The body guardian pilot is charging with other guardians. The paladin’s magic gun knew this situation at the first time, but he didn’t have a good idea. He also considered this situation, but if he didn’t do this at that time, the battle would end immediately. Now he can let the arbitrator follow and charge with the guardian.

At this time, the Temple Guardian troops have already engaged in a firefight with the frenzy gold combination, but the arbiter is out of touch with their battlefield. The guardians are strong in defense but have little firepower. They can just hold on with their defense, but as the durability of the shield drops, they become in jeopardy.
However, the arbitrator who was on his way here was attacked and harassed by the pursuers’ troops. They wanted to turn around for a battle, but if they were asked to turn their guns, the pursuers would retreat until they continued on their way and the pursuers would come again.
The speed of the arbitrator is very slow, but they can’t go on without giving their backs to the enemy. They have to take a few steps and shoot back once. Just when they are halfway there, the battlefield has changed again. Three patrolmen rushed out from behind the pursuers and joined the harassment ranks.
Wang Tianping and his patrol team finally arrived at the battlefield, which is absolutely snow and frost for the temple arbitrator. With these three patrols, they dare not show their backs, but the patrol attack can be far more than harassment.
Wang Tianping and all the scouts of the patrol team once again charged into the arbitrator’s formation while the arbitrator turned his head and hurried on, but this time it was not like disturbing the formation as once, but storming.
Three patrolmen’s arrows and fifteen mecha rushed into the arbitrator, and Wang Tianping, Xing Rong, Hu Shuo and Thunderbolt, the old members of the frenzied squadron, and several new members, such as Shadow Ghost and Peak Knight, broke out.
Arbitrator of the Temple, this is still the same as once. The pursuers will retreat immediately. They are all ready to prepare for a wave of explosive fire suppression when the pursuers retreat, but I didn’t expect that the Mecha Department would become desperate Saburo this time.
This kind of completely ignoring their own mecha’s safe play has stunned the temple arbitrator. Although they also quickly adjusted to fight back, the momentum of the moment of engagement has already lost, and the BUG Wang Tianping broke out here and ended before the battle.
Although many pursuers were killed in this battle, it was much better than the explosion of the Temple by the Taiwan Arbitrator’s Department, and the battle between the foremost Temple Guardian and the frenzy gold combination also entered the end.
Without fire support, the guardian roots can’t exert any strength. They can’t break the guardian shield here, but their shields are broken one by one by the arbitrator behind them. The result has been determined before the troops of the carnival patrol and pursuers arrived.
At the end of the battle, the frenzy squadron successfully advanced, and miraculously, there were several pursuers among their dead, and all the rest of the mecha were wounded. This battle showed all the spectators, especially those who watched the game professionally, what tactics were.
Chapter 151 On the right track
The news that the frenzied squadron was promoted again and their battle video showed that the number of frenzied squadrons increased. Like a hurricane, the information spread all over the game in a few minutes. Almost everyone who has paid attention to the frenzied squadron and Wang Tianping has to know the news.
Almost all professional guilds have urgently called all the guild backbones and elite players to discuss the changes in this frenzy squadron. If we face them calmly, it will be two professional guilds: military pilots, monty and gods.
Military pilots don’t pay much attention to these. They don’t play games, but they don’t play games for the purpose of making money and becoming famous. They just train one enemy and two enemies to become stronger, which is a good thing and a small thing for them. It’s not worth training.
The comparison between Monty and the gods is not because they don’t pay attention to the frenzy squadron, but because on the contrary, they have arranged a lot of eyeliner around all the members of the frenzy squadron, especially Wang Tianping. They already have some intelligence personnel who are not enough. Many eyeliner are ordinary professional players, and some of them are still doing well, which is worth cultivating peripheral ordinary players.
The amount of information that so many eyeliner come back is amazing. Everyone’s movements are monitored by them, and the captain Wang Tianping and the flurry team meet. They naturally know it for a long time.
At first, they didn’t know why the first independent force had found a team composed of ordinary players, but later they saw that the frenzy squadron and the flurry squad entered an encrypted team war room and came out again soon after. The two teams actually went through the whole team annexation formalities at Xiang NPC.
