Without the cavalry’s impact, it’s almost a melee with Jun. Which Hun is Jun’s opponent? Although the formation of Cao Jun is extremely long and narrow, every time a small plum blossom is formed, it is a rock that Huns can’t crush. You breeze blows the hills and I shine on the river in the moon.

At this time, Liu Bao just missed waking up from the grief of bereavement, but the war situation has already tended to Jun.
"Send a backup to attack the Han dog from the tail!"
Liu Bao fought back the almost white feeling in her heart and ordered the ambush in the peripheral reinforcement department to attack and vowed to kill all these stone people who wanted to fall into the well first.
After a wick of incense, several soldiers told him bad news one after another.
Gao Shunjun, Yan Jun, Zhong Mao Army, Wu Anguo Army, and even Zhang Liao Army reinforced the various divisions that ambushed the Huns, thus forming a strange situation. The Lord Lyu3 bu4 was surrounded by Huns in the innermost part, but the various Cao Jun surrounded these Huns.
Where can anyone help? Liu Bao almost bumped into the ground after listening to the soldier’s words
It’s a thousand calculations, but I didn’t expect to go to low. I suddenly ate my ambition and dared to set a fire in my lair, but Lyu3 bu4 had been lured into it.
The only way to win is to eat the troops in front of you and then break through!
If Cao Jun fights horse against horse, even if he has armor, he should not be the opponent of Huns, but the ambush has become a grasshopper without legs. And the organic power reserve is also hundreds of thousands of people, but it was dragged by other jun forces and there was no chance to complete the camp.
A long and narrow giant plum blossom array moves slowly and firmly like the gears of the most perfect mechanical clock. Every step will take away some Huns’ lives. When life dies, it is finally brilliant. For Cao Jun soldiers who are familiar with the six-flower array, it is very simple for them to keep turning around and stab the enemy in front of them when it is their turn, and then give up their position to other brothers so that they can drink Huns’ blood with weapons.
The longer the war goes on, the more suspicious Cao Jun’s advantage becomes. They are like Huns on both sides of a river, just like sediment, no matter how much it is, it will eventually disappear into the river.
"Khan is wrong. We seem to have been tricked. Jun is too powerful. Let’s leave first!"
Previously, the assistant commander of the big blowjob didn’t forget to call another order.
In fact, Liu Bao knew that even if there were many people on his side, he lost the battle. The feeling of strength in his heart eventually made his hands and feet have no strength. It was a strong sense of hole. It seemed that he had lost something most important in his heart, but he didn’t feel it at ordinary times, but he felt it was important after losing it.
It turns out that we always destroy Han people, and now it’s as fucking hard to be destroyed by others!
Liu Bao took one look at Bao Ji and was killing himself. Lu Bu was unwilling to burst out of his mouth with two words, "Leave!"
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The road seems to be particularly difficult to walk because it is no longer pointing in the direction of going home. The soldiers’ eyes are so hollow, and God has heard about the family changes. How many people can be cruel like Liu Bang, regardless of their wives and children, and can fight outside?
Liu Bao’s eyes are just the same, but he still doesn’t want to go home and see the green home with the vast grassland of one color in the world. Maybe all this is not a dream. When he goes back to that home, his woman will still come to take his whip and take off his felt hat, and his child will still hold his thigh and shake it hard, and then ask himself to bring them some toys that are rare to Han people.
Some people sobbed because of the defeat and the destruction of their homes, and an invisible mood was hanging over the whole army.
"Go back and see if there’s really … nothing, just fight with this despicable guy!" Liu Bao secretly determined.
After two days’ journey to the west, it seems that the angry troops composed of ten old men in seven old are on the verge of collapse. They have no food, no water, no hunger, and a full meal, which makes the bravest soldiers listless. If Liu Bao’s fame was not there, he might have run away.
But this is not the end.
It was not until the lieutenant woke up that Liu Bao found that there was a strange costume in front of him.
Stubborn spears, unlike prairie horses, Xiliangma and the leader who heard that he was very handsome but had a heart of stone to kill the old, weak, women and children, showed no mercy.
