Call home first to explain clearly. Before signing the professional club, I have reported to my family that my father Wang Hua was happy about his joining the professional club. It is estimated that I have been showing off for a long time in front of my father-in-law. I heard Wang Feipeng say that he would go home later, but he didn’t ring for a long time. Wang Huacai said that it is a good thing to go home later and have no training, but it is necessary to pay attention to his health. Wang Hua usually praises his son more and praises him less, which makes Wang Feipeng feel a little sad.

School people went to the building, Wang Feipeng simply moved to the football training base and devoted himself to training. The biggest support for Wang Feipeng this semester was to participate in tennis competitions and get bonuses so that he could successfully spend the first semester of college life. Therefore, he has been paying attention to the information of online competitions at the end of the year. I saw that Lu’ an, next door to Anqing City, my hometown, will hold the IF International Men’s Tennis Tournament, which is the lowest-level professional tennis competition. If you get the ranking, you can get AP points. Only with points can you participate in more and higher-level professional tennis competitions. Those competitions have more bonuses! Wang Feipeng quickly added a memorandum. Although there are no points in the competition registration in March next year, he has won three amateur competitions. The most important thing is that the provincial players will take care of it. There should be great hope for registration!
I have to go to the basketball training base twice a week to enter the key stage of CBA competition. The members of the coaching team are busy preparing for each game. The main players either go out to play or the recovery training base often go to the building for training. Wang Feipeng is presided over by the coach of the youth team. Half of the training is a small stove and half is against the players outside the reserve list. Wang Feipeng is not as low-key and indifferent as the school. For the main players, the small fish and shrimps who are in the promotion stage naturally kill them casually. It is commonplace to steal, block and rebound in one stop, although it is already the boss among the young reserve players.
Every time I see him, the team doctor Gen Wei sticks up to be caring and attentive like a child. The old boy has established a family and has nothing to do. He stays at the base all day, unless there is a game, and he goes out with the team to listen to classical musicians. Everyone respects him very much. One day, Wang Feipeng suddenly remembered one thing: "I always heard that your family has an altar and tiger bones to soak in wine?"
The old man looked alert. "This is the only thing in my family. How do you know?"
Wang Feipeng pie pie disdained, "You are so unkind. Where is the private money hidden? The whole world knows that a tiger died unexpectedly in your altar tiger bone wine zoo. You took pains to get bones and said that it was for the injured players to heal the bones. As a result, you took it for yourself. The security guards at the door and the aunt who swept the floor were all clear."
Genwei’s face turned red. "It’s not as unkind as you said. I checked many ancient books and read many documents, and I made this authentic tiger bone wine with a lot of precious medicinal materials and five bottles of Wuliangye."
Wang Feipeng took an interest. "Old man, medically speaking, you don’t need to supplement calcium tablets where you drink tiger bone wine in old bones. This wine is so precious that you should give me two pounds first, such as my rising basketball star in Ran Ran."
The old man shoved him angrily and said, "Authentic Tiger Bone Wine is rich in trace elements. Can you compare it with calcium tablets for strengthening the body and strengthening the bones? How about two kilos first? When I this tiger bone wine is Erguotou? No way! "
Two people play a reserve team called Wang Feipeng in the past. This pony jumped up. "Old man, put away the tiger bone wine. I’ll turn over the window and sleep at your house when I’m drunk." Looking at the energetic figure, Genwei shook his head, but his face was filled with a kind smile.
The coaching staff of the Chinese Super League ended in November. As early as December, a large group of foreigners returned to China for Christmas Eve training. The team leader Xi Zhikang arranged for Conca, Elkson and other major foreign AIDS to return to Lei Wu, Sun Xiang and other countries to participate in national team training. Many injured youth teams also took vacations and continued to train at the base, and the number of players suddenly decreased.
