Looking at the Stuart brothers in front of them, the Nangong Cold and others were dumbfounded, and they really didn’t know what to say.

The Stuart brothers are famous among the monks below Jiedan, giving the impression that they are decisive, cold and inaccessible.
At present, these two people are like monks, just like a little white rabbit that has just been ravaged by a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex, with ragged clothes and a black face. Screaming and fleeing all the way, they are simply a pair of refugees.
Following Tang Qing to Kyoto was a necessity. Except for a pair of the most rubbish flying swords and their respective weapons, Tang Qing confiscated all their belongings and went on the road miserable.
At the beginning, Tang Qing should be familiar with step-by-step flight, and they can barely keep up. Then Tang Qing to speed up to the battlefield, the two men were naturally pulled out of the shadow. I dare not disobey Tang Ye’s orders, but I can only lament the grievances all the way, such as the wife scolded by her mother-in-law, and come to Kyoto in a hurry.
Looking at Tang Qingyuan, the two men summed up each other and felt that it was really inappropriate to go to Kyoto like this. How can we survive in that chaotic situation without the unique skill to save our lives? After thinking about it, the two simply took some stones and branches to make up for it, which is better than nothing.
It never rains but it pours. I met a striker from Xidaying near Kyoto. I don’t know what happened. In a few words, these cavalry directly moved their hands. Under the attack of more than a dozen spiritual weapons, Stuart brothers were almost killed directly.
The two men fled in panic, but it happened that these cavalry were the fastest wind elk Qingqi in the West Camp, and they were not much slower than their two broken flying swords. Two people had spiritual power consumption is serious, the previous attack is to let them fly sword is damaged and consumed again, actually can’t distance.
The most unfortunate thing is that the two sides are also in the same direction, both coming towards Kyoto. As a result, people who fly in the air can’t get rid of the pursuit of ground cavalry, and they still can’t get a break.
As a result, the two men once again managed to escape, throwing the junk they had just picked up behind them, which formed this unprecedented sight.
At present, the two people have even consumed the stones and branches, and they are really desperate. Seeing Tang Qing now is like a bullied child seeing a magnificent uncle, almost crying and jumping in front of Tang Qing.
"Tang Ye, Tang Ye, Tang Ancestors, please be kind and leave us alone." SiTuGang threw himself directly at Tang Qing’s feet, holding Tang Ye’s thigh and wailing repeatedly, just like the procuress who was abducted and trafficked to pick up customers again.
Situtie didn’t care about the eyes around him at all, and simply burst into tears: "Tang Zu, you just let us work hard, at least give some guys a piece of self-defense armor … you just kill me."
Tang Qing looked at the tragic scenes of the two men and felt funny, but said with a straight face, "What are you arguing about? Isn’t it not dead? Don’t mention this to me, Tang Ye is poor now and has nothing. "
In fact, Tang Qinggang just got a ring and a storage bag, but he has roughly swept it, and the goods inside are of good grade, so he is reluctant to give them to two stooges.
It will take time for the elders’ alliance to get Tang Ye’s approval. Tang Qing turned to the Nangong Cold and said, "Cold Cold, you guys pull and pull, see if there is anything you don’t need, and gather two pieces for them to make an appointment."
After speaking, Tang Qing asked the gentleman to carry it on his shoulder and strode towards the five hundred cavalry who were almost in front of him. On the one hand, I still remember to add back: "It’s not too good. These two goods have not been built yet, but they have to be tested."
Ouyang Zhengming originally took out a bottle of tonic Dan medicine. After listening to Tang Qing, he blinked and went back to change a bottle. Obviously, it was shoddy.
The nangongshan cold and others listened to is speechless, have looked at Stuart brothers with sympathy. Mo Fan some see not bottom go to, dig out a few pieces of product spirit to them.
The two brothers immediately stopped crying, and the tiger pounced on them and divided them up. In the end, only one piece of armor with better quality was left, and each side held its own corner.
"I got it first, it’s mine"
"Let go, don’t let me bite you."
"Don’t you dare, I am the eldest brother" …
These two people are twin brothers, and it’s really funny that they are fighting like two faces at the moment. Even in such an environment, Nangong Han and others looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing. The atmosphere of the battlefield was also relaxed.
"This demon king is not to be taunted."
Zeng Yi, while suffering, lamented in his heart and made up his mind to stop looking for Tang Qing’s trouble.
Hoof rumbling, wind elk fighters rolled up a hurricane, straight. A thousand cavalry with bows and guns are like a thousand sharp arrows.
Tang Ye, on the other hand, stood alone and looked at him coldly as if he were facing a thousand children.
The knight on the other side naturally saw these people, but he didn’t mean to stop. Leading a middle-aged general, the body is magnificent, the whole body is wrapped in a spirit armor, showing only his shining eyes.
This man is Gao Chong, the favorite of the commander in chief of Xiying, Fan Hong. He was ordered by Fan Hong to ride a pioneer and get to Kyoto as quickly as possible. Van Gogh’s order to him was that once he noticed that Kyoto had changed, he would try to enter Ximen immediately except for leaving one person for arraignment, and no matter what, he would ensure the smooth flow of Ximen when the army came.
At this time, he was so worried that he saw several monks blocking the road in front of him. Without asking, he waved his gun and shouted, "Kill!"
Gao Chong doesn’t care about these immortals in front of him. In the case of forbidden air, it is a joke for these monks standing on the ground to fight against cavalry.
He could see that these people had gone through a great war, and they were all in a mess. In this vast place, which is most suitable for cavalry to charge, the unparalleled impact and the weight of the lance are simply beyond the resistance of ordinary monk shields.