"Among you? Can there be Liu Bao? " The white-faced teenager spoke first, and the two armies opened up enough to let everyone hear his words clearly.
"I am Liu Bao!" Liu Bao rode to the front of the team and several lieutenants hurriedly left and right before separation.
"Are you the Qiang leader who slaughtered my tribe and killed my people?"
If you spit two words coldly, you will lose Wen Lengjun’s facial features like a knife, but with a biting chill, it seems that people are exposed to the snow and ice in the first month.
"We have a vendetta with you! Do you want to kill them all like this? " Liu Bao roared with anger like a wounded beast, and his neck and forehead stretched out and his veins stood out like fat earthworms.
The teenager pursed his thin lips and pulled a slight smile, but it was more chilling than not laughing.
"Ha ha, in this world, either I kill you or you kill me. What’s the root of it? Can you have a grudge against you for killing Han people?"
Liu Bao’s anger was like being cut off by a knife, and she was tongue-tied in her chest, but she couldn’t answer this question.
Yes, it seems that when you wash away Han people, you kill them and set fire to them. You don’t talk about any enmity, but you still kill them.
"In fact, I was also ordered by the court to find a good official position, Liu Bao. Anyway, your people are gone. Why don’t you lend me your head again?"
Liu Bao’s breathing suddenly became heavy, like an old broken bellows constantly pulling and pushing. Suddenly, a frightening piece burst out in his eyes, and he took out his knife and shouted, "I’ll fight with you little bastard!"
The teenager is still as cold as a sculpture, as if he were an outsider. "Hey, you are still so angry. Remember my name, my name is Ma Chao!"
Say that finish d powerful legs a clip horse belly that horse a long HSS hoof galloped Liu Bao like the wind.
The armies of both sides are closely following their commanders. One side wants revenge, and the other side wants rewards. It seems that the undead is endless. Who wins or loses?
Section three hundred and two
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Although there are more than 50 thousand people, the Huns have been hungry for two days and suffered psychological torture. They have just suffered a crushing defeat, and the shadow is still lingering. How can Ma Chao lead Qiang to ride his opponent?
With more than 10,000 prisoners and more than 30,000 war horses, Ma Chao led the winning Qiang to ride towards Jinyang. If you want to return to Liangzhou, you should first go to Jinyang to supply a grain and grass. Besides, you will no longer take a shortcut back from the grassland. What’s worse, you can’t bring back so many benefits. Why don’t you just change your exploits?
Even Liu Bao was captured alive by himself. Ma Chao thought of this, and Leng Jun’s face flashed a smile and glanced at his side. Liu Bao was still tied up like a mummy in a coma, and his hair pigtails were scattered, so he couldn’t cover up his bloody face. Ma Dai and Ezra Poundzheng guarded him left and right.
"This is General Ma Chaoma?"
Ma Chao camped 20,000 men and prisoners outside Jinyang City and came to see Lu Bu with his pro-army, but he saw a scribe of about 30 asking before.
"In it is Mr D dare to ask …"
"Why don’t Ye Liu wait for the general here under the warm weather order? Does the general want to supply food and grass and return to Wuwei?"
"why?" D listen to this tone also Jinyang ready regardless of the meal.
"Hehe, General Ma has made such a great contribution, just as some people are going back to Xuchang to meet Shengde, and it’s better to honor their ancestors when they return home."
Face saint? Ma Chao was immersed in fighting and his heart moved.
Xuchang doesn’t know what it’s like yet. I heard that Cao Caozhi is very prosperous and it is simply the first city in China.
And the emperor, although everyone knows that he is Cao Cao’s puppet, he is still the emperor after all. The first person to think about it suddenly got a little excited.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have been busy with Anmin sending people to kill the fleeing enemy and counting the personnel, materials, horses, etc. Lu Bu was too busy to sit down for a cup of tea until the evening, and I never saw Ma Chao’s face.
In history, Ma Chao and Lu Bu have never met, let alone fought, but Cao Cao himself said, "Ma Chao never loses Lu Buyong." What will happen when Ma Chao and Lu Bu really meet?