Wang Feipeng’s training arrangement has always been personal skills, multi-player coordination, and half-court attack and defense training. There is not much training in the home game. Even if he participates in the whole training, he is fixed in the middle and backcourt. It is difficult to exert his firepower. Wang Feipeng didn’t know that the coaching staff made this arrangement specifically for him. He was too conspicuous to avoid the game and ignored the basic intensive training, but was preoccupied with the game, which was not conducive to his growth. If he was the main player, he would lose his pursuit goal and lack motivation. Let him lay a solid foundation, correct his bad habits, and strengthen teamwork and
However, in 2000, the coaching staff and many big foreign aid players who were not in the base were all players in the middle and front court. When Xi Zhikang arranged a confrontation training, the attacking players were seriously short of ensuring the training quality. After the confrontation training in the middle court, Wang Fei Peng was arranged to play a simulated regular game for the red team against the blue team. The red team was composed of the main players who participated in the Super League. If there was a shortage, the players were selected from the substitutes, and the remaining soup was used to form the blue team training. The main purpose was to train the main team, Wang Feipeng, who played less in the field, and the substitutes naturally
Wang Feipeng is very excited. He hasn’t played a game for a long time, and he still plays his favorite position key in midfield. He grew up on the bench, and his favorite job is to finish the main force with the bench. It’s a great feeling! Before the game, my roommate Zheng Zhiyun came over and muttered, "See? All-in-one main force today is the day when we came off the bench to take out the women’s volleyball players! " Wang Fei Peng Mi squinted and said, "If you don’t wake up, you must blow them up today to save yourself from being arrogant and arrogant all day long!"
The red team’s main force discharges 343 offensive formations and the blue team’s substitute discharges 541 defensive formations, which is stronger and weaker in the coach’s mind.
Just after the game, the red team attacked like a wave, and the players in front of the blue team were in danger. They were all overwhelmed by the blue team at half-time. Wang Feipeng received the ball from the front waist or gave it to the striker. I didn’t know that the game had been played for more than ten minutes, and even the midfielder was pressed to the front of the penalty area. It is difficult to expect the midfielder to break the ball for him.
Waiting is no way out! Wang Feipeng withdrew to the front of his own restricted area and left a striker in the frontcourt. The red team was even more afraid to keep Wang Feipeng under observation for a while. We usually trained the attack routine together. We were familiar with the red team kicking the ball to the right midfielder outside the restricted area. The right striker met the right midfielder in the restricted area and met the right midfielder in the rear to form a triangle attack layout. The blue defender kept a close eye on it, and the right striker always got rid of not defending the red players and took the opportunity to press the red players with the ball.
The player with the ball in the red side must reorganize the attack to the player’s ball in the rear. Wang Feipeng quietly approached the player. When the midfielder on the right side of the red side returned, Wang Feipeng suddenly started the player quickly. The player had been prepared for sideways, and the body cover was smooth. The ball was stopped at the foot start point. Wang Feipeng broke the ball too far away from the player, and he pressed the player on the right side of the red side to hold the ball behind the player. The player appeared in the rear side of the horse, and Wang Feipeng sensed that his horse returned the ball. Before he made a rebound, he suddenly turned around and forcibly turned from behind him to the front to block his ball route and help his body to stick tightly to him to prevent him from getting rid of the ball. This player is very experienced. Seeing that the rear ball route was blocked, the front player was stared at by the defender, and his right foot went sideways to prepare for the horizontal dribble. Just as his right foot was rolling away, Wang Feipeng forcibly moved to the left to defend him personally, and his body could not be squeezed. Move the horse to the left and stretch out his left foot to stop the ball. Wang Feipeng, who knows how to defend himself, turns right and turns face to face, nose to nose. Wang Feipeng’s left foot steps on the mobile football at the same time and pulls back. Turn left and turn right again and move the football back. The horse will follow the body to the left, and get rid of the opponent in one go and push straight to kill the red gate several times in a row!
Chapter 60 scored two goals in a row
The confrontation between the team’s main force and the substitute is often that Mars hits the earth and loses. It doesn’t matter if it is lost to the substitute, it will be a big deal. Losing the main position may not guarantee that many players are injured during training. This is the reason. If the coach is not on the side to suppress the confrontation, it will be even more tragic!
The red team members stepped up their attack, and Wang Feipeng made a deep pressure. From breaking the ball to launching a fast break, the flint happened. Don’t say that the defender didn’t respond. Even the only forward striker in the blue side didn’t respond. When the red side turned from attack to defense, the little rabbit had gone all the way to the red penalty area!
