Once he lacked a sense of security, he had to take her with him. How could he forget that he left without saying goodbye early today and stimulated her? Now she should be helping her back. She is afraid, but he is so close to her that he can’t protect her.

For a long time, Junling heard that there was no more crying in the house. He raised his hand and knocked on the door and said to Yin Ningluo inside, "Are you better?"
"I’m fine." Yin Ningluo squatted behind the door panel and wiped her tears. Because she cried for a long time, her voice was hoarse.
"Can I go in?" Jun Ling asked Yin Ning carefully.
"Don’t" Yin Ning immediately refused to let him hurt her so much. It is impossible for her to forgive him so easily. It is too easy to forgive him for not knowing how to cherish her feelings.
Do not want
Yin Ningluo suddenly remembered those things that Jun Ling confessed in the car just now. She and Jun Ling made such a big noise at the airport this morning, which shocked the media. Jun Ling’s president must respond to this matter. After all, it is because of her that Jun Ling once again became a topic of public discussion. Yin Ningluo changed her mind and said to Jun Ling, "If your company has something to do, you should go first. I want to be alone."
What time is it? Yin Ningluo is still in his company, which makes Jun Ling owe her a little more. In fact, he has given the matter to the assistant, but now Jun Ling can’t bear to brush Yin Ningluo’s mind and say a "good" in her throat.
The suitcase is still in Yin Ningluo’s room. She is now locking the door. Jun Lingfa went in. Before that, he left some clothes in his room. Most of them have to wear suits for work. Now it’s time to send a show.
Junling returned to her room and changed into a black suit, then went to the underground garage to pick up the car and left the villa.
When Jun Ling left, Yin Ningluo watched him on the balcony with his own eyes. When he disappeared in her sight together with his car, Yin Ningluo suddenly turned and leaned against the balcony, and tears fell unexpectedly.
What should I do? Yin Ningluo
Here, Junling personally sits in the company. Junling has a tough attitude towards what happened at the airport early today. No matter what method, even if it is to acquire the media company, it is not necessary to let reporters put their ideas into Yin Ning’s network.
This afternoon, Jun Ling summoned a media meeting in the media room of the Junshi Group Branch. When asked by a reporter whether the woman at the airport was his fiancee, Jun Ling did not hesitate to answer "Yes".
There are so many reporters present, and it is obvious that this time they are not going to be fooled by Jun Ling. The reporter questioned, "Jun Zong, this morning, all of us saw that the woman who appeared beside you was veiled. How can you prove that she is your fiancee?" The reporter had a calculating look in his eyes. Like them, there are many anecdotes about journalists’ giants. Which president is not at home with a wife and a lover? If you can dig something up here in Jun Ling.
Dig something in the library, then he won’t worry about this month’s draft
Jun Lingwen probably already knows what the reporter wants. Black eyes are like a deep sea, and the cold lips evoke a deliberate question: "This reporter doesn’t know how you want me to prove it."
Reporter Jun Ling hooked the mouth, which was called a pride. He took a questioning order in front of Jun Ling, "It is very simple to announce your fiancee’s identity."
Jun Ling interjected before the reporter finished, "Is it best to have a photo of her so that you can believe it when you have all the physical evidence?"
The reporter didn’t expect the president of Tangtang Junshi to be so accommodating. At that time, he was elated and gently coughed, "The president is the best if you and your wife can also publish in the newspaper at the same time."
Jun Ling once again interrupted his wishful thinking before his words were finished.
Jun Ling took the reporter out before informing the security guards.
The reporter was still in a state of chaos. I didn’t expect Jun Ling to treat him like that, so he shouted at Jun Ling, "Jun Zong, I’m an entertainment daily reporter. If you treat me like this, you don’t respect the media. Aren’t you afraid that I will make your ugly behavior public?"
The reporter has no sense of crisis at all. Even at this time, he still doesn’t realize that he is a gentleman, and even if all his generations are added up, he can’t be taunted.
Jun Ling Lengyi’s lip angle evoked a layer of ice in his deep eyes. This is the first time he has heard someone threatening him. Funny, will he be threatened?