At that time, they already knew that frenzy squadron was not a small team with eleven people. As a whole, they received a full squad of thirty people and the number became forty-one. At present, there are not many soldiers, and there will be no squadron to expand temporarily due to the competition. In the big environment, frenzy squadron has become the largest independent unit.
Eleven people can beat the full squad when they are young, and they also play with two full squads in the middle of the game, or Wang Tianping’s tactical accomplishment is amazing. Now that so many new people have joined, they can’t imagine how much surprise Wang Tianping will bring them.
Soon, they also found the video of the battle between the frenzy squadron and the first team of the Temple from the Internet. They watched the frenzy squadron circling the Temple with mobility and finally stunned the enemy and then launched a fatal blow at the right time. They were full of sympathy for the Temple.
Other players still don’t know what happened to Monty and the gods in the dark emerald. They can judge by the video of two team qualifiers of the frenzy squadron, but they have experienced Monty and the gods personally, especially the gods who just had a team killed, and they have a deeper understanding of the frenzy squadron.
The deeper they understand, the more fearful they become. After that, the squadron and Wang Tianping have also fought with many military pilots. Of course, they don’t know that these are military pilots. In their view, they are emerging professional associations with strong momentum.
Playing against these people made them understand the gap between themselves and these people. At the same time, they also found that Wang Tianping was even stronger than these people, and the deeper they understood the game and the deeper they understood the mecha, the more they found Wang Tianping unfathomable.
This made them feel a little scared that they had provoked such a difficult enemy. The intelligence personnel sent by themselves must have been noticed. Now they have some water under the bridge even if they want to let go or reconcile. Now they can hope that Wang Tianping can forget them and wait until their full-fledged guild has been greatly developed.
At this time, what about Wang Tianping and the frenzy squadron? They don’t have the time and energy to pay attention to this little thing now, and they have won the race. The squadron is now more motivated than unity. Everyone is full of energy and everyone is very excited.
Although the personal strength of the frenzied squadron is strong and the flurry is very admirable, it is only after this battle that they clearly feel the tactical importance.
Before that, they often played together in the arena multiplayer battle. After the unification, they also participated in the inner team competition, but on the whole, they lost more than they won, and most of the winning games were against friendly teams who were not even satisfied with the number of people. They rarely won.
This time, it’s different. Although this victory has strong personal strength factors such as Wang Tianping and others, the most important thing is to accurately and reasonably command the players, grasp the whole battlefield, speculate on each other’s psychology and actions, and have a deep understanding of fighting and mecha.
Being able to join such a team into a subtle tactical component is not enough for them to be an ordinary player elite. The most important thing is that the number of frenzy squadrons is small. Once they join the team, they are the core and the backbone is no longer climbing step by step.
Now the purpose of the freshman frenzy squadron is the arena. Taking advantage of the sense of accomplishment and high esteem after the victory of the game, Wang Tianping plans to give these new players a simple training.
The training is really simple, and there is no advanced skill or special footwork. Knife marksmanship is just to divide the players into suitable groups so as to select the players and give orders better in the battlefield.
The first is the largest number of pursuers. There are only ten pursuers in the 41-person frenzy squadron. These ten mecha are roughly divided into two parts, including Xiaohe, six snipers and twelve scouts.
Wang Tianping handed over the sniper department to Xiaohe, who was responsible for reaching specific orders in combat and shooting training at ordinary times. Twelve scouts were divided into three parts, and four people in each group were respectively responsible for specific command and training by Hu Shuo, Thunderbolt and Shadow Ghost.
Six patrolmen get rid of three soy sauce logistics personnel, and Wang Tianping is personally responsible for the remaining three. Generally, firefighters are the logistics personnel, but they are sad and choose weapons for everyone first.
In the end, the guardian of Taiwan and the nine arbiters were unified and handed over to Dream Glass for responsibility. Except for Dream Glass, the other 16 people each found a partner to form a golden combination. Usually, training and deciding whether to participate in the competition are also fixed combinations.
Although none of this is a big deal, this busy day has passed like this, and all the new players have been informed of the frenzied squadron line activities, and then everyone will line up one after another.