The goalkeeper is very experienced. One-on-one disadvantage is not in a hurry to attack. When Wang Feipeng approaches him, he will slowly meet him. His hands will naturally relax and hang down beside him, and his face will smile. When the striker meets this goalkeeper, the pressure will increase sharply. Wang Feipeng can see that the goalkeeper is slowly attacking, and the horse will lift his foot and knock on the door!
The goalkeeper looks relaxed, but his muscles are tight. Attack at any time! I have long known that he is young and small with the ball. He has seen many such players! All of them are very arrogant and love to show their performance. Nine times out of ten, they will shoot and fake the goalkeeper and then show off the ball in the door position. This is a month’s talk! Wang Feipeng made a shot and the goalkeeper didn’t fall to the ground to save the ball.
However, Wang Fei Penggen didn’t show off his thoughts. He was good at various sports from elementary school to college, won several championships, and was eager to win. The shooting has long since faded. He has no hesitation, and his strength is very high. It is estimated that it is difficult to jump at the ball from the goalkeeper’s left side to the goal goalkeeper. Or keep bending slightly, with his hands beside him. Looking at the ball with the football rolling towards the goal, his face is gradually stiff with a smile.
All the members of the blue team cheered! Zheng Zhiyun specially came to celebrate and shouted "Bravo! Today, you gave us a good substitute. Make persistent efforts. You must kick them into a sieve and give them to us. At the end of this year, I will treat you to a big meal! "
The red team didn’t take it seriously when they lost a goal. The main reason was that the defense line was too tight, and the thief broke through the red team’s horse in one fell swoop. The three guards triangle stood in the middle, and the front and back guards leaned where the ball was. The center guards pointed there, and the two guards followed the center guards to keep a tight triangle formation to prevent the blue team from waiting for a fast break.
There is still a gap in overall strength, otherwise how can there be a main substitute score? The red team continued to press the blue team to attack, and Wang Feipeng returned to the front of the restricted area early to participate in the defense and wait for an opportunity. This formation he liked very much. Once the ball was broken or the ball was blocked in front of the red team, Wang Feipeng was very patient. Wang Feipeng had already robbed several times, but the opposing player was forced to grab a kick from the horse. There was no chance in the middle of the ball and Wang Feipeng leaned over. This time, the right midfielder gave the ball to the right striker Wang Feipeng, and the right midfielder kept a close eye on the right midfielder to prevent the red right striker from going backwards, which was equivalent to breaking his return route.
The basket was pressed to defend the restricted area. The red right striker was guarded by two guards and had no chance to attack. He was cut off by Wang Feipeng. He was able to lift the ball to the restricted area. Wang Feipeng moved laterally to the front of the restricted area. The ball was overturned by the defenders. When the ball was pushed out, Wang Feipeng also killed in front of his own restricted area and jumped with the red players at the same time to compete for the ball. The red players tried their best to jump, but the height was two or three heads short in front of Wang Feipeng’s height of 1.9 meters.
Wang Feipeng easily pushed the ball to the ground behind him and then retreated two steps. His left foot hooked the ball backwards, and his body crouched slightly in front of him. Two deep footprints were stepped on the grass. The figure followed the football like a cannon ball, and the defender quickly crossed a beautiful arc to compete with Wang Feipeng for the header. When the horse landed, he was ready to fight for it. He could see that the figure of the guy had brought the ball to the center line and couldn’t even chase it! Shocked in my heart! When did the team have such a big fairy? What didn’t the club let him play?
The red team’s three-guard horse responded. The central defender greeted the two full-backs in the left and right positions behind him. He planned that the central defender would retreat with the other side. The position of the two full-backs would not move, and the positive triangle would turn into an inverted triangle. Three people could trap the other side to death. I don’t know that this little training was not long, but these routines were clear. The red central defender greeted him. The horse changed direction to the right, far away from the central defender. The two full-backs had to chase back quickly.
The blue team is suppressed by the red team at half time, and the wide rear of the red team is very beneficial to Wang Feipeng. He also likes to attack from his own side to the other side’s restricted area for such a long distance, which can give full play to his speed advantage and change direction at will! Wang Feipeng hates to rush into the face of dense defense, and people are all shooting in the face, but his legs are not very technical.
