Chang Huan’s father-in-law nodded at once, but gasped for breath and let him out.

Feng Li Su’s heart tightened at the thought that something might have happened to him. He threw it in his hand and asked, "What’s the matter? But what about acacia? "
Long Huan father-in-law shook his head and gasped for a few minutes before saying, "It’s not … it’s not Huei-fang … things! It’s … It’s about Nanyong and Emperor! Shout-exhausted slave! "
Feng Lisu was relieved when he heard Chang Huan’s father-in-law’s words. It’s not the best thing that happened to him!
"What happened to Emperor Nanyong again?"
Chang Huan’s father-in-law withdrew his tongue and raised my hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
"Back to … back to the emperor! Slave, slave sent Huei-fang’s mysterious dance doctor out of Weiyang Palace today, and he met Emperor Nanyong, who actually called Huei-fang’s mysterious dance doctor san huang. After he sent Huei-fang’s mysterious dance doctor back to Fengfu, he immediately ran back to the palace to report the matter! "
Brother san huang …
Feng Lisu glanced at Chang Huan’s father-in-law Shen and asked, "Did you hear me right?"
Chang Huan’s father-in-law immediately shook his head. "I heard it wrong myself at first, but Emperor Nanyong called me a slave twice, but I didn’t know what was going on, so I quickly came back and reported it to the emperor!"
Feng Li Su was silent. The first emperor of Nanyong had two emperors, one was Nanqing Pei, and the other was this. Later, he suddenly came out and told the world that he was not dead, and he was successfully enthroned as Qingmu Gong Nanqing Pei.
Unless the first emperor of Nanyong was living outside the emperor?
When you think about it carefully, Xuanwu is really similar to Qingmu. At the beginning, he witnessed Xuanwu Qingmu’s public-private meeting and saw a letter describing the two of them in the imperial room.
That makes some sense.
If they are brothers, what will their purpose be?
Xuanwu doesn’t seem to have hurt his mind from beginning to end. Yesterday, he also presented drugs to try to restore his memory.
But can Qing Mu Gong hide so deeply that he can dance like him?
At the beginning, I served with your father-in-law for so many years, but I was always gentle. At last, I suddenly gave him a fatal blow!
Xuanwu has been with Fengjiangyi for many years and won his trust. If Xuanwu wants to kill them, it is easy.
Seeing Chang Huan’s father-in-law sweating all over his face, he gasped at this time. "I’ll go to Jubaoge and you won’t follow me. And don’t say anything in advance or I’ll kill you!"
Long huan father-in-law was startled "slave white! The slave is absolutely tight-lipped! "
Feng Li-su left the imperial room and Chang Huan’s father-in-law also left the outside. When the cold wind blew, the whole person winced and immediately sneezed several times in a row.
It seems that the snow has fallen a little, but it has been a long time, and now there is a thick layer of snow on the ground.
The flowers and plants outside are now covered with snowflakes, and the petals are now white
Qing Mu Gong stood by the railing and looked at the snow outside. Finally, his eyes fell on a red plum that was blooming at the beginning of the year.
Blossoming delicate red plums are covered with snowflakes, revealing a little bright red color. The fragrance of plum blossoms is dark and scattered, which he likes. The fragrance of cold plums can’t help but take a deep breath.
From a distance, I saw the outside walking with an oiled paper umbrella, and Li Su was dressed in a colorful robe of Li color. At this time, walking in the snow was like walking from a painting.
Qing Mu Gong has been working for ten years, and he often knows very well that he was able to sit in this position at the beginning, and he contributed a lot.
In fact, at the beginning, he still picked the wrong emperor, but there is no denying that several emperors in Fenglin royal family are just as tough if not Fenglisu and others are afraid of being enthroned.
Feng qinglan needless to say, this person didn’t give up on himself at the beginning, but he mixed up the name of God of War at a young age in the military camp.
Feng Jiang’s clothes are even more surprising. Several times, he is dying. The fruit of touching the bed all the year round has given birth to so many things under his eyelids.
Yu Feng Mo Rao seems to live as she pleases every day, afraid of privacy and having her own thoughts.
Where can there be an ambitious emperor?
Seeing Feng Li Su coming, Qing Mu Gong still stands on the railing and his lip angle slightly evokes a radian.
