But Luo Xiu just raised his feet and didn’t fall when he thought of the six words that he had just seen on the stone tablet behind him.

"thousands of machines are forbidden to enter and leave the forest"
At the thought of this sentence, Luo Xiu felt that the road ahead was not as calm as he looked.
In front of this bamboo building is a winding path with cabins on both sides. The wind blows at the door and the wind chimes jingle.
"Blackie, you go in first, but be careful."
Luo Xiu said that he would take his feet back and look at the so-called Qianjilin with a face of alert.
Xiaohei poked his head out of the shadow and looked at the small village composed of bamboo and wood buildings in front of him. There seems to be nothing wrong with coming out dead.
So the little black went out like a phantom, and then I heard a whoosh.
Almost in an instant black back.
"What happened to Blackie?"
"Nothing hurts a little."
At this moment, Luo Xiu looked closely at Xiaohei, who had just returned, and noticed that Xiaohei had a dozen short crossbows in his body.
"No, what happened just now?" Luo Xiu felt that he had been constantly challenged in the rose dream for a long time, but he just heard some sounds himself and didn’t even see where the short crossbow came from.
Blackie shook his head. "Master, this is probably the place where the Thousand Machine Technicians are located."
"Thousand machine division? It sounds like a hidden career. "
Blackie ignored Luo Xiu’s words and went on to explain, "Thousand-machine division was the most powerful fighting force in the central part of the mainland-they didn’t have strong skills and do their best, but they had something that other division didn’t have, and that was creativity."
"It’s true that creative artists are weak, but thousands of artists have created puppet machines and the like through their creativity. In this respect, even powerful assassins can match them. The most powerful ability of thousands of artists is that they are powerful puppets and machines, but secondly, because they are mainly aimed at individuals, the puppet is different. A powerful puppet can suppress thousands of demon soldiers and kill them."
Hearing this, Luo Xiu, a man with many spiritual pets, could not help but gasp in air.
"So strong? But why haven’t you heard of it before? "
At this time, Xiaohei has pulled out his short crossbow, and his blood is slowly recovering.
"Because in that great war, the demon spirit clan was handsome and the demon spirit army sacrificed bait to wipe out the first pulse of the Thousand Machine Technicians, and now there are no Thousand Machine Technicians walking in Kyushu."
"What? Six hundred thousand! ! !” Luo Xiu exclaimed, "This bait is too big."
Blackie shook his head. "Master, that’s why you don’t know the puppet’s strength created by the Thousand Machine Technicians. If you knew it, you wouldn’t be so surprised. At the same time, it was at the beginning that Terran thought that the demon clan could not sacrifice in vain, so 600,000 demon soldiers couldn’t think that the demon handsome moon pole did that, but he succeeded in breaking the blood of the Thousand Machine Technicians overnight."
Luo Xiu nodded his head after hearing this and bowed toward the front of Qianji Lin Shen.
"Whether there is anyone here now or not, but at least we Terrans have been great heroes. I bow to thank you."
Luo Xiugong also bowed, and then straightened up and said to the little black next to him, "Let’s go and don’t disturb the peace here."
Just as Luo Xiugang was about to leave, suddenly a distant sound came behind him.
"Young man, you hate being polite. Although my blood is broken, I am still giving you this thing to help me find the right person."
Luo Xiu saw a bundle of tattered bamboo slips at his feet when he heard the sound.
I picked up the bamboo slips myself and saw six words engraved on the surface [Thousand Machine Masters].
Luo Xiu knows that this is the hidden professional master.
When you go back, you have to give it to an Italian magician, and that player can immediately hide the professional magician.
Luo Xiu hurriedly kowtowed to Qianji Forest.
"Come on, you don’t thank me. The demon spirit clan has been silent for so many years. I’m afraid it will pay again soon. Kyushu depends on you in the future."
"Thank you, seniors and juniors. There is one more thing I want to ask … where is the dragon ball?"
"The dragon ball is just north of the treasure house. Go east first and see a clear spring, then all the way to the north. There is a powerful fierce beast in the east of the north, which has just been suppressed. Don’t go near it!"
"Thank you, senior" Luo Xiu kowtowed again, but this time the vast and distant sound did not appear.
After knowing how to get there, Luo Xiu went straight to the east and saw a lot of good things himself.
All kinds of equipment and props
I even saw a tall puppet.
When I saw this puppet, Luo Xiu finally said that Bai Xiaohei just said that he didn’t know the terrible place of the puppet.
Although I don’t know the properties of this puppet, I don’t know if I read it next to it.
Manipulating puppets doesn’t necessarily require a puppet master to finish, but in other professions, one person needs to enter the puppet center to manipulate puppets, thus giving play to their fighting capacity.