Especially the autumn leaves, he is a kind-hearted person and doesn’t want to have conflicts with others.

"What deal do you say? We can consider it!" Autumn leaves mouth way
"I pay you to help me play BOSS! Such as? "
Chapter 32 I pay and you contribute! ()
"I pay you to help me play BOSS! Such as? "
See Luo Xiufa this sentence autumn leaves face a change aside winter ice, although the expression but autumn leaves can still see a bit of consternation from the eyes of the king of ten thousand years cold face.
"Ice seems to be the boss scroll by him! What should I do? "
Winter ice took a deep breath and then shook his head and gently spit out three words "beat"
The meaning of winter ice is very simple. The two of us can’t beat what they took back.
Autumn leaves know that all this can depend on themselves.
"Do you dare to come and talk about it after a shot is shattered?" Autumn leaves shouted
"Good!" Luo Xiu replied in the distance.
A moment later, four people meet at the BOSS coordinate point.
Luo Xiu walked over to look at autumn leaves and winter ice. "How about I pay you to help me play BOSS? I received the news that all four of you are members of the game studio. It is estimated that you also have requirements for the amount of money to be paid in each period. Now I want you to help me play BOSS in the early stage of the game, and I will give you a satisfactory price. "
Luo Xiu has judged that the four of them are the former self and Mu Nianyi through the spring breeze dance, but four of them can’t all enter the top three, so they must accumulate equipment and money.
So money is fatal to the four of them.
But autumn leaves also know that if Chunfengwu succeeds in changing jobs, it is absolutely possible for special talents to stay in the workshop, so that the three of them have a much better chance of getting into the workshop list to help.
"Everyone needs money. Maybe your workshop values money, too. It’s better to smash it with one shot. Today, we will admit that you will sell us this scroll and the price will be negotiable."
Luo Xiu is a pie mouth after hearing autumn leaves.
"No, no, no, autumn leaves, you made a mistake. First of all, we asked you two to play BOSS with us simply because we were worried that you would affect our BOSS. Actually, we didn’t play BOSS like you two."
"Secondly, if we can kill Spring Dance and Xia Jiaoyang, there is no reason why we can’t kill you two. I just don’t want to be famous."
"Third, now that I have the scroll, we can choose to play it today or come back in a few days. Anyway, we are not in a hurry. Is there a time limit for this scroll, but can you always stay here and wait for it without upgrading?"
"In the end, this BOSS is doomed to have nothing with you. If you can make a sum of money, it will still be good for you. If we leave now, you will really have nothing."
Although autumn leaves don’t want to bend, I have to admit that what Luo Xiu just said is very reasonable.
After all, the most important scroll was shattered with one shot, and now it’s really what he wants.
Autumn leaves glanced at their expressions and sighed coldly. "All right, I promise."
Luo Xiu curled his lips and laughed. "Well, I’ll pay 1 tael of silver to hire you two and sign a contract now."
One hundred and twenty!
This figure surprised autumn leaves and winter ice.
Both of them have a dozen taels of silver by now, which is quite good.
And the four of them together, I’m afraid it’s not enough for 50 taels of silver, and one shot is shattered. This guy is one hundred and twenty taels of silver at a time.
Although I lost the scroll, it was worthwhile to get the money.
But the autumn leaves didn’t know that one shot was shattered and extorted a large sum from the Flame Guild. Now it’s only nine Niu Yi hairs for them
The night dance city is not very white. Luo Xiu intends to send a text message asking why not kill these two people far away. If the other two people run back later, it will be difficult.
Luo Xiu replied with a bad smile, "Little Green is dancing in the spring breeze. Will Xia Jiaoyang sneak attack and I will sign a contract with them? If they violate the contract, the game will forcibly deduct their money and give it to me until one hundred and twenty silver is repaid, and it is not necessary to keep fighting and killing."
I heard that the night dance was the only attempt of Bai Luoxiu.
Four people form a team, captain of the night dance city. After everyone is ready for battle, the night dance city takes out the summoning scroll to summon.
Seeing that the call turned out to be a night dance instead of a shot to shatter the autumn leaves and winter ice, both of them were one leng.
All along, their opponents were shot to pieces, but now there is a night dance, and the situation is very different
After all, Night Dance is a small and well-known assassin player in the game industry. Although it is very strong, it is still known to other players for its beautiful appearance.
It is because she is the president of the Star Guild that she has been harassed by other players.
I can’t believe that a shot burst and the Star Guild are still connected.
When the winter ice horse grasped it, he sent this message to the corpse that was still running, and the spring dance made him decide to treat it with a shot.
It’s a pity that the Spring Breeze Dance just ran away from the corpse and resurrected, but it hasn’t been done yet.
Suddenly, I received the indication of being attacked and the person who attacked me was behind me. When I couldn’t get up, I found that I had been poisoned by deceleration poison. This poison was overbearing and slowed down, so that I couldn’t turn around until I died. I didn’t know who I was attacking this time
"BOSS came out! Autumn leaves are ready to build hatred! " Luo Xiu saw the huge summoning mantra pervading in the night, and at the same time, the ground was half-human, tall and barren, and died in a large area, knowing that BOSS was about to appear.
See a big black hand holding a nearly two meters sword sticking out from the delivery door.
"Who dares to challenge the Night Shadow King in the dark?"
Voice did not fall in a dark armor night shadow king has come out from the door.
See nearly three meters high humanoid BOSS Luo Xiu eyebrows a wrinkly "turned out to be a humanoid BOSS tough!"
Although Luo Xiu said this, actually Luo Xiu was the first to rush and stab the BOSS in the waist.