gun king himself has learned a lot from Wang Tianping’s battle video, and learned a lot of skills suitable for pursuers. Facing this enemy, which can be called the birthplace of a lot of skills, he has raised his state to the top and all his attention has been put on the front to fight wholeheartedly.
The battlefield situation is changing rapidly. Both Wang Tianping and Gun King don’t want their teammates to be at a disadvantage before they win. After the two mecha were slightly adjusted, they immediately started the propeller and crashed together.
However, the audience obviously didn’t expect to witness a wonderful one-on-one fight in a multiplayer battle. After a short silence, the audience burst into great joy, and their supporters shouted and cheered.
Hurry up! Faster! A little faster! The gun king keeps raising his speed, and the high-speed characteristics of the pursuers are brought to the extreme by him. The mecha have produced ghosting images, and the audience can see dancing shadows with their eyes because of the special fog in the rainstorm climate and wetland swamp.
And Wang Tianping didn’t show any weakness. The absolute speed of the patrolman is almost worse than that of the pursuer, but the gap is not very big. Moreover, the key of Wang Tianping’s patrolman is accuracy. Almost all attacks from the Gun King will be blocked or evaded by him. Not only that, Wang Tianping seems to be able to predict the enemy’s actions to a great extent and make corresponding actions.
At this time, the director quickly adjusted the picture to the slow-down playback picture. What the audience saw was that even in the slow-down picture, both of them could still let the players attack and defend quickly at their own speed.
The most important thing is that neither side showed the slightest mistake.
Chapter 296 Highly synchronous Phoenix and iceberg
The four semi-finals were held at the same time. When the frenzy squadron and the shotgun squadron were locked in a decisive battle on both sides, there was not much change for the time being. When the two captains were relying on one-on-one combat to boost the morale of the team, the other three games were also held simultaneously.
The two teams, Phoenix and Iceberg, can be said to be in the same boat or the way to go. Without the frenzy squadron and Wang Tianping, these two teams and their respective captains would be the leaders of their own camp.
But now their brilliance is covered by the frenzy squadron. Fortunately, because they are in the imperial camp, the iceberg can rank first in the ranking of the imperial camp, but the phoenix can always follow Wang Tianping.
At this time, the two teams finally collided together, because they were very similar in strength in the minds of players, and even the voting results were the same. At this time, there were many spectators watching the game on the spot and many players watching the live broadcast through various forms
Phoenix Arbitrator and Iceberg Patrol are their respective bases, and neither side has chosen the standard configuration like a shotgun, but has brought their strengths to the extreme.
Phoenix has adopted 10 sets of pursuers, 10 sets of guardians and 10 sets of arbiters, which reduces certain mobility, improves stability and is not passive in reconnaissance.
The iceberg is even more extreme. Except for ten pursuers, the other 20 mecha are patrol fighters. Compared with Phoenix, the firepower and defense are different. Although there is no high stability, the powerful machine power makes up for this shortcoming.
To a certain extent, the configuration of the models of the two sides did not surprise the other side or some top players. Both teams are ensuring the number base of their own superior models to reflect their own characteristics to the greatest extent.
The battle sites of the two teams were finally randomly moved to the desert ancient city, where the standard gravity slightly lifted sand.
This landform of desert ancient city is based on the desert landform, and some broken walls remains are added, which not only has the characteristics of desert body, but also has certain obstacles and complexity. If you dig well, there are many places to benefit.
The number of pursuers on both sides is the same, and for these two companies, the level of pursuers on both sides, that is, the level of general military pilots, no one can win the battle. The key depends on the play and luck of scouts on both sides
However, due to the different aircraft configurations of the two sides, the two sides have already had differences not long after the scouts left the army. The Phoenix scouts followed the support troops, which was a golden combination. Each scout was followed by a guardian and an arbitrator, while the iceberg was two patrolmen.
Who is stronger between a pair of golden couples and two patrolmen? It’s really hard to say. It depends on the specific situation. Speaking of speed, the golden combination is definitely better than those who don’t tour.
Therefore, the audience can see that the distance between the scouts and the support troops of both sides is the same, while the Phoenix scouts keep in tune with the support troops behind them, and they have to move slower than the other scouts.
Iceberg scouts seem to have guessed this situation, but they didn’t hurry to open the cover when they approached the midfield line, but they did it when they arrived at the edge of the radar detection range of the other pursuers after arriving at the midfield line. Almost at the same time, the Phoenix scouts also pressed the cover button as if they had already seen through it.
The scouts soon came to the same area, which is located in the Phoenix half-court near the midfield line, including the center of the whole field and the iceberg half-court. The same area seems to be a relic of ancient palaces, large and small, with broken houses and walls all around and a little sand blowing, which is a good area for scouts to win or lose.
What will happen to the same number of scouts and the same level in a fairly complicated area? It’s probably a tie, as it is now. The scouts of both sides are divided into ten directions for reconnaissance, and each of them has five scouts to determine the enemy’s position without disturbing the other side, but equally, each of them has five scouts to be discovered by the other side without seeing the enemy.
The audience is excited. Will there be a scout war next? If both sides have found out that the enemy reconnaissance department is attacking, then all the scouts on both sides will be involved in the battle in a flash, half active and half passive. What is the result?
However, the sight made their eyes drop, and the Phoenix scouts retreated. Among the five scouts who did not find the enemy, the scouts who found the enemy stayed on the sidelines and all the scouts slowly retreated after the scouts were merged.