Wang Tianping is very satisfied with today’s achievements, and the frenzied squadron has finally added a lot of personnel. At last, it is on the right track, and many original plans can be scheduled.
Chapter 152 Final List Announced
March 15th, a new day, a new competition, a new opponent.
This time, Wang Tianping, who was sent to the competition venue, found that he was finally lucky in the competition. After meeting two elite teams of professional players in a row, this time the enemy was a team of players without nickname prefix.
Such a team, even if it is composed of elite players like the Blast Team, is just a chopping block for the current frenzy squadron.
After the game, the course of the game surprised everyone because the team named "Death from the Thunder" was so weak that it didn’t match their domineering name at all.
The team that has survived two rounds until now should have some strength, even if it is a player team. I didn’t expect it to be such a fishbone team. It didn’t take long for the frenzy squadron to crush this team with its absolute advantage after the first reconnaissance.
Of course, everyone in the frenzy squadron didn’t know that it was their opponent, thunderbolt. Death was actually a team composed entirely of junior high school students. They were all in the same class. They entered the game during the winter vacation, and now they have learned, and they have come together to form this team.
They can stay until now because they were lucky in the first round and won the round directly. In the second round, their opponent was a team of players who were also promoted by the round, and even the number was not full.
Different from the day before, this time, after they finished the game, they had a lot of energy left, or because they had great expectations for the game, but they were not bored, so they now had some excess energy and needed a vent window.
In this case, Wang Tianping also has his own considerations, that is, although the squadron was already acceptable before the squadron, because their number was too small, the difficulty was low, the difficulty was boring, the difficulty was high, and the risk of mass annihilation was too great. Now that the number of people has been supplemented, you can try it. By the way, let the new sergeants brush some military merits.
It’s not easy to pass the S-class squadron in one antenna, even if the number of squadrons has been supplemented by a lot, it can’t be completed perfectly. After all, this is set according to the standard of 100 squadrons.
That night, they accepted a total of five S-class squadrons, but in the end, four of them were actually destroyed for the first time, and one of them was completed perfectly. No one was killed, and the worst of the three was left. How many people were still alive after the BOSS was finally finished?
The squadron’s main reward is that Wang Tianping has reached the peak because of his reverence. There is not much reward for the old members of the frenzy squadron. However, there are not many rewards for the new members of the flurry squad. Because they were not in Hengzhou City before, they were still indifferent. This time, they were brushed at one time and generally close to friendship.
Of course, the reward category is just an attached lookout, which is not very important to them, because it is necessary to look for a higher person to lead the team, and NPC’s various reactions are also related to the captain’s lookout.
In fact, their biggest gain was that the first battle was hasty after the team cooperated with the squadron expansion, and then the second battle was met with parallel imports after the team members were divided. This time, their main purpose was to test the grouping effect and deepen the tacit understanding of the team members.
As far as the effect is concerned, each group can faithfully perform its duties under the leadership of the corresponding squad leader. Although the group was destroyed for the first time, the main failure factor was the lack of understanding of the squadron.
After several times, the team members became more and more exquisite. With so many players, Wang Tianping had many more choices when formulating tactics. At the last time, everyone could quickly understand their position and was finally killed.
It’s already the early morning of March 16th, and the crowd line is almost over. They are going to prepare for today’s front line because of the weather. Now it should be said that it’s today, which is the last team match qualifier. Finally, 64 teams will play the last game and decide the last 32 teams to enter the finals.
At this moment, all the players who are still online came to the ear with a unified voice: "The individual finals of the online competition will be officially held on March 17, and the basic information of the finalists has been published. Please check the corresponding block of the official website."
"The team division of the finals and the timetable have been sorted out. Please adjust the line when you confirm that you are participating in the competition. Players who are not on the line during the competition or who land illegally because they are cooling down during the line will be regarded as abandoned."
Finally, almost everyone in the line chose to log on to the official website at the first time when they were informed, where they saw the list of 32 people who finally entered the finals. Of course, three people from the frenzy squadron were among them. Although several members of the flurry also signed up for the individual competition, no one entered the finals and were eliminated halfway.