Think of the other two Hu Yingxue sighed, "He is not the only one who is so obsessed."

Chapter 323 Re-enter the Magic Valley
A star-rated brother of the Devil Sect who has been in the limelight in recent years was ambushed and seriously injured because of the messenger of the law, and the reason why the messenger of the law was sent was that Tongji City opened the forbidden area. What time did the atmosphere in Tongji City stretch?
The forbidden area is a necessary defense method for the general city. After the opening of the forbidden area, the ten-mile method around the city makes the delivery and teleport arrays not run, and there are heavy guards at various intersections. This has made many people very dissatisfied, and now the forbidden area has been opened, which is enough to make everyone dissatisfied and angry.
The news was that even though someone had been clamoring for the Lord’s Mansion for a long time, no one came out of the Lord’s Mansion. Because everyone had seen the sermon meeting, the Lord in Tongji City came out with the directors and stewards, but he was not one of them.
Looking at the stranger made many people feel shocked, but they listened to each other and said, "Adults were attacked and injured last night, and it was when adults were attacked that we were not allowed to open the forbidden area. After a few days, we will ask you to be friends."
With these words, the supervisor turned and went back. It took a long time for a group of people to recover from their surprise, but they couldn’t find anyone who could explain it to them further. If we continue to quarrel, the city guards will be surrounded and have to be scattered.
What happened here is that someone went to the palace of cloud nine and was still chatting with Wan Wenbin and others. Hu Yingxue felt that this trick was quite poor. Zhang Qing had already detected that the duke of Tongji City was now a prisoner. Of course, he could not come out to meet you.
Cheng-order prisoner Tong Ji Cheng’s mouth is very tight, and nothing can be asked from him. There are many things that Tang Haoqian conspired alone, including the election of Tong Ji Cheng at this Taoist conference. Now Tang Haoqian is dead, alive and dead, and he doesn’t talk, which makes the people sent by Tian Shu Palace very headache.
At present, it is not certain that the people sent by Tian Shu Palace will directly enter the valley, except for hearing such a smell. In fact, they just don’t want to be forced to stay in Tongji City at this time to know how many people they have come.
However, this is to be able to deceive those noble factions with low status, such as ascended a sky, who have the means to get the exact news at the first time. It seems that they are afraid that the situation here is out of control. Tian Shu Palace has sent a lot of people this time, and there are nearly 100 people in Mahayana alone. This is definitely a big deal.
Now, one of the news is that the Tian Shu Palace Army has encountered many high-order foreign monsters after entering the magic valley, which has to make people in the cloud nine think that Weichi Hanyu brought two news. One is that they have increased the number of people guarding the big cracks there, and the other is before the beast tide once in a hundred years.
Before Hu Yingxue and others discussed these things and just sent the news, the guard on duty in the main hall came to her and saluted the group of them and said, "The elders asked three young masters to bring friends to the main hall of the Taoist Friends Association."
The elder gave instructions, of course, and the horse followed the guard and led back to the main hall. When Hu Yingxue walked into the main hall, he noticed that there were five clan doors with an elder holding a post with a familiar pattern. He recalled that he had seen it in Tian Shu Palace when he sent a reward bag.
When they went to their respective places, they held a post and said, "Tian Shu Palace just sent a post and asked us to send someone to help them guard the magic valley together."
Hu Yingxue’s eyes flashed "I just received a message from Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Tian Shu Palace doesn’t seem to have found anything in the magic valley."
Shen Zhao sneered, "The purpose of assistance is just to let us send some or all of you star brothers to their noses so that if there is anything, we elders can’t help but worry about having brothers in their control."
It’s rare for Song Changqing to appear on this occasion, and then Shen Zhao said, "If you don’t spend more energy investigating those ghost masks, you’ll know that it’s really as usual for us to spend more time in Tian Shu Palace."
Although I am very dissatisfied with Tian Shu Palace’s move, it is not the time to tear my face with the other side. Tian Shu Palace asked them to send someone to help prevent what really happened. At this time, it is necessary to send a few people, and the disadvantages are revealed. Other families have to consider who to send to the right cloud nine, but they don’t want to.
Don’t say those brothers in the Temple of Dan, just say that none of Hu Yingxue’s people can run away except Jirui. Mu Tianxuan’s apprentice Atractylodes lancea is not included in it, and Bai Yueyin has not recovered and can stay with Liu Qian and Liang Jingsi who also need to rest well.
There are not many other guards and servants in the entourage except the seven guards. Hu Yingxue also chose one person, Govern Mu Tianxuan, SiDou Wei Chihanyu, and Wen Qin, the others around him, and Bing Yi, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu, respectively. Hu Yingxue’s entourage is Zhang Qing.