Wang Feipeng is not only fast, but also has better endurance. When he wins the 100-meter and 10,000-meter championships, he can easily grab the ball. running all the way is getting faster and faster with the ball. Where can the red central defender follow? Wang Feipeng dumped him after a few strides, then buckled the ball to the left to avoid the left-back of the Red Team, and then went straight into the back court of the Red Team from two defenders. Seeing that the situation was not good, the right-back of the Red Team fell to the ground and tackled the ball! Wang Feipeng’s father, Wang Hua, emphasized that no matter dribbling, dribbling, shooting or waiting for an opportunity, you should always pay attention to your opponent’s every move on the court, even if it is a look or a look back! This idea and this habit have been deeply rooted in my mind! Wang Feipeng dumped the red team’s left-back and went straight in from the right-back. When the right-back fell to the ground, Wang Feipeng accelerated the ball a little with his right foot and jumped forward to avoid the defender’s tackle.
The red team goalkeeper’s scalp is numb. Why is it so small? Why one-on-one again? This time, the goalkeeper didn’t have the whole set of psychological warfare. As soon as Wang Feipeng broke into the restricted area, the goalkeeper had already attacked the football team. The goalkeepers were all very tall, and their hands were fierce and rushed to the defense area. Wang Feipeng could see clearly that there was still no need to move the instep of his right foot to move the ball to the right. The goalkeepers immediately changed direction to the right. Wang Feipeng continued to take a step to the right, slammed the door, took a big step to the right and fell to the ground and pounced on the shooting route. Wang Feipeng’s right foot touched the ball, but his ankle suddenly turned
The goalkeeper has fallen to the right, and the ball is in front of the left foot. Wang Feipeng didn’t tease the opponent at all, and his left foot gently poked the ball and ran into the goal!
The blue team members cheered and celebrated the sudden awakening of Xi Zhikang on the sidelines! I remember that Xu Genbao, the consultant of the team, specially gave these three suggestions when he left, and repeatedly stressed that it is best not to give him generous conditions, so long as he has no salary to meet the minimum treatment for staying in the team; The second is to strengthen the foundation, cooperation and tactical training, carefully carve out the details and correct bad habits; Third, temporary anxiety, ostentation and extravagance, confrontation, avoidance of arrogance and arrogance are not conducive to his growth and easy to be out of touch with ordinary players
The team has always arranged Wang Feipeng’s basic training, 23-person cooperation, multi-person cooperation, and the concept of half-court attack and defense training bureau strictly according to the plan. Even if he was given the opportunity to play, he was placed in the position of defender. Today, Xi Zhikang suddenly let him play in the front waist, which was as murderous as a runaway wild horse and a beast breaking the cage. He was scored two goals by this small attack before the half of the main force, and they were all done by himself!
Xizhikang again remind of Lao Xu told to suppress his carving and then release it for up to half a year!
On the sidelines, Xi Zhikang was so excited that he called a team member to change Wang Feipeng. This guy was in the middle of excitement and was suddenly withdrawn from the field, like being poured cold water on his head. Hurriedly ran to XiZhiKang side "xi leader just kicked out state why for me? What is this situation? "
Xi Zhikang smiled and patted Wang Feipeng on the back. "You are the key to our team’s secret weapon, so you can only keep sharp, rusty and dull, you know?"
Wang Feipeng listened to the music and spent the team’s secret weapon! When affirming the key game, I quickly promised, "You can rest assured that it is sharper than charging and killing the enemy at any time!"
Chapter sixty-nine was ravaged
Blue Team 2: The leading morale was high, but the hero of the goal was suddenly offset by the high morale. Most of the red team lost two goals in a row, which strengthened the defensive offensive convergence. Many sides entered the tug-of-war again. Although the substitutes wanted to kill the main force, the overall strength was different. The routines of both sides were clear, and the final competition was mostly personal strength.
The red team gradually controlled the situation and suppressed the blue team in the half-court substitute. Unlike Wang Feipeng, the impact was not as strong and the footwork was sharp. The players who could control the ball were better. All the players were elected to the red team, and there was no way to organize an effective offensive main force. Although they were two goals behind, the attack was still orderly and orderly.
