The only people who are willing to meet are some cousins on their mother’s side.

However, I have been very careful. How can I still be stared at by Ya?
Fu Shen intuitively recognized that there was Fu Su in the mountains, which meant that Yayin would call himself a deep brother, so two ruled out one impossible and elegant.
Moreover, Ya has learned a lot of hacking techniques with Lang, and it is very simple to hack the information behind an id.
But let pay deep not white is elegant will stare at their id?
Aren’t you low-key enough in the game?
Because Moni didn’t cross the mountain with Fu Shen, and if Fu Su was his roommate, the depth paid was also complete. I didn’t expect that Moni’s own id number would be stared at by Ya, and at the same time, the actual data would be exposed by the way.
I think it’s incredible, too. I took a deep sip of my pale lips before raising my hand to type.
[Private chat] You have cousin Fu Su, um Xiaoya, on the mountain.
Once upon a time, Ya called Fu Shen a "deep brother", and Fu Shen also called Ya a "lesser cousin" with a smile, although it would be hard to make people daydream to say that my cousin called something.
However, it is a new era, and neither Fu Shen nor Ya feels that there is anything wrong with this call.
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☆, Chapter 329 Think (3 more)
See pay deep really guessed, call deep elder brother is his elegant smile and then raise my hand to type.
Of course, elegance is actually very simple, that is, whether he likes Moni at all. Of course, let Fu Shen know which elegance Moni is, and which elegance is Moni’s id name in the game.
Ya, the meaning of this question is also very simple, that is, I want to see if Fu Shen really likes Moni. If so, I can coordinate with him in the middle.
No matter what, Fu Shen can’t be alone for a generation, whether he can get up or not, but Fu Shen’s body is fine, but the leg bone injury can’t be repaired
There may be a lot of inconvenience in not being able to get up, but Ya still feels deep in her heart. Even so, she still has an indescribable personality charm.
It’s cheaper for those who are unfamiliar and irrelevant, so it’s better to let Moni end all the fate of Fu Shen.
For elegant temptation and questioning, I can see it deeply, but when I raise my hand to type, I tangled my hand and fell into a strange silence
If you like Moni?
Maybe I haven’t talked with anyone so easily in recent years, so I have a good impression on Moni Fu Shen.
However, goodwill doesn’t mean liking it, and I know clearly how my physical condition is, although I have not lost my basic function.
However, it is hard for many girls to accept that some girls have not been arranged to meet themselves in the past few years.
However, my family is quite incompetent, and my legs have been disabled. Some families are not quite willing to pay for themselves. Most of them are trying to pay for their family.
Fu Shen’s ambition is not to give his life to this wheelchair, but his own glory, and one day he will take it back with his own hands.
If the girl who is with her can’t be her own help, then at least she can’t be her own drag.
Moreover, if you don’t have some means of self-protection, you will easily be swallowed up without even slag left in this general family of wolves and tigers.
Fu Shen doesn’t want to expose himself because of a woman’s affair.
Pay deep before you are not sure enough to kill your opponents in your hand, and you will not expose yourself.
Even now, he’s secretly plotting to make Fu Yao very hard, but he has to be very careful in those days, and finally he has to be more careful. Now he needs to be more careful. Once something goes wrong, maybe he won’t have a chance to turn over in his life!
It is precisely because the Fu family’s water is too deep that even if they have some affection for Moni, they will not say it easily.
Fu Jia, a place like this, is not suitable for a simple-minded girl like Moni. When Moni confessed, Fu Shen politely refused.
He can’t give Moni that simple living environment, saying that Moni may be surrounded by all kinds of calculations as soon as she enters the paying house, so life is too hard, and her favorite sister is at the center of calculation every day. Fu Shen doesn’t want anyone who cares about herself to get stuck in it.
But if you just let him talk about Moni, he’s a little reluctant.
Now, when I hear Ya’s question, I feel entangled again.
Not willing to let Monique go like this is not willing to accept Monique to pay for the family’s suffering at the same time
For elegant temptation to pay deep also back to a simple sentence.
[Private Chat] Whether you accept Fu Su Xiaoya’s cousin or not is difficult for your cousin. Help your cousin to take good care of her.
Monica is her roommate. Ya has made it clear at the first time, so Fu Shen will say this at this time.
Seeing Fu Shen say such a thing has always been emotional and elegant. Did you understand it?
Fang Jing Shuo Xin os If you have such a high EQ value in our relationship, maybe my heart will feel better …
Ya thinks that Fu Shen wants to come and cares about Monique, but she is afraid that she can’t give Monique a stable life now, and maybe she will fall into the muddy water of Fu Jia.
However, since Fu Shen likes Moni and Moni also likes Fu Shen, the biggest problem now is to pay for the family. If there is a problem with the family, there is not much problem between them.
But Fu Shen didn’t let Monie know that he was not good at doing things.
Considering that Moni still has two years, after all, isn’t it a little early to think deeply about these?
Think of these elegant direct payment deep back to the news.