The five people on the iceberg found that the enemy scouts immediately called the rest of the scouts to press forward after seeing the enemy’s abnormal behavior, and they were not in a hurry to fight, and they also slowly retreated and withdrew from this area after seeing the enemy close.
What’s going on? You’re not calling? Didn’t that just be a great opportunity for both sides? What don’t fight? Even a small-scale battle didn’t happen. What the hell are these two teams doing?
At this time, everyone thought that in the previous group match, one team from both sides played against the BIG_GAME that killed most of the audience’s patience for more than two hours. Is it possible that this match between the home teams of both sides will become like that?
The situation seems to be guessing the trend to the audience. After the scouts of both sides left this area, they immediately retreated to their own large forces and left the radar detection range of the other side. Then they took the initiative to interrupt, and there were still a few minutes to hide and rest.
The high synchronization between the two sides made many viewers wonder whether they were playing a fake match, but considering that the fake match was not good for both sides, everyone finally chose to believe in the professional ethics of "professional players"
The reason why Phoenix and Iceberg did this is also very simple, that is, the scouts did not achieve the ideal results in the confrontation, and half of them were discovered by the other side, which means that at least half of them were discovered by the other side, which is likely to make the two teams enter a decisive battle.
For the two teams with different firepower and defense, there is no certainty of winning the head-on decisive battle. Now decisive battle is different from gambling. For the two teams that are not cornered, it is not time to gamble.
Chapter 297 Gao Lixian Devil and Golden Dragon
In the frenzy and shotgun stalemate, Jinlong was already in a passive position when Phoenix and iceberg retreated and gave up the first reconnaissance results.
The devil is a special one in all military bases, because their personal strength is not very strong. Their home team captain Barr’s physical strength is at the most advanced level among all military base home team captains.
In the previous individual competition, Barr didn’t make it to the finals. Although he was unlucky, Wang Tianping, the champion of the individual competition, had it before, but I have to say that his level would not achieve good results even if he advanced to the finals.
At that time, Wang Tianping didn’t have much strength to eliminate him in the qualifiers. At that time, many players had not learned much skill, and Wang Tianping stood at the top from the beginning. Not only was Bar’s level really worse than Yunfei’s and theirs.
However, the low personal level has little impact on their overall strength. The Devil’s Base is a base with the smallest gap in personal strength and the most tacit understanding. In the past, few people played the role of individual heroism in team action.
And the key point is that although Barr has a slight gap in personal strength compared with several other people, he is also a tactical and strategic expert who is good at coordinating all the team members, so that everyone can play their 100% or even more than 100% strength in the battle.
The elite base of the same patrol, they are different from the iceberg in their flexible characteristics. What the devil patrol is best at is to give full play to the performance of the patrol mecha, and they have not low attainments in all aspects. This is the devil patrol.
The characteristics of pilots also extend to the team. The characteristics of the devil in the team battle are precisely that they can be seen by the audience in the previous battle. The patrolman acts as a scout, a heavy firefighter, a guerrilla unit and a receiving unit. As the battle progresses, the patrolman changes his role at any time and completes it very well every time.
This time, of course, their model configuration is patrol, and the number of main patrol is as much as that of iceberg, reaching 23 sets, and seven places are reserved for pursuers.
At this time, Jinlong has neither any ace role model nor found anything suitable for its own characteristics through teamwork. Facing the powerful enemy of the devil, their model configuration chose conservative July 7th.
Before the two sides fought, there were unknown terrains, and the gravity and climate environment were very common, and nothing deserved special attention.
The number of scouts is the same, the quality of the devil is slightly higher, but it is not an absolute advantage. Jinlong is not without opportunities in reconnaissance confrontation.
Indeed, the scouts of both sides saw this area after a confrontation. All the enemies were because many scouts didn’t see each other, but they were like mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds. In the end, who won the scout confrontation? Even the commanding audience could not understand it.
However, the two teams didn’t have time to settle accounts slowly. After seeing the enemy, they didn’t retreat like Phoenix and iceberg. They took action, just the opposite of Phoenix and iceberg. All their pursuers were prepared for sneak attack.
The scout war broke out instantly, and the two sides did not completely grasp the position of their opponents’ scouts. However, all the scouts on both sides immediately got mixed up in this war, and there were one-on-one fights and many-to-many group fights, and the scene was temporarily in chaos.
And the two sides in the back to meet the troops also immediately rushed to meet the team members, and the devil took the lead in reaching the battlefield. When they were about to annihilate the Jinlong scouts, Yong dae Kim troops rushed to the two sides without saying anything, and the Armageddon was over.
Although the loss of so many scouts is a kind of pain for Jinlong, it is not worth a little bit of pain compared with the blow to their big army.
Although the devil didn’t make any subtle array like before the frenzy squadron, the tacit cooperation between the 23 patrol stations still made the audience eye-opening
Some of these patrolmen are responsible for defense, fire suppression, circuitous outflanking and charge disruption, but one type of aircraft is playing a mixed force momentum.
Not only that, but those who took the place of guardians as defense parades also made Wang Tianping once in a row when the troops of both sides approached a certain distance. In the last battle of the individual finals, Wang Tianping made a distance charge and washed the golden dragon formation apart.
You can’t win the golden dragon in this way. Everyone has already understood the gap between the two sides in an instant. Many players of the devil cooperate tacitly and command clearly and effectively. They can always put the most firepower in the most accurate position in the shortest time.