Damn, there’s still a crit. If you look at the big-eyed monkey again, you still have a quarter of your blood left.
Suddenly, the energy burst, no matter what the plate is, the direct gun array! Oh, no, it’s a dagger array
When the big-eyed monkey turned around, he slipped his front foot and ducked short to avoid an attack by the big-eyed monkey. He changed the dagger and held it in his hand. At the same time, his right foot took a step to the right and the left hand attached to his right hand and plunged the dagger into the belly of the big-eyed monkey.
Enter the body of the big-eyed monkey, instantly follow up with your left foot, and pull your hands to the right and front to drive the dagger.
"poof ~!"
The big-eyed monkey was burst into a flat bed, went to the large intestine and mixed with blood, and turned out from his stomach with a few pieces of black blood clots, and slid over the big-eyed monkey’s body inch by inch and landed on the grass.
"Hua!" A pile of copper coins fell at the same time and mixed in the dirty monkey with big eyes.
Take a look at the panel. Congratulations on killing the big-eyed monkey and gaining experience at 7 points [Monkey Brain].
I was overjoyed and the first thing broke out. I was disappointed to see those coins, but I didn’t know how to pick them up.
No, it’s not my style. I’m so poor; Yes, but it’s disgusting
The two little people in my heart fought for a long time, and finally I said myself.
M money is important or evil is not disgusting! Of course, money is important. So I pulled the copper plate out of the dirt with a dagger and rubbed my feet on the grass for a long time.
I counted a full one.
The big-eyed monkey killed it, so it’s time to dig the breeze grass
I squatted by the breeze grass with a dagger, then I inserted the knife into the soil, made a ring cut and pried it.
"Hey, there’s a door!" I was so happy that I carefully dug up the breeze grass and held it in my hand, shaking it and putting it in my backpack.
It is shown that the durability of the attack weapon is reduced by 5% because the non-mining tools are used for mining.
Fuck, what does this nima mean … I’m really disappointed when I look at this symbol. I haven’t finished digging this nima yet, and my dagger will lose its durability.
Consciousness reached into the package.
Eh … I also have a dagger. Haha, sure enough, I am lucky.
I took out the green wolf dagger and played with it in my hand. "I’ll wronged you in a minute, green wolf!" " I silently bemoaned it, at the same time, I smiled unconsciously recently.
"Ha ha ha …!" I couldn’t help laughing
Nima gaffed four times. No one estimated that there would be stupid monkeys in the Woods who saw it and killed them later.
So I searched for the breeze grass and killed the big-eyed monkey.
Not far away with a white scale dagger in his hand, he saw a breeze grass. When he looked around, he found no trace of the big-eyed monkey, so he decided to change his hand into a green wolf dagger and crouched down to dig.
Suddenly, I feel that there is a threat behind me. Suddenly, I will see a big-eyed monkey rushing towards me. The distance is only ten yards. I am slightly stunned. Can this monkey not escape to the ground?
Anyway, let’s talk about it.
Holding the dagger, I rushed to the big-eyed monkey. When I waved and attacked, my foot slipped to the side and the dagger slammed into the waist of the big-eyed monkey.
“4!” Dagger also stabbed in half.
Fuck! What’s the matter? I looked down at my mother with a green wolf, so I quickly took out a white scale dagger.
I was just about to change to "Burst!" A suit of pain was hit by a big-eyed monkey and flew out, and the dagger almost got rid of it
I rolled on the ground for two times and got up quickly. Then I saw that the big-eyed monkey had rushed over.
Clenched the dagger and launched a surprise attack. As soon as he appeared behind the big-eyed monkey.
"Brush!" Two knocked out nearly 4 points of blood
The monkey with big eyes turned around and I disappeared in my original position long ago, and the rest was just slaughter.
At 5 seconds, when there is no speed bonus advantage, I rely on dodging, walking miss, dropping the big-eyed monkey attack and stabbing it with a knife.
This time, I’ve finished killing and killing, and I’ve been practicing at the same time.
Turn the green wolf dagger and the green scale dagger back and forth in your hand with "Jie Jie!" By the time the big-eyed monkey died, I had already practiced weapon conversion to perfection.
Kiko paused to attack.
Hum! Then it’s me, showime
Chapter 45 Bait
In this way, killing a monkey and digging a breeze grass will soon pass. Four hours have passed, and half of the breeze grass has been harvested, and half of the monkeys have been killed. Unfortunately, there are five monkeys in the brain.
Mom, the explosion rate is so low
It’s past 6 o’clock in the morning and I’m hungry.
How about something to eat? After much consideration, I decided to let the monkeys eat the breeze grass for a while, but it was not good. After a rest, I dug up grass and killed monkeys again.
This day is really fucking monotonous
Day and night alternate, the sun and the moon alternate, and two hours have passed in a blink of an eye. The sky gradually turned white in the game, and then I looked at the breeze grass, which was almost finished, and the monkey was almost killed, but the monkey brain was still half short.
Now it is almost a forest-peach willow land.
This is the habitat of big-eyed monkeys, and now sometimes you can hear two monkeys biting.
Well, finish digging the grass first, and there are many monkeys.
So I continued to wander in this sparse forest, digging grass and beating monkeys.
The sun was shining, and I stood up and straightened up. At this time, I was already sweating, and I could clearly feel the sweat dripping from my back. I took a look at the breeze grass and put it away. The monkey brain was five short.
The green wolf dagger is no longer durable. Throw it into the package and take out the white scales to change it.
It’s time to concentrate on catching monkeys.
Looking up at the peach willow, the only light also shines through the cracks in the branches and leaves. After enjoying the scenery, it’s time to kill monkeys. After all, monkeys in sparse forests and grasslands are a minority.
Now that my mental state is very poor, I have to finish it quickly and go to bed, so I stepped into the forest
There are not many peach trees, and the willow trees are not finished, which doesn’t match this name.
It’s the most important thing that I didn’t kill the monkey even though I cared so much
However, I was depressed because I wandered around Taoliu geography for less than ten minutes, but I didn’t meet any monkeys. I was even more depressed because I didn’t know what hit me when I was depressed.
I cursed the tree and saw a monkey jumping there. I didn’t know what was still in my hand and threw it when I looked up.