He chose to believe them, just holding hands with Mo Yu and smiling. "Well, I hope your faces don’t change as much as the weather forecast."

Ink feather although they don’t understand what Liang Ping is saying, they are laughing very loudly.
The misunderstanding has just been clarified. Suddenly, those mercenaries came outside and roared with displeasure.
There was even a guy shouting outside, "Listen, people inside, if we don’t open the door, we’ll break it down by force!"
He said that he took out a stranger shadow sword from his personal backpack.
Ink feather looked at a surprised way "Liang Ping what are you going to do"
Liang Pingdao said, "It is better to wait for the result passively here than to take the initiative to find the result. Now we will go to golden phoenix to get the qualification certificate for entering the Death Shrine."
Chapter 15 Initiative
Liang Ping asked the door to "bang" a loud noise after saying his word.
Those mercenaries forced their way in.
Liang Ping first nodded at Mo Yu and smiled. "You stay here and don’t move until I kill those mercenaries before you come out."
Language "don’t wait for ink feather to respond is not hesitate to draw a sword.
Strange shadow sword cold so a shake posture, quickly rushed to the door.
Even without the help of lightness skill and external force, he still runs like a hurricane.
Smell a brisk wind
"shua shua!"
Liang Ping’s shadow sword is dark black, but his firm but gentle is pure white.
White sword curtain flashed cold so this time Liang Ping didn’t leave a hand.
Breaking and entering without authorization, several mercenaries have not yet come to raise their guns, and their arms have been easily cut by Liang Ping.
But to their surprise, their arms burst out in blood, but there was no hp blood strip on their heads
Liang Ping has decided to find out.
Is to grab one of the mercenaries by the neck and press it on the door frame. "Tell me what you don’t have hp blood strips."
The mercenary’s arm was bleeding and his body trembled violently with pain, but he gritted his teeth and said, "You can’t know!"
Liang Pingwen did not hesitate to cut his head with a sword.
His head fell to the ground and his body immediately "snapped"
The system automatically cleaned up his body but did not clean up his head.
Liang Ping said that his eyebrows were tight and he immediately thought that Mark had planned to cut his head and change himself into a mechanical body with both offensive and defensive capabilities.
Is this the same principle?
I don’t want to see my head fall to the ground, and suddenly I look scared and say, "Hero, please don’t kill me. I can tell you anything if you don’t kill me."
Liang Pingwen squatted down with a sword across his chest and said, "Cut the crap and speak quickly."
The head looked nervous and said, "It was Chairman Langer who transferred our hp blood strips to the skull, and it is impossible to die unless it hits our heads."
"Oh, I see."
Liang Pingwen smiled coldly. "Anyway, I thank you for telling me all this."
Not much trouble Liang Ping did not hesitate to wield a sword and pierce the ground head.
Then he turned his attention to the other two mercenaries.
The two mercenaries have been cowering in the corner waiting for Liang Ping’s mercy.
Liang Ping felt unbearable when he saw the two of them with a face of begging for mercy.
But the situation is serious and we must never have mercy on our enemies.
The sword waved coldly.
A white firm but gentle flash passed, and the two mercenaries huddled in the corner had been stabbed in the head by Liang Ping’s sword.
Mercenaries who have been guarding the door at the moment are already sweating with fear.
Liang Ping smiled at the mercenary. "Actually, there is one thing I want to clarify with you."
Although the mercenary holds a sniper rifle in his hand, his hands are shaking so badly that I’m afraid I can’t even live with chopsticks.
Mercenary trembled and asked, "Big Brother, what do you want to clarify?"
It’s lovely to see his tongue tremble.
Liang Ping just laughed. "I want to tell you that I’m not bending."
"Ah?" Mercenary a face of consternation, "that that what is that"
Liang Pingli took a mercenary head.
Thinking is to vent one’s emotions.
I didn’t know that this beat of mercenary hp blood strips came out in reality.
1/15 "Sleeping trough!"
Liang Pingwan didn’t expect that he took off his 14-point hp value with a pat.
In my heart, I feel a little unbearable, but I think that these mercenaries are also murderous at ordinary times. When they always want to kill him, there is a lot less guilt in their hearts.