Junling walked up the steps and came to the reporter’s ghostly sound. "When will my Junshi group be threatened by you, a little entertainment reporter? Do you believe me? If you call your newspaper in the past, you will be a lost dog. I can guarantee that no newspaper will dare to hire you after the collapse of Entertainment Daily. This is why you provoked me."
This is Junling’s arrogance and domineering.
A little reporter dares to be arrogant in front of him, so he must learn to bear the consequences.
The reporter turned pale after listening to it. Where is the arrogance of Jun Ling? Looking at the face, I found that the reporter’s legs were shaking.
"Nothing" Jun Ling didn’t say anything. He told the security guards around him to take the reporter out, which ruined his mood and hindered his eyes here.
At the moment, in the face of media dealing with business, Junling and the man who is so tender to Yin Ning in the villa can definitely be distinguished into two different people.
When the media room was quiet, Jun Ling returned to the stage and said to the reporter’s camera word by word, "Dear reporters, friends and the public are here. I want to tell you that it is about my fiancee’s safety. I am sorry that I can’t announce it to you. Thank you for understanding."
It was already dark when Junling returned to the villa after finishing the company business, and bright stars were laid in the deep sky.
Jun Ling appeared in the living room, but was told by the servant that since he left, Yin Ning has no building, and she hasn’t eaten anything from breakfast to dinner.
Jun Ling, as soon as he heard it, strode downstairs and directly knocked on Yin Ning’s door. "Ning Er, are you in there? I’m Jun Ling. Say something."
Jun Lingyin was more anxious than he was, and his hand kept swinging Xuanguo.
The door was locked, and Jun Ling immediately got the servant to get the key.
He said so much by himself, but the insiders still didn’t respond. Jun Ling put one hand in his waist and the other hand on his forehead. Today, he has been dealing with things in the company and was very tired by a group of reporters. After dealing with the reporters, he also discussed the marketing output of the company’s senior management meeting. He didn’t go home until late at night. He knew that there was a child at home who needed him to coax him all the way. Jun Ling thought about thousands of ways to apologize to Yin Ning.
But I didn’t expect Yin Ning to not eat. What’s the matter with this?
Lick your lips a little. Jun Ling is facing the door of the house. "Ning Er, listen to me. Today, I made a mistake. I apologize to you. You can punish me any way you want, but don’t skip eating. Listen to the maid and say that you haven’t eaten for a day. How can you eat if you go to your body like this? Please close the door and let’s eat."
Because the man behind this door is Yin Ning winding Jun Ling, who dare not have a good temper. He has almost lowered himself to the dust. He vowed that if Yin Ning winding can open the door, even if he doesn’t forgive him, he will at least eat his food and be satisfied.
When a gentleman ling looked up and saw Yin Ningluo coming out of the room, but his eyes were obviously just crying.
Jun Ling wanted to touch Yin Ning’s face before he left, but his hand was raised to a half and he stopped. He was a little scared that Yin Ning’s face would repel him.
"I’m sorry, Ning ‘er," Jun Ling said, just as he was about to take back his hand, Yin Ningluo actually held his hand and clasped his fingers along his fingers.
Yin Ning’s face was very calm when she looked at Junling. She said to Junling, "Come with me."
In this way, Jun Ling let Yin Ningluo take his servant to get the key, just when the two of them cleaned the house and saw their faces clearly, the servant looked down at the key. It seems that the servant shook his head and went on with her original work.
Yin Ning collaterals brought Jun Ling into the room before she let go of his hand. She walked to the table alone, took out the previous information and CD in the most counter of the table, and then returned to Jun Ling again.
Yin Ning collaterals holding those two things in his hand and looking at Jun Ling’s mouth with clear eyes is unquestionable and firm. "You have always misunderstood that I would choose to leave because I know my own life. You want to know if I have looked inside, then I will tell you that from the first time I saw Guan Yang in the newspaper, I don’t deny that I have a familiar feeling about him.
