In everyone’s eyes, their idols are all perfect, but now their idols fart in front of the public, and it’s just that they let such a super enemy fart loudly, and it’s just that it stinks so much that many people have been smoked out.

Everyone is sure that this fart will definitely set a Guinness World Record, but it is in the game rather than in reality.
After the black dragon reacted, his face was iron and black, and his red light intersected and reflected to form a beautiful but not harmonious picture at all.
"Uh-huh! ! ! !”
The black dragon growled like a sleeping lion. It should not be said that a sleeping dragon was awakened.
Chu Yun feel afraid afraid don’t know what this goods to launch a big move?
"Black Dragon, you lost your mask!" Chu Yun shouted so loudly that everyone heard him.
At this time, the black dragon touched his face as quickly as possible to see if the mask was there.
"You lied to me?" Red blood in black dragon’s eyes
"I say it’s the black dragon too and it’s not your king of light. What’s the hurry? ! !” Similarly, Chu Yun’s sentence is still very loud
These words make many players wonder if the Dragon King is really the Black Dragon?
Chu Yun believes that because of the previous fart, many players’ goodwill towards the Holy Dragon King has been greatly reduced, and now many people are suspicious of the words and the actions of the Black Dragon.
"I prove that the King of the Holy Dragon is the Black Dragon. If I say this, it will be ruined!"
The king of green light came out to prove that the king of the holy dragon is the black dragon.
King Qingguang’s words have convinced several players.
"I’ll fight with you!"
What Black Dragon Tai is doing now is to slay Chu Yun with his own knife.
"You didn’t fight because your roots are not my opponent."
At this moment, Chu Yun offered a Long Yin Fengming piano and whew an Baal sword.
At this moment, the light black light and the imposing appearance of the evil spirit sword emerged, and Chu Yunshuai simply dropped the slag and made many young girls see stars in their eyes.
Crack, kill and chop!
Chu Yun sword slay and go to a powerful wind blade from the black dragon too body wear.
—9212 (Critical Strike)
This is a total injury, which almost blinded everyone’s eyes.
"How is that possible?" When one’s life value returns, the black dragon spits out four words from his mouth.
"If you don’t believe that the holy dragon king is the black dragon, you can come with me to Xuanwu City Square! ! !” When the victory sign appeared, Chu Yun shouted and made Zhang rush to Xuanwu City Square.
All the players were suspicious, but without hesitation, they immediately crushed Xuanwu City and all of them disappeared into the stadium.
Chapter 13 the truth! ()
When Black Dragon Tai appeared in Xuanwu Square after his death, his eyes were still red and his body glowed red. His expression was hideous as if he were going to suck human blood. As Chu Yun said, he was a red dog, and a red dog could kill people at any time!
It’s crazy to think that the black dragon was killed again this time.
"Hello!" Chu Yun appeared and greeted him in a friendly way.
Soon all the players in the original stadium appeared here.
"I’m going to kill you!" The black dragon was so full of hatred that he raised his dragon blood knife and beheaded Chu Yun.
"Everyone is optimistic. Now I will prove whether he is the black dragon too!" Chu Yun this sentence immediately released the Long Yin Fengming Qin.
"Phantom Ayane!" Chu Yun believes that this skill is not as fate as splitting and killing, but it is enough to kill the black dragon.
—245 (Critical Hit)
The black dragon was killed by a skill of Chu Yun before it could attack.
"pants!" Chu Yun’s eyes were wide open and he had to kill several times more. I didn’t expect it to come out as soon as he did.
As soon as the pants broke out, the black dragon was too small, and my brother showed it to everyone. It was 2.5 centimeters, one point was neither too big nor too small.
At this moment, several eyes are about to pop out, and five words appear in my mind. How is that possible?
The former King Qingguang believed in the evidence subconsciously, but didn’t really believe it. This time, it’s no good if the evidence is put in the eyes. ! !
"I always fight with you!"
Black Dragon Tai didn’t know that his pants were burst. He immediately came to Chu Yun with a dragon blood knife.
At this moment, many players have taken photos to show that the Dragon King is actually the Black Dragon. This shocking scene will definitely stir up the whole China.
"Chat" Chu Yun is another attack. As a result, the Black Dragon King was killed again. This time, he broke the clothes.