A thousand cavalry shouted, pulled their mounts closer to each other, and stood up their spears to prepare for the charge. They have no intention of using spiritual tools. Those precious treasures are used to deal with air enemies. In the current battlefield situation, the original charge is the most powerful means. In the absence of room to move, the only result of these people is to be crushed into a paste.
"A bunch of idiots"
Tang Qing sneered and reached a finger at Gao Chong and shouted, "Leader? Come here, Confucian Tang Ye has something to ask you. "
The sound is not loud, but it covers all the noise and clearly reaches everyone’s ears.
Confucian? Gao Chong was stunned, then sneered: "If you are a Confucian monk, then I am the prime minister of the dynasty. Ignore it and rush for me."
It is no wonder that Gao Chong thinks so. At this time, Tang Qing has no impression of a Confucian monk. It is very vivid to say that he is the devil king.
The cavalry began to whip and accelerate, like a moving city wall.
Mo Fan and others were frightened and were about to speak, but they heard Tang Qing scold a way.
"Don’t eat the toast next door to Spicy"
At this point, the cavalry team is only 100 meters away from the crowd. Such a distance, even if several people cast spells at the same time, how many people can be stopped? Even if the group attack avatar is used, the range of 20 or 30 meters is already the limit. At most once, it will be stabbed by many cavalry fan-shaped charges. At that time, the immortal will be hard to save.
A loud roar, meow meow this time don’t have to tang ye commanded, take the initiative to send out the wrath of the king. The gentleman thinks that it is a big shame for these stupid low-order monsters to ignore their own coercion, so they just have a soul shock.
Arguably, according to the monster beast level, meow meow can’t make the wind elk have too much sense of deterrence. The monster beast is not on level 4, and although there is a level gap, it will be afraid, but it is not too serious. Just like human monks, it is a watershed whether they have demon Dan or not.
For example, if it is an 8-level monster beast, it can completely make the 7-level monster beast have no courage to attack. But the monster beast below level 4, this deterrent is not too obvious. Even the first-class monster beast, when forced to be nasty, yelled at the three-pole monster beast.
But the soul shock is completely different. Under the spiritual wisdom of the wind elk itself, the level is insufficient, and naturally you can’t feel the soul pressure contained in meow’s blood. But after the roar of this life, all the wind elk suddenly let out a cry of fear to the extreme from the depths of their hearts. This fear comes directly from the soul and is even more terrible than the force of blood.
The wind moose rushing in front reacted most directly, with a sad scream. In the feelings of these monsters, they are faced with a king who will never allow any disrespect. They need to bow to the ground and dare not take a step forward.
This is a tragedy. The team that has started to charge quickly can stop when it says stop, and it is a trip.
The wind moose on Gao Chong’s legs hissed, and his body suddenly changed from rushing forward to trying to recycle. Two deep furrows were found in the front hoof on the ground, and the huge impact almost broke its legs, but in the end, it managed to crawl on the ground.
The same is true of other mounts. In one breath, more than 100 riding elk refused their master’s instructions in the most extreme way, moaning and kneeling on the ground.
The knights immediately were thrown out in an exclamation, like a human stone.
Gao Chong was thrown in the air by the forward inertia. Although he was a little panicked, he was still trying to adjust his body shape to keep balance. After decades of practice, his efforts were not in vain. In the air, he saw the monk who claimed to be a Confucian.
Gao Chong doesn’t know if this man is telling the truth. In fact, he thinks that this guy who is more vulgar than his most oily veteran is more like a butcher. Knowing that the agitation of these wind elk must be a disaster for the people in front of him, Gao Chong hated it very much, and with a drink, he stabbed Tang Qing with a gun in the air.
Mo Fan behind him only had time to exclaim, "Don’t kill anyone …", and then despair appeared in his eyes. He knew some details, but he didn’t expect that Tang Qing would be like this with the army when he turned around.
Tang Qing is very angry and really angry.
In his opinion, this guy is an incompetent officer and too reckless, no matter which side he is from.
If it’s one of his own men, so don’t ask, don’t indiscriminately start work to kill the generals, Tang Ye has to let him work as a coolie for a month, and it must be rolled to the end, directly reduced to a soldier an egg shaped thing.
Mo Fan’s cry still worked, which directly saved Gao Chong’s life. According to Tang Qing’s character, even if you want to ask for a confession and don’t kill him, I’m afraid you have to beat him to pieces directly.
At this time, Tang Qing naturally understood that there was something I didn’t know. Originally, the fist was turned into a fist, and it was directly grasped at the pike that was stabbed like a dragon.
Being in the air, Gao Chong’s eyes showed surprise and disdain: "What does this man think he is if he is crazy and wants to grab his pike empty-handed?" Godsworn’s instrument? "
With a crash, Tang Qing’s body did not retreat, and his great strength was transferred to the ground, and his feet were deeply immersed in the ground for more than a foot.
All the people who witnessed this scene collectively lost their voices.
Is this still a person? Even if it is a heavy ride, it is impossible. Gao Chong’s shot has a huge impact of more than 10,000 kilograms. Even if Yihuaguo rides the iron rhinoceros and heavy armor, it will never be hard to follow in this way. In the sight of this thin young man, is it some kind of monster beast?
Gao Chong had no time to think, and his unparalleled inertia made him unable to hold the lance at all. This time, he had no time to adjust his posture, and almost danced and flew, and the whole person ran straight into Tang Qing.
"Spicy next door"
Tang Ye denounced, reached out and grabbed Gao Chong flying overhead, throwing him directly to the ground.