Two people are walking in the street, Xiao Ruoxi is holding his hand, and his face is full of sweetness. Section 453: Petting my girl 1

Two people were walking in the street, holding his hand and smiling sweetly.
People come and go in the street, and everyone who passes by them will stop to look at it twice.
They have never seen such beautiful children before.
I heard that one of them is still a Buddhist adult, a baby and a daughter, and it’s a pity.
Sure enough, like her dad, she was an eye-catching beauty embryo since she was a child [
Just a few years old …
It’s already loved by everyone.
But who is that handsome boy beside her?
At the age of thirteen or fourteen, he was already very handsome.
Beautiful and exquisite facial features look a little albert nobbs.
If he is not dressed in men’s clothes, he is said to be a beautiful girl, and some people believe him.
Silent month YunLuo some not used to …
Holding hands with Xiao Ruoxi in such a busy street.
So many people are watching …
On the surface, he is calm, but in his heart, he is very embarrassed
Small if cherish is very happy.
Eyes bent and smiling as bright as flowers.
"Brother Yunluo, shall we eat this?"
She pointed to a snack at the stall and asked sweetly.
Ji Yue Yun Luo is not what he used to be …
When I was a child, I played with the fox and ate either roast chicken or roast duck every day …
Foxes naturally love chickens …
Roast chicken was once his favorite before he was thirty.
But now … He seldom eats meat … [
Father said that if you want to practice well, you can’t eat oily meat any more …
In fact, they are different from ordinary foxes.
Other foxes need hundreds of years of practice to become human.
But they are the royal family in the fox world and have unique advantages.
Born in human form …
If you practice, you don’t have to eat three meals a day.
You just need to absorb the essence of heaven and earth and mountain aura.
If you must eat, you are mostly vegetarian.
What is Xiao Ruoxi’s food? Small meatballs.
Delicious meatballs are placed in a small bowl.
Pour another layer of marinade and the smell will be very attractive.
Xiao Ruoxi eats a bowl every time he comes out to play.
Ji Yue Yun Luo has not eaten meat for a long time.
He touched Xiao Ruo’s head and said, "If you like it, eat it. I won’t eat it … Section 454: Petting my little girl."
He touched Xiao Ruo and said, "If you like it, eat it. I won’t eat it …"
Small if precious little du du …
It’s boring to eat alone.
She blinked her watery eyes, and grandma tugged at his sleeve and said, "If you don’t want your brother to accompany you, eat together …"
"Brother Yunluo, this is really delicious. If you cherish it, you will eat it every time you come out to play …" [
It’s a little difficult for Yunluo in Ji Yue …
Every time Xiao Ruoxi spoiled with him, his insistence was somewhat shaken.
Looking at Xiao Ruoxi expecting excitement …
He didn’t have the heart to refuse …
"This …"
Small if precious little mouth du continue to coquetry soft Jiao Jiao like a kitten meowing "no matter if YunLuo brother came out with precious little, you must accompany if precious little if you don’t eat me … I’ll cry to you …"
This move is very tube.
He will give her whatever she wants if her mouth is flat and her eyes are red.