It’s really a feeling that little people succeed.

"Hey ~!" Just entering the cave, I don’t know what my foot stepped on and made a crunchy sound. Is it a bone?
What is love? I slowed down and walked into the cave.
It’s very dry in the cave, and the stone walls on both sides are sometimes smooth and sometimes rough. I wonder if these greedy wolves itch here and rub the stone walls smooth.
The footstone road is not very flat, and from time to time a big stone will come out. The light is not very strong, but I can barely see everything in this cave.
But it is dark in the distance, and the cave actually extends to the ground
Is this cave deep enough to be close to the bottom of Kunlun Mountain? At this time, my mind appeared the scene of entering the game, which was a sea of hell and fire.
How is that possible? In my mind, I denied myself and continued to walk inside.
The light is getting darker and darker, but it’s not as wet as a normal cave, but it’s still dry, and I can feel a little cool breeze blowing.
It was because I didn’t have time to study the structure of this cave, because when I put my hand on the top of the cave, I heard a wolf howling and it was very piercing
"Does it know that its cubs are all dead?" I whispered to the Nangong behind me, but I didn’t hear anything. I turned my head and looked at the man lying in the trough.
I cann’t believe there’s not even a ghost behind me
"Where are you? You didn’t happen, did you? There was no movement just now. "I sent a message to the Nangong one by one with a hint of anxiety in my tone.
Soon the nangongshan one by one back to the information "? Is there no danger in it? Then I’ll go in now. "
"Nima … Didn’t you just follow me in?" Then I remembered that I didn’t even know if she followed me in. It was me. She was just behind me.
"Okay, okay, I’ll come in now." The Nangong said brightly.
"You … you don’t come in!" I trembled and said, then turned around and looked ahead.
Ear to the nangongshan one by one "? What’s wrong? Don’t want me to come in again. "
"Because" I listened carefully to the movement ahead and I said faintly, "It’s coming out."
I heard a bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang!
I started to run. md, how did this wolf get out
Listening to the sound getting closer and closer behind me, I can’t help but feel that if the chrysanthemum is tight, if it is pulled out behind me, it will be impossible for the rest of my life.
Soon I have seen the Nangong figure one by one. She is looking inside the mouth of the cave. When she saw it, she took a step back and raised her sword on one side.
"The Wolf King is behind me one by one" I let out a cry and gasped to see the Nangong moving back to the cave wall one by one.
"What does this girl want?" I thought that I had stepped out of the hole.
At the moment I stepped out of the hole, I jumped four or five yards forward, then my foot moved a little to one side, and then my foot slipped and my body turned in the right direction.
At the moment I turned around, I saw the Nangong one by one at the mouth of the cave, with swords in both hands.
Is this going to trip the wolf king to death … it’s really funny.
Just as I was poised, there was a wolf king not far from the mouth of the cave, who was running in the cave and glaring at the front.
This wolf is more than twice the size of an ordinary wolf, and its fur is pure black, so you can see blood hanging from its mouth.
Looking at it at this moment, I can’t help but worry and look at the Nangong. Her sword is estimated to be suspected by the earthquake.
But I have no time to tell her about it.
I saw a huge greedy wolf running out of the cave. At the moment it just stepped out of the hole, it jumped up with a push of its four feet. At this moment, the Nangong twisted its arms one by one and waved its sword at the same time.
"whoosh!" A strong wind passed by.
The Nangong’s sword forced the dog … I didn’t even cut it.
"Poof-ha-ha!" I couldn’t help laughing. When Nangong heard it, he stamped his foot and said angrily, "It bothers you!"
I finally have a joke about Nangong Yizi.
Before I could be proud, this big wolf had rushed to my face, raised his front paws and waved at me. My feet staggered and rolled behind me.
It’s a little humiliating, but it’s better than losing your life
I got up and jumped back without stopping, and at the same time, I threw out an identification technique with a wave of my hand.
[Mountain Wolf King] Iron boss level 3 Qi and blood 1 attack 1317 defense 55 skills attack, tear, roar Introduction A large number of wolves and wolves have gathered in wild hills. They have lived here for a long time, and their hair has been assimilated by the environment to form a good protective color. In the dark, it is the time for the wolf to prey on the hills. The wolf king is the king of this powerful group. The speed is extremely agile, and the attack is violent. Recently, the wolf king has been affected by a lack of breath and become more fierce. Even his companions cannot escape his claws.
I can’t help but feel timid when I see such a powerful attribute. Anyone who deals with the wolf for a long time will know how agile this animal is and how powerful its attack is.
At the moment, this big wolf boss in front of me reminds me of the goshawk. Their attributes are exactly the same. I am still a little scared when I think that we were annihilated at that time, although this land thing is easier to deal with than it is.
But how can we get rid of this wolf king?
I shared my attributes with Nangong, looked at her at the same time and asked in a flat tone, "How should we kill this wolf?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one War greedy Wolf king
"How do I know how to kill?" The Nangong said with some disappointment. "Every time this time, I feel that my equipment is still too bad."
"It’s not bad," I symbolically comforted her and said with awe, "Will you consider it?"
The greedy wolf king rushed in without its claws, but pounced on me with his big mouth open. He looked at the wet marks on the ground and the greedy wolf king’s mouth kept dripping. I decided that I would rather be beaten to death than bitten by it
This is disgusting. It is unacceptable that both body and mind are hurt at the same time.
I watched the greedy wolf king move, and I already had a dodge idea in my heart. Before it jumped in front of me, I pushed back a short body and rolled forward to avoid the greedy wolf wang qian’s claws and spike.
At the same time, my feet fell to the ground, and my arm suddenly stretched out and the dagger was inserted into the belly of the greedy wolf king. At the same time, I immediately stepped on one side and wanted to fall to one side. I held the dagger tightly with one hand to draw the dagger from the greedy wolf king’s body.
This time, I was lucky to avoid the greedy wolf king’s hind legs without being hooked by claws.
Two hasty attacks didn’t do much harm to the greedy wolf king. After I got up, the greedy wolf king had grabbed me and stared at me with red eyes.
This damn thing is so scary
I quickly ran back to the wolf king and followed me in circles.
No matter how agile you are, the bigger your swing is, the slower you turn around. The Wolf King is a little dull when he turns around.
My feet move, and at the same time I keep attacking. Although my back is turned to me, this wolf has no claws and teeth, and it has a tail.
"I don’t know what it’s like to be dumped by that tail for a while." A strange idea suddenly appeared in my heart, and my feet suddenly slowed down for half a beat and I couldn’t hurry back after an attack.
Just slow down. The greedy wolf king made me enjoy being dumped by a stick.
"Bang!" My waist was thrown by the wolf’s tail and I was still retreating. My body was thrown out and rolled for two laps before I barely stopped.