"She’s not coming today?"

"Don’t come" SiMaQiu response while turning the page "she just sent someone to call what … autumn water maid said she was not comfortable today and had to take another day off"
After that, he just found the page he talked about today. He will stand in front of Yu Heng and look up to start the lecture.
But I feel sick all over. Yu Heng, with his head down at the table, doesn’t know what he’s thinking. From his sight, half of his face is dark in the shadows.
Sima Qiu is not very considerate at ordinary times, but now he is in a bad mood when he sees Yu Heng in this way.
"Is something wrong?" SiMaQiu twist the eyebrow asked.
"No" Yuheng raised his head after hearing the question and naturally didn’t want to be unhappy as Sima Qiu imagined. His whole temperament was cold and indifferent as usual.
Maybe he is wrong? Sima Qiu is puzzled.
After thinking for a moment, he shook his head and threw out the ideas in his mind and ignored them.
Whatever, it’s still advanced learning
One day is fleeting, the sunset and the milky way flow in Xishan, and it will be late in the blink of an eye.
At this time, eucalyptus in danger is touching and eating, and her belly is flat on the side of the table with a face of melancholy and bitter hatred.
Chapter 43 Chapter 43
"Miss, miss …"
Half-dreaming and half-waking, a sound entered the grave, and the brain of eucalyptus changed from light to heavy, from urgent to slow. The whole person also seemed to be floating in Upright, and she was vaguely awake.
"… autumn water"
Colchicine dragged her back to help her up. "Hurry up, Miss, you can’t take time off from school today. Yesterday, when I went to her husband and said that Miss had to take another day off, her husband’s face was black. It is estimated that it will not be allowed to take time off today."
Danger years old eucalyptus’ ah’ for a while and then soft body holding colchicine waist and lay down for a while, just yawning bed dress and wash gargle until sitting on the dresser, she is sleepy.
I can’t help it. She’s so sleepy that she can’t afford to throw it at anyone for two days in a row.
Wait, insomnia …
Danger years old eucalyptus instantaneous a tingle brain awake half.
Yesterday she was with … Yu Heng.
After a night of digesting the news, she is still in a trance. It was her confession yesterday. She wanted to make things clear, but in the end she didn’t know what was going on and got confused.
After coming out of that rockery last night, she went away with Yu Heng, ignoring Gu Huaijing until she returned to her bed.
So although she was sleepy last night, she was gorgeous and insomnia.
When did Yu Heng begin to like her after feeling that it doesn’t make sense? How come she didn’t see it at all That person acts like she doesn’t like her.
Yu-year-old Eucalyptus tossed and turned for a night, but finally she didn’t come up with anything. She was so sleepy that she fell asleep when she didn’t know.
Actually, eucalyptus Yu was not the only one who suffered from insomnia last night.
It’s Yusui Eucalyptus, another insomnia patient, who got up early today and got up early to get rich, and was almost slapped in the face by the same door in the same situation and in the same place.
Into the blessing, step back and stumble. What’s going on in these nine halls these two days? Why do you always get up so early? He got up earlier today than yesterday. Wow, why can’t he wait?
Jinfu was silent.
"Did you get things done yesterday?" Yesterday, after asking the emperor, Yu Heng informed Ling Jinxin that he wanted to find a martial arts master. Ling Jinxin was a reasonable man and didn’t say much.
Because Wei Yun’s business is serious and he is really in a hurry to get a place to teach him martial arts, he arranged things for Jin Fu as soon as he got Ling Jinxin’s approval yesterday.
"The temple has been chosen."
Jinfu heard Yu Heng ask a business question, bowed down and answered. In fact, this matter was just ordered to go. Yesterday, a notice was posted outside the palace, and soon a person took the initiative to find the door.
He passed the tests at different levels and then got the position smoothly. Things went smoothly and he was dumbfounded, but he didn’t think much of doing things quickly and well and saved him much effort.
"Yes," Yu Heng nodded, "Go get the reward yourself." Then he walked in the direction of the house and stayed alone in the wind.
….. Mm-hmm?
Jinfu was surprised by Yu Heng’s remarks.
Did the sun rise in the west today? Why is the Nine Temples strange today?