Sitting on the sidelines, watching the red team attack around the blue team, Wang Feipeng knew that it was not good. He had been passively defending and would lose the ball sooner or later. Sure enough, the right line of the red team lifted the ball to the front, middle and front of the red team. At the last three o’clock, they rushed up to fight for the header, and the football drew a graceful arc and fell back. The left striker of the red team did not directly header the goal, but put the ball right in front of the goal. In the penalty spot, the defender was suppressed by the players in the middle of the red team, and the ball landed right behind them. The ball landed on the front of the red team without a pause. The goalkeeper went straight to the right corner of the goal from the gap of the players, and the goalkeeper was blocked by the front offensive and defensive players. It was too late to detect the danger and save the ball. The football hit the net inside the goal!
At least half of the players in the Red Team played in the Super League and lost two goals. They were careless for a while and didn’t recognize how small it was, but then they were changed. Now the team has regained a goal before the end of the half-time, and it was long enough to get back and win the final victory. It was a handy job. The morale suddenly rose and completely crushed the blue team.
Besides, it’s only natural for the main force to get rid of the substitutes. Only by playing well can they temporarily cut off their idea of climbing the main force! The red team members kept their hands on the ground, and they didn’t defend themselves. Wang Feipeng couldn’t bear to watch the attack in turn at the gate of the blue team. He was so anxious that the ants had been replaced that it was impossible to make a hullabaloo about on the sidelines to cheer for the blue team.
Long-term disk will fall, long-term defense will lose! The red players kept lifting, long-range, corner kick, Italian ball, and hitting the wall in the restricted area, and the offensive patterns emerged one after another, and soon they scored two goals! At half-time, the score was overtaken to 3:2!
The most important thing is the morale of the blue team. At the half-time break, all the players were drooping their heads and depressed. Wang Feipeng took a bottle of mineral water to meet Zheng Zhiyun. This little sweaty hair was soaked with sweat and looked very fierce. Without saying a word, he picked up the mineral water and poured it.
Half-time can be said to be terrible. The red team started the slaughter mode and scored 2 goals 20 minutes after the game. It was even more chic and casual. Even Xi Zhikang couldn’t help applauding! On the other hand, the blue players were very young and got the ball. They worked hard with more cooperation and less. By the end of the half, the red team was physically exhausted. Instead of stopping and kicking the friendly ball, they continued to beat Reservoir Dogs. Later, the central defenders all went to the other side to fight for the header. The blue players defended to the death. Finally, with the help of the post and good luck, they were scored by the blue team.
The score was finally fixed at 6:2!
Roommate Zheng Zhiyun’s face Qing Wu is longer than a horse’s face, and Wang Feipeng quickly accompanied and comforted "World Cup national team vs. Brazil: 4! We lost 4 goals today, which is the same as the national team. They are not ashamed and we are not ashamed. "
"Don’t compare us with the national team!" Zheng Zhiyun look a little slow.
"Let’s go to the swimming pool to accompany you to bubble in the evening!" Wang Feipeng continued to comfort.
The swimming pool is not far from their dormitory. There is constant temperature water inside. There are not many training players at the end of the year. It is not difficult for two people to get in and soak in warm water for a while. Zheng Zhiyun relaxed and improved his mood. Looking at Wang Feipeng not far away, he couldn’t help laughing.
Although this guy is younger than himself, he plays football well, volleyball is fierce and pleasing to the coach. He has always been a little unhappy, but he is far from being as small as swimming. He can do a dog planing from beginning to end! Swim back and forth in the swimming pool, splash and splash, and the water in the pool is almost dried up! Fortunately, there are not many people today, otherwise they will be implicated and maybe even thrown out.
Zheng Zhiyun quickly called him over and told him not to toss about. Don’t stir up a pool of water like a five-level wave. The two of them leaned against the pool and drifted with the water. Wang Feipeng asked, "Didn’t you go to the women’s volleyball hall to see the long-legged girl recently?"
Hear Wang Feipeng this chi Zheng Zhiyun anger chung can’t help but scold a way "you are too cheap! The second thing that stands out is that you suffer, not me. Can you touch your conscience and be worthy of me? "
Wang Feipeng wondered, "The next time you want to be a sparring partner, I advised you to walk from beginning to end. You didn’t listen, but you had to block the loophole, and you were beaten into a pig’s head. Why do you blame me now?"