It’s not that you can’t bring more people. You don’t want too many people under the noses of others. Moreover, if there is any situation, it will be better to make some responses. Other sects and families who receive Tian Shu Palace Post will do the same. After all, people in Mahayana period can’t be distracted to protect too many people.
However, when they set out, three more people were added to their team, who lived beside Saint Bi, and the custodian took Feng Xue and Cheng Xun to find the door to see Hu Yingxue. They said, "If you go to seal the magic valley, you must take the three of us."
"Little master?" Zongjiu raised his eyebrows and said that he really didn’t adapt to this name.
Protector Bi turned to Zongjiu "You are the master"
Cases of nine corners of the mouth shaking "he admitted? Or did I admit it? "
Although the face of the Protector Bi is still expressive, there is a smile in her eyes. "You can tell you are the master by looking at your face."
Cheng Xun behind connect a way "no doubt"
Green dharma is a demon Xiu Cheng Xun, and Feng Xue is a demon Xiu. It seems a little out of place with a group of immortals, but the four practitioners of fairy, demon and Buddha get along fairly harmoniously here. This combination is very common and does not seem abrupt. Besides, it is so reasonable for my father to worry about his son. If it is not for nothing, no one will pick holes in this side.
However, Cheng Xun said that they just came to prevent someone from picking on Zongjiu, because those women in Penglai Xianzong seemed to need to find a way to vent their depression. Zongsheng said that he had not settled accounts with Penglai Xianzong and didn’t want to see his son get angry with those women again.
It turns out that he is right about Zong Jiu’s face, which is equal to waking up from time to time. What did Yao Guang do? When people don’t want to reflect on their own mistakes, they will put their resentment on the victim’s side. Anyway, Zong Jiu’s mother Jiu-Er is still a traitor’s father Zongsheng in Penglai Xianzong, and he has always been ignored by them.
If those women have always been tough, Hu Yingxue can still think highly of some of them. Their performance is really bullying and afraid of hard work. A six-star brother named Meng Yingxian came here specially to find fault with the star rating higher than Hu Yingxue. Seeing that the people around Yao Guangzong Sheng were easily stopped behind Zong Jiu, his tongue was like being cut.
Hu Yingxue, who just entered the magic valley, met Penglai Xianzong, and she still felt depressed. She felt too good about herself. This problem is really bad. Anyway, she is particularly disgusted with this kind of person. Many people in Penglai Xianzong are so fond of running over to find a sense of being.
It took a while for the dream to find her voice, and she snorted at Hu Yingxue’s side. "I didn’t expect to invite foreign aid to the cloud nine."
Hu Yingxue smiled and listened to the phrase "It’s better than not being invited" before she was born.
Hear this dream jade-like stone is stretched to show irate look turned to stare at the past "who are you? Do you have a place to interrupt here? "
Hu Yingxue looked at the people a little embarrassed and saw the dream jade-like stone. I have to say that this is a true warrior Yu Wenhao, and the Yuwen family is now putting a big sign outside. Those pavilions in Tian Shu Palace have to be polite when they see him. This one is said to dare to say that he didn’t interrupt.
Yu Wenhaojie was dressed in gorgeous atmosphere, but his temperament alone revealed an extraordinary feeling. He fell into Meng Ying’s eyes and was regarded as a treasure, but that face was really handsome and made her act. I don’t know why she was so confident. When I saw that face, I decided that this person wanted to attract her attention in this way.
Looking at the face reddish, Meng Ying followed Yu Wenhao Jie’s side. Yu Wenxing had a slight cough at the corner of his mouth. "Don’t say that the bodhi old zu is here. I also have a cut in."
At this time, Meng Ying didn’t see that there were people behind Yuwen Haojie who were immediately dumbfounded. Except Yuwen Jianxing, who was wearing a panlong robe, the rest were all wearing silver armor guards with golden edges. Few people who saw the guards wearing this armor would not recognize the old Tian Shu Palace Pavilion and Yuwen family office to have guards.
Are Penglai Xianzong people so stupid or not euphemistically retarded? The answer, of course, is that too many things have broken out, and Penglai Xianzong has been in a state of disorder from beginning to end, which makes people feel uneasy and impulsive, but this is not worth understanding. In Hu Yingxue’s view, in the final analysis, it is just that the state of mind is not at home.
Yuwen Haojie is not the kind of person who doesn’t care about offending people, but he doesn’t care about his style with a woman whose head is now filled with grass. He suddenly panicked and glanced at Meng Ying. She nodded at Hu Yingxue and his party. "You come with me." Say that finish before Hu Yingxue replied and turned around and left.