I felt that when I first contacted him at your welcome banquet, I saw the surprise in his eyes when he looked at me. I didn’t know what words to explain it. Later, I happened to meet him in a cafe that day. He took me to Xishan Villa to meet my real family. Although I couldn’t accept them for a while, I couldn’t help but question why so many people knew me in a strange city. I went to Yin’s branch and asked them to help me investigate Zhang Yuxi’s identity. This is the information and this. She recorded all of Zhang Yuxi’s "Yin Ningluo’s throat was sore and there were tears in her eyes" Jun Ling, do you know that if there had not been that note earlier today, I would never have known that I was Zhang Yuxi’s artificial efficiency, and I just said what I meant. They handed Zhang Yuxi’s photo information to me in a second, so I had a chance to see it, but I didn’t question your love because I thought it was you at the end. Zhang Yuxi’s data has always been kept by me, and I want to keep her as a secret and never tell you to come to the airport. Sometimes I think it’s clear that whether I am Zhang Yuxi or Yin Ningluo, you love me, don’t you? In this case, who am I and what? If I have to choose between Zhang Yuxi and Yin Ningluo, I will choose the latter. We don’t need Zhang Yuxi. "
Yin Ningluo tore up the data in his hand in front of Jun Ling, and even the CD was broken in half.
Tear off Zhang Yuxi. At all times, I know that it may not be fair to Guan Yang, but it is our best choice. He has his family and I have my wife. We can be relatives and believe that this is the best arrangement.
All the words I received were said by Yin Ningluo alone.
"Sometimes I feel so lucky to meet you and get your love. We love to melt into fireworks. You will understand, but I didn’t expect that I almost lost you because of my slow response. I want to tell you that now I want to cherish being a happy place. I want to ask your advice now. Maybe I am not perfect in your heart. Are you willing to accept me?"
In the quiet atmosphere, there are two people brewing ups and downs, and the fate of their hearts is rewritten at this moment. Whether it is right or wrong, it is decided now that even if it will be doomed in the future, they will turn back.
Jun Ling had tears in his eyes. He held Yin Ningluo in his arms and said, "No matter how good you are, how bad you are, I want you."
"That’s good," said Yin Ningluo.
Okay, I admit that I was melodramatic in the last conversation. Do you like it?
1 love is at the end of the road in rainy days
At the beginning of March 6, the seaside villa in the city
In the room with warm lights, Yin Ningluo sat in a wheelchair near the bed. Jun Ling came out of the health room and heard Yin Ningluo raise her head. She saw Jun Ling’s gentle smiling face infected by him, and she smiled relatively lightly. It was the first time that Yin Ningluo learned to smile since she was injured.
The four eyes are opposite to each other, and the warm colors in the room spread. The two men are all covered in gold. In each other’s eyes, they inject a little bit of tenderness. Jun Lingmai walked over to Yin Ningluo with long legs, squatting in front of her, smiling at her mouth, holding out her warm palm and holding her face close to Yin Ningluo’s delicate skin for a long time, like enjoying a beautiful thing.
Now there are two of them in the room who are looked at by his hot eyes. I’m a little embarrassed that Yin Ning’s eyelashes are flashing and her pure face is flushed with a sunset glow. Finally, she hangs her eyes in his warm palm.
The night has come. When Yin Ning collaterals rest, Jun Ling takes back his hand and turns to hook Yin Ning collaterals nose and says, "It’s late. I’ll hold you in bed and rest."
Say that finish, he has half got up and picked up Yin Ningluo from the wheelchair, which seems to be a kind of ability to put Yin Ningluo’s arm around his neck. At that moment, Junling also deliberately put his neck into Yin Ningluo’s arm circle, as if knowing that she would ring his neck, which is a kind of tacit understanding.
Once again, four eyes are breathing relative to each other, and Yin Ningluo’s eyes are shining with glazed light, charming and charming, and Jun Ling’s lips are dizzy with a smile, holding her to bed.
He put a pillow behind her and let her lean on it to pull up the quilt and cover her.
Every night before going to bed, Junling will send Yin Ningluo a good night kiss, and today is no exception. Junling leans forward, kisses Yin Ningluo on the forehead and says "good night" to Yin Ningluo.