Feng Li Su also saw the railing and stood at a distance. Qing Mu Gong saw that he didn’t greet him and knew that it was impossible for them to do so now.
He doesn’t care much about it, either. After all, they all know their own minds. Who doesn’t know?
Feng Li Su went to the eaves and handed the umbrella to the gatekeeper and then walked in the direction of Qing Mu Gong.
When Feng Li Su approached, Qing Mu Gong laughed, "You came sooner than I expected."
"I want to know your green Mu Gong. Today, you must have called Xuan Dance on purpose in front of Chang Huan! In that case, let’s talk about the two of you, and it’s worthwhile for me to come here in the snow. "
He simply sat on the railing and leaned his back against the red column, with one leg flat and the other bent.
Green Mu Gong glanced at Feng Li Su and continued to look at the snow outside before saying, "My mysterious dance is naturally like what you heard, although it is only when I know that things are true!"
"As far as I know, your father has two emperors. How can this third emperor come?"
This is really puzzled by Feng Lisu.
If I knew that they were brothers, I would be surprised, but he had always doubted their identity.
Now I don’t feel too surprised. It is this san huang identity that makes him a little difficult to accept
Do you want to dance in opposition in the future?
As for the algorithm, he wooed Xuanwu to do things, but at least Feng Lisu didn’t want Xuanwu to go to the enemy’s position.
Xuanwu is a big person and not annoying.
Green Mu Gong just tilted his face and looked at Feng Li Su. "As far as I know, now my uncle Li Shuirun is in the hands of the emperor."
Feng Li Su nodded. "Since we talked about Li Shuirun, the emperor of Qingmu Gong Nanyong should also give me an account. What should Nanyong Emperor do when I love you and die at the hands of Li Shuirun?"
"Then Emperor Fenglin killed Li Shuirun according to his own wishes. After all, he often died of Li Shuirun at the beginning!"
Feng Li Su didn’t expect Qing Mu Gong to be so indifferent to Aquarius Run’s life and death that he couldn’t help frowning lightly.
"Didn’t Emperor Nan Yong say that Li Shuirun saved your life at the beginning, and now you are so indifferent to Aquarius Run’s life and death!"
"Don’t you want to kill people? Perhaps Emperor Fenglin thinks that I am doing this wrong? " Qing Mu Gong asked.
Feng Li Su gently, and "this matter will be discussed later! I want to know what Emperor Nanyong said about the third emperor! "
Seeing that Feng Li Su was sitting so comfortably, Qing Mu Gong also sat on the railing before saying, "This matter has to be said that Li Shui-run is my mother, but Li Shui-run’s sister, san huang Xuanwu’s mother, that is, my mother’s sister said that I have to call Li Shui-run an uncle for Xuanwu. I don’t know if Feng Lin’s emperor is white?"
So that’s it!
Feng Li Su gently nodded and then Qing Mu Gong explained some of these things.
Including the fact that Xuan Wu’s mother was rescued by Gu Jiang after she was pregnant, she almost said everything he found out, but some words changed their taste when they came to his mouth.
"Xuan Dance is going to go back with me sooner or later, and I promised to go back with me, but Acacia has been reluctant to go back to Nanyong with me. I asked Xuan Dance to persuade her to say again that Acacia Xuan Dance had a good talk. If Acacia returned to Nanyong, some people would not be too bored!"
"So you think Acacia will go to Nanyong?" Feng Li Su smiled shallowly. "Emperor Nan Yong, you are not too confident! Acacia doesn’t even want the Phoenix Queen. Do you think she will cherish a queen’s position in Nanyong Small Country? Chapter 45, I am Chang Luo’s most beloved woman.
"Why not rare? I miss you, but I have visited my husband and wife, so what about you? You just wrote two imperial edicts. The first imperial edict was the second imperial edict I received when I was in constant health, but Acacia didn’t! "
Feng Li Su looked a little ugly when he heard Qing Mu Gong’s words.
"Whether she accepts the order or not, if there is one thing that the world doesn’t know, it is that the name of acacia is still in the royal jade!"
Speaking of this, Feng Lisu hooked up and smiled. At first, he always wanted to cross out the name of Acacia from the royal jade.
However, there has never been a place to do it. Now I often miss my true identity or the Queen of Phoenix!