The magic valley is now in Tian Shu Palace, and the Yuwen family has a very special influence on Tian Shu Palace. Yuwen Haojie said that he was called to Hu Yingxue and his party in the name of assistance, and naturally the horse followed.
Watching Hu Yingxue and others follow Yuwen Haojie and Yuwen Jianxing, Mengying turned to a silver guard next to him. "What about us?"
Yin Jiawei, who was questioned, slightly raised his eyelids. "Wait for a while and someone will arrange you."
Don’t say that Penglai Xianzong people wait for an hour. Just say that Yu Wenjiao walked into the magic valley, Hu Yingxue and others. Yu Wenjiao personally went to the entrance of the magic valley to bring them into the valley, which made Tian Shu Palace send two elders to look a little ugly.
Although we are not sure what will happen in the magic valley, we know that those crevices are more dangerous. Some of them planned to place a bunch of people in the cloud nine in one of them for some psychological reasons, and they are very much looking forward to their possible annihilation of the mutant army.
But Hu Yingxue and Yu Wenhao Jie walk together, even if they believe Yu Wenhao Jie’s force value, they dare not put him in that danger, so they have to reconsider, such as the difficulty of resettling them is too bad, too easy and even worse.
Just thinking about it, I heard Yuwen Haojie say, "They don’t want you to arrange to follow me."
One of the elders arched his hand. "It’s not quite in line with the rules, is it?"
Yuwen Haojie snorted, "I’m the rule here."
Isn’t that crazy? The elders in Tian Shu Palace must have fanned people away immediately, but the person who said this was Yu Wenhao Jie, and no matter how dissatisfied he was, he had to swallow it back to his stomach. The old people rarely violated the wishes of the Yuwen family, and they were even worse. Although they were more depressed, they could still watch Yu Wenhao Jie take people away.
Hu Yingxue also thinks that Yuwen Haojie’s words are particularly crazy and powerful, and everything is emboldened, but people not only have their background there, but also their own self-cultivation strength is there, that is, they have crazy capital to change. Now she comes here and finds scolding in minutes.
Compared with the elders in Tian Shu Palace, they were annoyed and depressed to see that ascended a line of people actually walked behind Yuwen Haojie. Others were more indecisive and it was difficult to decide whether ascended a line and Yuwen family were good or not.
Because Cangshuo, Qingyun and Ji Qian returned to Cangshuo and Yuwen Haojie, the story was turned out, and it is reasonable to say that there should be a deep contradiction between Jiutian and Yuwen family, but there has never been a direct conflict between the two sides, not to mention that there are still several seemingly harmonious interactions after Cangshuo’s return, so some people say that Yuwen Haojie should take care of them and take them with him, while others say that they want to take revenge.
The number of people who saw them go to the place leaning towards the latter increased. Although the place was not the biggest crack in the magic valley, the foreign magic was the densest, and the cliffs on both sides were a little narrow, which made the battle more difficult.
It’s not that Yuwen Haojie deliberately brought Hu Yingxue with them. He stayed in this place before he went to meet people. He looked at some younger brothers of Yuwen family and those foreign monsters fighting to bring people here, but it was just how to get there and how to come back. He led people to the place and went to the next one.
At this time, Yuwen Jianxing only found the opportunity. Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu talked and went to their front and arched their hands. "Don’t be ill, three Taoist friends."
At the beginning, Hu Yingxue detoxified Yu Wenchen, nephew of Yuwen Jianxing. He was an acquaintance. Compared with that year, Yuwen Jianxing’s temperament was much more prosperous. This is not surprising. With Yu Wenjie’s blessing, his position in the Yuwen family will surely rise, not to mention that Yuwen Chen is the root of Lei Tianling. If not, no one dares to divide them into uncles.
Hu Yingxue gave a hand in return. "More than twenty years have passed in a flash."
"Chen Er has grown up." Yuwen Jianxing rushed not far away because he was waved by a small group of people around the ceiling. "Chen Er, come here."
Yu Wenchen turned around and recognized at a glance who was the person opposite Yu Wenxin Star. Three or two steps came to Hu Yingxue and bowed deeply. "Yu Wenchen has seen three predecessors."
The saying that time makes people old is not suitable for practitioners, otherwise there would be no such thing as the time to cultivate truth. However, it is still unbearable to sigh that time has passed so quickly when children grow up.
If you look at the age, the small bag has grown up to be worthy of the name. Young people should be spoiled too much. People in their twenties are still naive, but their eyebrows are still somewhat sharp and people dare not look down on him.
Yuwen Haojie and Yuwen Jianxing were both swords. Yuwen Chen naturally chose Kendo Mu Tianxuan to come up with a sword meaning. The three of them said goodbye to Yuwen Chen. "I don’t think you will lack anything. I will give this to you."