Zheng Zhiyun turned supercilious look "do you know the meaning of sad card? Women’s volleyball girls attack you, and the confrontation will be more intense when you fight back. Later, when the girls attack me, they beat me badly, which means they can take a step back to win their sympathy. This girl has a soft heart and everything has hope, and everyone is happy. Finally, Xiaoqiang came forward and beat them to death. Do you think they can still do well with us? Have the opportunity to ask them out to press the road and bask in the moon? "
Wang Feipeng paused and laughed. "This fallacy sounds reasonable. Do as you say, we should be straight and buckle them."? Will you stay after the injury? "
Zheng Zhiyun said irritably, "You should know how to be gentle and considerate when dealing with girls, and be careful when you are young. You don’t know how to understand yourself!" After that, I was too lazy to play the lute to the cow. A beautiful stroke moved my legs alternately to draw water and swam to the other side without causing a splash.
Wang Feipeng looked pleasing to the eye and couldn’t help but whisper, "Now girls are hard and boys are soft. I really don’t understand!" But this little swimming is quite free and easy. Those long-legged girls should be able to add a few points when they see it. "
Football training is still going on. Xi Zhikang didn’t arrange Wang Feipeng to fight in the first half of the game, but strengthened the training of various technical details. Wang Feipeng is a right-footed player. Although his left foot skills are not bad, the gap is obvious. In the training, one of them specializes in practicing his left foot, and the other focuses on Italian ball training from 5 meters close to 2 meters and then to about 5 meters. The foot balance practice is arranged in front of him, and the artificial wall is broken, and the shooting technique is arranged to play back and correct the route to find the best strength. Angle and rotating corner kick are also the key points. Xi Zhikang also asked him to practice corner kick, which is extremely difficult. However, Wang Feipeng is very resilient and savvy. He insists on practicing nearly 100 balls every day, and then practices his right foot and then his left foot. The coach specially arranged for a person to prepare dozens of footballs for him to concentrate on practicing. It is difficult to get five or six goals a day. Later, the right foot hit rate can reach 5% and the left foot can reach 2%!
Other training, such as catching the ball in running, volleying from a long distance, and shooting with a header in running, Xi Zhikang specially arranged many obstacles in front of the goal to let one or two players follow the defensive requirements. It is very difficult for Wang Feipeng to hit the goal in moving, but this guy is born with a keen sense of smell in front of the door and a quick response. No matter how small or how tricky the route design is, he can also attack the goal.
Wang Feipeng, who has been trained in football, is keen to be a sparring man’s volleyball team in various training halls. Of course, he is still a serving sparring master. Occasionally, he drags a few second-hand balls to experience the main fun. Table tennis sparring involves a lot of warm-up, serving, catching and attacking, but he knows that he never takes the initiative to attack the ball and feeds every ball. Badminton sparring is very energy-consuming, with the most sparring events, such as serving, hanging, hooking and so on. This little sparring is full of energy and never tired. It is deeply loved by coaches and athletes. Many coaches and athletes have not noticed that as sparring continues, Wang Feipeng’s skills are becoming more and more proficient, and the level of sparring is steadily rising. More and more sparring events are being fed, and it is becoming more and more difficult for many professional players to kill this little sparring ~
Chapter seventy Go home for the Spring Festival
The winter vacation on January 1st is not far from the Chinese New Year, and the continuous training is not long. The coaches on both sides take good care of it and let Wang Feipeng go home from the training a few days ago. At the end of the year, Wang Feipeng was so happy that he was worried about buying something to go home for the Chinese New Year. Ma has such rare goods.
After the last training session at the basketball base, Wang Feipeng greeted the coaches and players and wished them a happy New Year! Team doctor Genwei secretly tugged at the corners and pulled him to the doctor’s office. He pulled out a bottle of wine. "Smelly little guy stares at me every day. I’ll send you a bottle of tiger bone wine this New Year. Don’t look at 1 catty. It’s precious and rare! I watched at home for a few days before I caught the opportunity to steal it from my wife! "
Wang Feipeng’s eyes lit up and the horse took it and sniffed it hard. "Old man, you have a conscience. This is cutting your meat. Although it is a little less, it is very satisfying to taste authentic tiger bone wine."
Root Wei angry way "less than 1 kg! A full fifth of my wife and I are old enough to keep the bones and muscles, and I will return them to me quickly! "